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Greenstar Elite

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  • Specialist for green juices
  • Great taste of juice
  • Generous scope of delivery

Greenstar Elite
Greenstar Elite weiß Greenstar Elite Greenstar Elite Twin-Augers

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Greenstar Elite

  • Specialist for green juices
  • Great taste of juice
  • Generous scope of delivery

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Your first steps in the Slow Juicer Champions League

When people talk about THE Greenstar, they usually mean the Greenstar Elite. Among slow juicers with twin-augers, the Greenstar Elite is the most affordable entry-level juicer. It proves to be the specialist for green juices, scoring with maximum of nutrients and a full-bodied, smooth taste. The Greenstar Elite has been Tribest's classic for several years for a reason.

Greenstar Elite Product Highlights:

  • Perfect for green juices: The Greenstar Elite is made for preparing freshly squeezed juices from herbs, grasses, cabbage leaves. It not only gets every drop of juice out of the ingredients, but juices them almost by itself.
  • 1a taste experience: The twin-augers ensure plenty of juice in the glass and guarantee a uniquely full-bodied, smooth flavor.
  • Generous standard scope of delivery: The standart scope of delivery of the Greenstar Elite includes two screen inserts for juicing, a puree screen and a pasta set for more preparation possibilities. In addition, there are two tampers - plastic and wooden - and a drainer tray.
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty (for purely private use!)


About the manufacturer Tribest

Tribest is a U.S. company that exclusively produces high-quality kitchen appliances. The devices are manufactured in korea and distributed worldwide. In addition to the famous "Greenstar", the Tribests product range also includes the "Sedona" dehydrator or the compact "Personal Blender" blender.

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How good is the quality of the juice?

Clear juices with full-bodied soft aroma

At 110 revolutions per minute, the Greenstar Elite with its twin-augers squeezes extremely efficiently and in nutrient preserving way. The extremely high force used during the juicing process results in an extremely dry pomace and the full-bodied, smooth aroma that the Greenstar Elite imparts to its juices.

Clear green juices with a very high juice yield are produced almost effortlessly

The Greenstar Elite's favorite ingredients clearly are grasses, herbs, lettuce, and cabbage leaves. In short, anything that contains a lot of chlorophyll, the Greenstar Elite juices almost by itself. The twin-augers shred and squeeze the plant fibers so gently that they achieve the highest juice yield possible.

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Clear vegetable and/or fruit juices

Hard ingredients that cannot be crushed with bare hands, such as carrots, parsnips, celery, or hard apples are processed into full-bodied juices with the Greenstar Elite. Unlike leafy greens, however, juicing requires the use of a tamper - to push the ingredients through the hopper towards the augers.

If you want to blend soft ingredients, such as kiwis or zucchinis, with hard ingredients, you should add them alternately to the hopper. This prevents liquid and foam from backing up.

Coarse screen - fruit juices made from soft ingredients only

Juices consisting of soft ingredients that can be crushed with bare hands (mealy apples, zucchini, pineapple, soft pears, etc.) should be processed with the coarse screen. In our experience, when juicing soft ingredients with the fine screen, a lot of pressure builds up and the device therefore usually stops after about 150 ml.

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Ginger and/or turmeric shots

If you like ginger and/or turmeric shots, you can now prepare these healthy helpers with your Greenstar Elite. The tubers are nice and hard - therefore, they are juiced to the last drop by the twin augers.

Fresh sauerkraut juice

The Greenstar Elite also is capable of producing fresh sauerkraut juice/shots. You can even make larger quantities of them. The great thing is that sauerkraut juice made from fresh, raw sauerkraut can be kept in the refrigerator for several days.

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Is the Greenstar Elite capable of producing celery juice?

In our celery juice juicer test, the Greenstar Elite took 5th place together with the Greenstar Pro, placing it in the middle of all the slow juicers we tested. In terms of taste, it was on par with the test winner Angel Juicer - the Greenstar Elite produces clear, full-bodied, smooth-tasting celery juice.

Greenstar Elite Twin-Augers made of stainless steel

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What other preparation possibilities are there?

Even though juicing is likely to be the primary focus when purchasing a Greenstar, the Greenstar Elite also comes with practical accessories:

  • Puree insert: For grinding nuts and seeds and preparing creamy masses such as baby food, hummus and vegetarian spreads.
  • Dough insert: For making dough, nut porridge and fruit sorbets.

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Operation & handling of the Greenstar Elite

Before you can start juicing, all 8 parts must be put together until they lock in place. It is important that the twin-augers interlock, the contours of the augers must engage with each other.

Common mistake: The cover of the hopper must lock in place vertically, otherwise the device won't start.

The last step is to fasten the juice outlet knob.

