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Self-prepared green smoothies and freshly squeezed juices are our passion. And where there is passion, only the highest quality equipment is used. We therefore offer a selection of the best high-performance blenders for green smoothies and slow juicers for freshly squeezed juices that we have put through their paces. We also test all other products, such as water bottles, extensively in everyday life before we share them with you. We hope to infect you with our enthusiasm for homemade smoothies and freshly squeezed juices. So, have fun browsing!

  1. High speed blender

    High speed blender

    We love green smoothies! And if you love green smoothies, you need a high-speed blender. Because only with an extremely powerful blender […]

  2. Slow Juicers

    Slow Juicers

    For us, almost no day goes by without preparing a freshly squeezed juice. Our favorite juices are celery juice […]

  3. Bottles


    Green smoothies and juices are ideal as a snack or on the go. To ensure that no precious cargo is lost or spilled, it is recommended to […]

  4. Water Filters

    Water Filters

    Tap water today can be contaminated with many substances for which the waterworks do not test, such as drug residues from wastewater, […]

  5. Other


    Here you will find plenty of accessories and products dedicated to smoothies and juices: […]