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Alkaline Diet

Alkaline Diet

Among the many diets that exist today, the alkaline diet is said to offer the highest potential for a long and healthy life. It is said that by predominantly consuming alkaline foods, our bodies can be supplied with essential minerals and trace elements that balance our PH levels while saving us from all the acidic waste products that a conventional diet contains. But what exactly is behind the acid-base concept and its benefits to our well-being? We at give you a little insight into the world of alkaline diets!


Alkaline diet and the pH value

Everyone has certainly heard the term "pH-value" in combination with the topics "acid-base balance" or "alkaline nutrition". But what exactly does this value determine? On a scale of 1-14, it is supposed to indicate how alkaline or acidic our body is. All values below 7 are called "acidic" and all values above 7 are called "alkaline". The value 7 represents a neutral value. A pH-value that is slightly alkaline, i.e. basic, is considered healthy for us. The body constantly tries to keep the pH-value of the blood between approx. 7.35-7.4. This also means that various areas of the body may already be over-acidified, while the ph-value of the blood is neutral. In naturopathy, we speak of chronic hyperacidity or acute acidosis when the body has chronic difficulties regulating the acid-base balance in the various areas of the body. Some areas of the body are then too acidic and others too alkaline.

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Alkaline diet: health effects

Although excessive acidity in our bodies can be attributed to many different causes, such as the toxins in our environment or too much stress - factors we are exposed to every day - our diet, however, seems to have the greatest influence on an unbalanced acid-base balance. If our cells are chronically over-acidified, we may experience health problems in the long run. By eating a predominantly alkaline diet, the body is able to de-acidify the various organs that require an alkaline pH level - such as the lymph, small intestine and the connective tissue. At the same time, we are not exposed to waste products that our body has to metabolize in a conventional diet with many convenience products and denatured foods. In addition, an alkaline diet can also help regulate the stomach's acid production - this allows us to digest food in the most efficient way. Other benefits of the alkaline diet are said to include:

  • Preservation of bone density and muscle mass
  • Reducing the risk of high blood pressure and stroke
  • Relief from chronic pain and inflammation in the body
  • improved absorption of vitamins and minerals in the small intestine
  • Supporting the immune system in its function
  • Maintenance of a healthy body weight
  • Cancer prevention

Nutrition experts recommend a daily acid-base ratio of about 75 % base-forming to 25 % acid-forming foods. You will learn which foods are base-forming and which are acid-forming in the next few paragraphs.

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Alkaline foods like lettuce, apples and lemon

Acidic foods

In addition to very sweet and salty foods, it is mainly animal products that can over-acidify us, if consumed permanently and predominantly. Meat, eggs, and dairy products have a strong acid-forming effect on the body. Other acid-forming foods include highly processed and denatured foods such as white flour, pasta, bread, cakes, coffee, soft drinks and alcohol. Looking at Western eating habits, it is mainly acid-forming foods that make up our daily diet. And for many naturopaths and alternative physicians, it is precisely these foods that trigger the common diseases of civilization.

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Acidic foods like croissant and coffee with milk

Alkaline foods

Ripe fruits, salads, garden and wild herbs, and all vegetables are among the most alkaline-forming foods. Especially citrus fruits, celery and very chlorophyll-containing leafy greens (e.g kale or spinach) can support the deacidification of the body particularly effectively. Some people might think: "citrus fruits taste totally acidic - how can these fruits be alkaline?" - the answer to this question is relatively simple: what tastes sour is not necessarily metabolized sourly in the body. If you eat alkaline, you ensure a balanced acid-base balance. Especially raw, uncooked fruits and vegetables are considered "biogenic" or also "life-giving". Unfortunately, as soon as these foods are cooked, most of the alkalizing minerals and trace elements are lost. Conversely, this means that for a better acid-base balance, it would be best to eat as much raw and unprocessed fruits and vegetables as possible. Acidity and stress are normal in everyday life - with an alkaline-surplus diet, it is possible to face the challenges of everyday life more relaxed.