The outlet knob regulates the counterpressure in the chamber relative to the augers. Hard ingredients such as carrots, apples or celeriac can be juiced easily with the outlet screw fully tightened, whereas grasses such as wheat or barley grass, leafy greens, celery and softer fruits and vegetables such as pineapple and zucchini are better juiced with the outlet knob half-tightened. If the pressure is too high, the knob can be loosened at any time during the juicing process.

Greenstar Elite Juice outlet

The drip tray is positioned under the juice outlet to keep the countertop clean. The juice jug is placed on the drip tray and a pulp jar should also be placed under the pulp outlet. Our recommendation here is the Sana stainless steel pulp jar. The ingredients should be cut small enough to fit into the hopper. Now turn the switch to ON, place the ingredients in the hopper one by one, and if necessary, use one of the two tampers to push the ingredients to the augers. Be careful not to clog the hopper, it is better to add the ingredients one at a time.

At the very beginning, some drops of juice come out of the pulp outlet. This is completely normal and will stop during the juicing process.

Tip 1: The wooden tamper is longer than the plastic tamper, it reaches the augers. This is quite helpful with some ingredients.

Tip 2: Glass jug strainer for foam-free juices
Depending on the ingredients used, a lot of foam can form. You can reduce this by placing the supplied strainer over the glass jug.

Tip 3: Keep the device running for a little while after juicing
After all the ingredients have been juiced, it still takes a little while for the last drops of juice to come out. Catch the last drops of juice by allowing the Greenstar to run for a few more minutes after the juicing process has ended.

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If juice or foam accumulates in the hopper

Softer juice ingredients such as mealy apples, grapes, zucchini, and cucumbers may cause juice or foam to form in the hopper. This problem can be solved easily when preparing mixed juices, simply by alternating between hard and soft ingredients. We also found that herbs and leafy greens can dissolve the blockage very well, the Greenstar pulls elongated leafy greens through the augers almost by itself. Otherwise, the reverse function is there to clear the ingredient blockage. Simply turn the central control switch to the reverse function and hold it down. Allow the device to rotate in reverse until the blockage is cleared. Then turn the central control switch back to the starting position and continue the juicing process.

The Greenstar Elite stops during operation

If the motor suddenly stops during juicing, there is a blockage in the juice drum. The blockage can be cleared by reversing the rotation of the auger. Set the switch to "Reverse" and let the device run until the ingredients are loosened up. Once the blockage is cleared, you can proceed with the juicing process. If the motor stops several times during the juicing process, the outlet knob may be too tight.

For the complete Greenstar Elite Instruction Manual »


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Cleaning the Greenstar Elite

The Greenstar Elite should always be cleaned immediately after the juicing process. To prevent food residues from drying to the parts of the juicer, proceed as follows:

  • Switch off the motor.
  • Disassemble the parts and empty out the residues by hand.
  • The individual parts can now be rinsed under running water. The screen usually requires the most attention. The included scraper and the brush help to free the screen from the last residues.
  • The parts can be air dried or dried by hand.
  • Dirt on the motor block can be removed with a damp rag or Q-tips. The motor block should never be immersed in water!

Note: All parts except the motor block and the protective cover are dishwasher safe! From time to time, you can therefore clean the parts in the dishwasher. It is best to remove the coarse pulp residues by hand beforehand to avoid clogging the dishwasher drain.

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Recommended accessories for the Greenstar Elite

Cleaning brush

To make cleaning the Greenstar Elite easier, we recommend our practical cleaning brush. The hopper with its cover and the juice outlet can be cleaned quickly and easily with it. The cleaning brush can also be used to clean other things such as juice bottles or blender containers. Our absolute recommendation!

Cleaning Brush for Containers, Juicers & Bottles
Cleaning Brush for Containers, Juicers & Bottles
7.90 €

Pomace collection container

Even though the Greenstar doesn't produce much pulp, a pulp jar still is necessary but is NOT included in the scope of delivery of the Greenstar Elite. The Sana stainless steel pulp jar works perfectly with the Greenstar Elite.

Sana Stainless Steel Pulp Jar for Sana 707
Sana Stainless Steel Pulp Jar for Sana 707
29.00 €

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Technical specification of the Greenstar Elite

  • Model: Greenstar Elite GSE-5000-F
  • Juicing type: Horizontal - Twin Auger, also called Twin Gear
  • Dimensions (height x width x depth): 31.8 cm x 17.5 cm x 46.4 cm
  • Hopper: 4 cm diameter
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Power: 200 watts; 110 revolutions per minute
  • Spannung: 230 Volt, 50 Hz
  • Material: Twin Augers made of stainless steel and BPA-free plastic, filled with "bio-ceramics" and magnets; juice jug made of glass; remaining parts made of BPA-free plastic

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Greenstar Elite scope of delivery:

Incl. operating instructions, the scope of delivery of the Greenstar Elite includes 22 parts:

