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Green Smoothies FAQ: Frequently asked questions & answers

Svenja and Carla prepare green smoothies.

Healthy breakfast, energizer at work or refresher after sports: Green smoothies are delicious, low in calories and full of vital energy. They mainly consist of green leaves, which contain a lot of beneficial nutrients: Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and phytochemicals. And, of course, lots of chlorophyll, which is why it can also be called "liquid sunlight". How nice to be able to drink sun…

On the following page you will find answers to the most important and frequently asked questions about green smoothies.


  1. What is a green smoothie?
  2. What should be the ratio of fruits to leafy greens?
  3. What is meant by leafy greens or green leaves?
  4. What fruits are suitable for green smoothies?
  5. Is there something I should keep in mind regarding the water?
  6. What should NOT go into a green smoothie?
  7. What should I keep in mind when starting out with green smoothies? Do you have some tips for beginners?
  8. 10 Benefits of green smoothies

Preparation tips for green smoothies

  1. How do I prepare a green smoothie?
  2. How much water should I use?
  3. Do I need a high-speed blender to prepare green smoothies?
  4. I only own a regular stand mixer. Can I still prepare a green smoothie?

Gourmet tips for preparation

  1. How much leafy greens should I use in a green smoothie?
  2. How can I sweeten a green smoothie if it turned out too acidic?
  3. How do I prepare a creamy-fine green smoothie?
  4. What can I do if my green smoothie tastes too grassy?
  5. What can I do if my smoothie is too bitter?
  6. How can I pimp a green smoothie?
  7. How do I prepare savory green smoothies?
  8. How do I prepare a warming green smoothie?
  9. Can I prepare a green smoothie bowl?
  10. What's the best way to cool down a green smoothie if it warms up too much?


  1. I don't like banana/citrus/spinach. What are the alternatives?
  2. Can I use frozen spinach in my smoothie?
  3. Can I add cabbage to my green smoothie? Doesn't it give me flatulence?
  4. Can I use juice instead of water in my green smoothie?
  5. Why are you using all these exotic ingredients in your recipes? Why don't you just stick to local fruits?
  6. Should I add a little oil to the smoothie to ensure that all the fat-soluble vitamins can be absorbed?

Consumption recommendations

  1. When is the best time to drink my green smoothie?
  2. Can I have a Green Smoothie for lunch or dinner?
  3. Can I prepare my green smoothie the night before drinking it?
  4. How long can you store green smoothies?
  5. Does a green smoothie replace a meal?
  6. Two to three hours after drinking a Green Smoothie, I feel hungry again. Am I doing something wrong?
  7. I want to lose weight. Do green smoothies surport weight loss?

Shopping and gathering ingredients for green smoothies

  1. Where can I buy my smoothie ingredients?
  2. What should I look for when shopping?
  3. Do the ingredients necessarily have to be organic?
  4. Where is the best place to gather wild herbs?
  5. Do you have any tips on what I need to look out for when gathering wildherbs?
  6. I would like to collect nettles. What do I have to pay attention to?
  7. I have heard about the fox tapeworm that can be found on wild herbs. What should I look out for when gathering?
  8. Where can I buy wild herbs?
  9. How long do leafy greens keep? And what is the best way to store them?

Physical reactions and risks

  1. What if I have an allergic reaction to ingredients?
  2. I have digestive problems, bloating and flatulence after drinking my green smoothie. Am I doing something wrong?
  3. Can I gain weight with green smoothies?
  4. I have read about kidney stones from too much oxalic acid. Isn't too much spinach dangerous?
  5. Are green smoothies suitable for pregnant women or nursing mothers?
  6. Are green smoothies suitable for diabetics?
  7. Are green smoothies suitable for babies and young children?
  8. Are green smoothies suitable during menopause?
  9. What about taking medication (e. G. thyroid hormone, antidepressants, rheumatism medication, etc.) and green smoothies?
  10. Are green smoothies unhealthy?

Detox cleanse and 7-day kick start

  1. Do I make a commitment or does it cost money if I sign up for the Detox cleanse or 7-Day Kickstart?
  2. I have registered for the Detox cleanse and haven't received any messages from you?
  3. When will I receive the emails with the shopping list and recipes?
  4. Is it possible to end the Detox cleanse earlier than planned?
  5. Does the success of the Detox cleanse depend on exactly following the recipes?
  6. Should I seek medical advice before starting the Detox cleanse?
Carla prepares the ingredients for a green smoothie - including oranges, wild herbs.


What is a green smoothie?

A green smoothie is a freshly prepared blended drink made from ripe fruits, green leaves and high-quality water. The fruits used are unheated and raw, vegetable fruits can also be used. As an alternative to water, you can also add freshly squeezed juices. This is the simple preparation formula, for an easily digestible, highly alkaline green smoothie meal that has proven it's benefits over the last few years!

Green smoothie preparation: 50 % leafy greens, 50 % fruit and water.
Simple preparation formula for green smoothies

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What should be the ratio between fruits and leafy greens?

We usually combine 50 % leafy greens with 50 % fruit. The percentage does not refer to the weight of the ingredients, but to the volume. If you are a green smoothie beginner, feel free to start with 60 % fruit and 40 % leafy greens until you get used to more tart or bitter green flavors.

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What is meant by leafy greens or green leaves?