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Alkaline foods like lettuce, apples and lemon

Green smoothies - ideal for the alkaline diet

The green smoothie is an alkaline power house. Using a high-speed blender, leafy greens, fruits and water are blended to create a nutrient-rich, raw-food drink with lots of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Especially leafy greens contain a large amount of base-forming chlorophyll, which is structurally similar to our blood.
The change to a healthier lifestyle with lots of alkaline foods can be difficult, especially if predominantly acidic foods have been consumed. The high fiber content of fruits and vegetables can cause problems at first, as the digestive system is not yet used to them. With Green Smoothies, these possible digestive aches are eliminated. All ingredients are so finely pureed that our digestive system is relieved from a vast amount of work and we can digest in the most efficient and easy way. Green smoothies are thus an ideal building block for an alkaline or alkaline-surplus diet. Simply replace one meal a day with a Green Smoothie - e.g. breakfast - this sets the basis for a more balanced acid-base metabolism. If you manage to replace one more meal, you are very close to the targeted ratio of 75 % vs. 25 %

Green smoothies as an alkaline diet

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7-day detox cure with green smoothies

Do you want to deacidify your body and get to know green smoothies as an alkaline breakfast? Do something good for yourself and start your 7-day detox cleanse with green smoothies now.

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Have you ever heard of alkaline nutrition? Do you pay attention to your acid-base balance?

we appreciate your opinion! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Claudia Traichel
I would like to start alkaline fasting on Monday and am still looking for some smoothie recipes.
Carla von Grü
Dear Claudia,

take a look here - our Green smoothies recipes for beginners - TOP 10.
Enjoy and relish them,
I would also like to focus more on achieving a more balanced acid-base balance. I find green smoothies (which I recently discovered for myself) to be perfect for this, as I find it quite challenging to shift towards a more alkaline direction otherwise. Plus, green smoothies are just soooo delicious, fresh, and nourishing. :) Thank you all for your wonderful inspirations!
Carla von Grü
Dear Dorothea, that's exactly how it went for us too. We both started with green smoothies to better balance our acid-base levels. After so many years, we also experienced the side effect that the overall craving for greens and vegetables has grown even after a breakfast with green smoothies. In other words, it's not uncommon for me to have a salad alongside the green smoothie. I'm curious to see how it develops for you. Lots of love, Carla
I am interested in recipes that are also enjoyed by a young child and, above all, are beneficial.
Thank you!
Carla von Grü
How about trying out some green smoothie recipes - starting with a low amount of greens and gradually increasing it? Perhaps some recipes from our TOP 10 recipes for beginners could be suitable: Green Smoothie Recipes for Beginners
Christa Reinhardt
I have been having issues with my gut for a few years now. Diverticula causing digestive problems as well. For the past year, I have been replacing my breakfast with a smoothie. I feel so much better. Sometimes, though, I want to have a "normal" breakfast with my husband. If it doesn't happen too often, everything stays good.
Carla von Grü
Dear Christa, we're glad to hear that you're feeling better in the morning with green smoothies! And of course, exceptions always confirm the rule :) Warm regards, Carla
Sabine Derikonja
I try to pay attention to my acid-base balance. Three years ago, I had a gout attack, I thought the pain would never end. My big toe was causing me excruciating pain. Since then, I have participated in your smoothie challenges repeatedly. And it has really done me a lot of good.
Carla von Grü
A gout attack!? That sounds pretty painful. If you have the chance to get fresh ground elder in spring and summer, definitely try it in a smoothie. This wild herb is also known as gout herb. All the best to you!!!
Verena Schelbert
Hello everyone, I have been paying attention to a healthy diet for several years, and I exercise regularly, which is very beneficial for my body and mind. I feel much fitter and healthier, and I am completely happy to start the day with a delicious smoothie in the morning.