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Nut Milk Bag - made out of Hemp

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  • For filtering, straining, squeezing
  • Machine washable
  • Durable & sustainable

Nut Milk Bag
Nussmilchbeutel Nut Milk Bag Nut Milk Bag - made out of Hemp - filter almond milk Nut Milk Bag

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Nut Milk Bag - made out of Hemp

  • For filtering, straining, squeezing
  • Machine washable
  • Durable & sustainable

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in stock, immediately available
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Perfect for preparing nut milk!

If you like to drink freshly prepared nut milk, our nut milk bag is a must-have for you. The organic hemp filter bag simplifies the production of plant-based nut milks.

That's not it: This organic textile bag can be used for all kinds of filtering, squeezing and straining in the kitchen - e. G. when filtering freshly squeezed juices, when making kombucha or even as a sprout bag for growing sprouts.


How is the nut milk bag used?

Nut milk bag during the filtering of nut milk

The nut milk bag is used to separate the nut milk from the nut pomace. After our high-speed blender has processed the combination of water and nuts into a thick mass, the mixture is then squeezed through the nut milk bag. This way, the fresh nut milk is collected, while the nut pomace remains in the nut milk bag.

The nut pomace can now easily be removed from the nut milk bag.

Once you are done: Rinse the nut milk bag from both sides. The nut milk bag can also go into the washing machine (up to 50 degrees), if necessary.

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What other uses are there?

Nut milk bag when filtering juices from thick consistencies

The nut milk bag is suitable for all types of filtering, pressing or straining in the kitchen. Among others, it has proven itself for the following applications:

  1. Re-filtering freshly squeezed juices - to be completely fibre free
  2. Filtering out freshly squeezed juices that have been made in a blender - e. G., for celery juice from the blender
  3. Kombucha production
  4. Production of Labneh - fresh cheese from yogurt
  5. Straining of tofu
  6. Production of essences or macerates
  7. Sprout cultivation or for germinating seeds

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Nut milk bag for germinating seeds

Technical data

  • Dimensions (length x width): 29 x 20 cm
  • Fineness: 200 nanometers
  • Material: Hemp
  • Cleaning: Hand wash or in the washing machine (up to 50 degrees)

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Scope of delivery

  • 1x Nut milk bag - made out of Hemp

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added: 12/2/2020 by Maria
Purchase recommendation
The filtration is very fine and works very well. Nut milk is made quickly and easily.

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