  • Motor block with power cord
  • Protective cap
  • Twin Auger made of stainless steel
  • Auger housing
  • Juicing screen (fine)
  • Juicing screen (coarse)
  • Puree insert
  • Dough insert
  • Outlet housing
  • Juice outlet knob (standard)
  • Outlet knob (dough)
  • Hopper
  • Cover for hopper
  • Tamper (plastic)
  • Tamper (wood)
  • Juice jug
  • Juice jug strainer
  • Cleaning brush
  • Scraper set with brush for cleaning the screens
  • Drip tray
  • Instruction manual

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Warranty Greenstar Elite

For purely private use:

  • Motor & gearbox: 5 years
  • All other parts: 5 years

For commercial use:

  • Motor & gearbox: 6 months
  • All other parts: 6 months

Full warranty conditions »

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Greenstar Elite vs. Greenstar Pro

Apart from the price, the models do not differ at first glance, and we have not been able to discover any differences in terms of juice yield so far. So what justifies the higher price of the Greenstar Pro?

In contrast to the Greenstar Elite, the augers of the Greenstar Pro do not contain any plastic and are completely coated with stainless steel. In addition to this premium feature, the Greenstar Pro also has a longer warranty period of 12 years.

In addition, the Greenstar Pro has a tamper holder integrated on the motor block. This means that the tamper is always within reach and has its fixed place. Practical!

In our opinion, the higher price of the Greenstar Pro is more than justified and easy to get over for a device in this price range, especially when considering its long service life.

Greenstar Pro grey
Greenstar Pro
"Professional greenery lover"

Regular Price: 899.00 €

Special Price 843.45 €

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Greenstar Elite vs. Sana Supreme 727

The Greenstar Elite is a affordable entry-level horizontal juicer with twin-augers. This technology guarantees a uniquely full-bodied, smooth taste - which explains the contrast in taste between the Greenstar Elite and the Sana Supreme 727. The Greenstar Elite is worth considering for those who value taste the most.

In terms of juice yield, the two slow juicers are almost on the same level - the Sana Supreme was a bit ahead in our celery juice juicer test with an average of 10 ml more juice than the Greenstar Elite. One main difference is the cleaning effort: While the Sana Supreme is very easy to assemble and disassemble and can be cleaned in no timeat all, cleaning the Greenstar Elite is much more time consuming.

In addition, the brushless industrial motor allows the Sana Supreme to produce large quantities of juice without interruption. This is very interesting for "frequent juice drinkers" who regularly perform juice fasts or juice cures, as well as for the catering sector. Furthermore, the Sana Supreme consumes less power than the Greenstar Elite.

Another bonus: Since the powerful motor of the Supreme is installed vertically, this horizontal juicer is really space-saving. Which is something you really can't say about the Greenstar Elite.

If you know how to use the performance features of the Sana Supreme, this powerhouse is the right juicer for you - even if it is more expensive than the Greenstar Elite.

Sana 727 Supreme Juicer black
Sana 727 Supreme Juicer
699.00 €

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Questions & Answers about the Product

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can you also press grapes?

Question submitted by Klaus Albert on October 13, 2021 at 12:54 o'clock

Hello Klaus,
thank you for your request.
Grapes are a challenge for all slow juicers because they are very soft.
If you want to press grapes with the Greenstar Elite, use the coarse strainer that comes with it.
Also, give the juicer time to process and don't over press with the tamper. You can also simplify the overall processing process by alternating hard and soft ingredients.
Best regards,
Your team

Beanwortet am 13.10.2021 um 13:22 Uhr


I would like to know how much juice can be extracted from 1 kg of carrots with the Greenstar Elite?
Kind regards

Question submitted by Ursula on June 27, 2020 at 18:45 o'clock

Hello Ursula,
thank you very much for your message.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to make a general statement, since the carrot itself and the storage play a very decisive role for the juice yield.
However, the Greenstar Elite generally achieves a very good juice yield with hard ingredients because of its twin augers.
Best regards,
Your Team

Beanwortet am 29.06.2020 um 16:28 Uhr

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[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 3/10/2023 by Elmar S.
My daily juice
I love this machine more than anything!

I had it now even on a 4 month rehab stay in a rehab clinic with me and have there all the fruit that has accumulated juiced. I didn't care what the male and female nurses and other patients thought about me, the main thing was that I had my delicious juice!!! And tomorrow I will make almond paste for the first time!!!
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 10/27/2020 by Sabine
Hello, the product is very convenient to use and good to use!
However, so far I have not ventured into purees, doughs and nut purees, etc. Reading the recipes tires me out quickly, so I would rather see videos of preparation to be able to implement 1:1. Maybe there are pointers/links for this? Juicing celery is going great. Even for someone who struggles with technology. Cleaning is also very easy. I am totally satisfied with the Greenstar Elite!

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