Leafy greens describe the green ingredients in green smoothies - these include:

  1. Lettuces (e. G. endive, lettuce, lamb's lettuce, postelein)
  2. Leaves/Greens of root vegetables (e. G. carrots, kohlrabi, beetroot, radish)
  3. Garden herbs (e. G. dill, mint, parsley, thyme, cress)
  4. Leafy vegetables (e. G. kale, black cabbage, spinach, chard, pak choi)
  5. Wild herbs (e. G. chickweed, groundsel, dead nettle, stinging nettle, dandelion)
  6. Young leaves of (fruit) trees and shrubs (e. G. blackberry, raspberry, currant, blueberry, birch, linden, cherry, apple, pear)

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Which fruits are suitable for green smoothies?

There are no limits - whatever tastes good to you can go into your smoothie. This includes seasonal and local fruits like apples or pears, exotic fruits like pineapple, mango and passion fruit, or hearty vegetables like avocados, tomatoes and cucumbers. The most important criterion for fruits: they must be ripe. If your green smoothie is not sweet enough, the fruits used were probably not ripe enough - the riper the fruit, the sweeter and more digestible it is.

Here is a selection of suitable fruits:

  1. Local fruits: apples, pears, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries, grapes
  2. Exotic fruits: pineapple, banana, dates, figs, mangoes, passion fruit, physalis, peaches, star fruit
  3. Citrus fruits: clementines, limes, tangerines, grapefruit, oranges, lemons, pomelos
  4. Vegetable fruits: avocados, cucumbers, pumpkins, melons, peppers, tomatoes

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Is there something I should keep in mind regarding the water? Can I use other liquids as well?

We recommend using high-quality water such as still mineral water, fresh spring water or filtered tap water (e. G. with activated carbon filter). Alternatively or additionally (depending on consistency and taste) you can also use freshly squeezed orange juice.

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What should NOT go into a green smoothie?

To ensure that your Green Smoothie remains an alkaline and easily digestible meal, we do not recommend the following ingredients:

  1. Unripe fruits - not only are these not good for the body, but they can really ruin the smoothie flavor. Think of an unripe pear or banana.
  2. Added sugars or sugar substitutes - in any form: honey, thick juices, maple syrup. If your green smoothie isn't sweet enough, use really ripe fruits, like brown bananas or sweet mangoes.
  3. Dairy products - such as yogurt, cottage cheese or milk. These interfere with the alkaline effect of the smoothie and take away its easy digestion. The same applies for juices and plant milks.
  4. Juices - Commercial fruit juices and vegetable juices are highly heated for a longer shelf life. E. G. apple juice, tomato juice, orange juice, vegetable juice, grape juice, pineapple juice, currant juice, grapefruit juice, cherry juice, multivitamin juice, raspberry juice, banana juice, strawberry juice, pear juice, mango juice, peach juice, fruit juice.
  5. Plant milk or vegan milk - such as rice milk, soy milk, oat milk, coconut milk, spelt milk, millet milk, almond milk, hazelnut milk, macadamia milk, pecan milk, Brazil nut milk, peanut milk, tiger nut milk, cashew milk, hemp milk, quino milk or walnut milk, etc.
  6. Oils, nuts or seeds - may affect the easy digestibility of the smoothie and its alkanizing effect. There is an exception to this rule: when we want some variety in our smoothies, we like to eat them from a bowl - topped off with chopped fruits and superfoods like chia or hemp seeds à la Green Super Bowl.

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What should I keep in mind when starting out with green smoothies? Do you have some tips for beginners?

Absolutely. We have compiled the most important tips in a short video. You can find more tips for beginners in the paragraph below:

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  1. It is best to have your green smoothie in the morning, an empty stomach is best for its digestion
  2. We advise to start with a smaller portion (e. G. one glass), this way your stomach and intestines are not overload with a high amount of fiber at the beginning. If you can tolerate the amount, you can increase the amount at your own pace up to the portion you want and tolerate.
  3. It is best to enjoy the smoothie in small sips or spoon it like a soup. It is key to ensure that it is well salivated. This is the only way for the body to release enzymes that ensure good digestion and optimal utilization of the food.
  4. If possible, prepare the green smoothie fresh. This way your body can get the most nutrients out of the smoothie .
  5. Start with an ingredient ratio of 60 % fruit and 40 % leafy greens (measured by volume, not weight). This will allow you to get used to the somewhat bitter flavors of leafy greens. You can then gradually increase the ratio in favor of the leafy greens.
  6. Do not use too many ingredients. 1 or 2 types of fruit and one type of green can be enough to create a delicious green smoothie.
  7. Change the ingredients often - it's best to use different fruits and especially different leafy greens every 2 to 3 days.
  8. The most important rule: Green smoothies should taste good! It is not a bitter medicine, unless you like it that way, but a very tasty and healthy meal.

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10 Benefits of Green Smoothies

1. Green smoothies are rich in vital substances and nutrients

Leafy greens have a very high concentration of vitamins and minerals, in addition, they are incredibly rich in protein. They also contain chlorophyll and countless other secondary plant compounds. All together create a synergistic cocktail of vital substances which supplies the body with all vital substances in a natural and easily usable form.

2. Green smoothies are alkaline

Green smoothies balance the acid-base ratio. The organism of many people is over-acidified due to the consumption of coffee, sugar and too much animal protein. This over-acidification is decisively and successfully counteracted by the strongly alkalizing Green Smoothies. Find out more about alkaline nutrition here.

3. Green smoothies are a super healthy meal

This wonderful drink has it all: unlike juice - all the fiber and - unlike the pure fruit smoothie - all the richness of plant greens. This makes the green smoothie a wholesome raw food meal.

4. Green smoothies are made quickly and easily

Simply chop the fruits and put them in your blender together with the leafy greens. It takes less than 10 minutes to prepare a full meal.

5. Green smoothies - ideal on the go

Green smoothies are a great to-go meals, as they can be quickly prepared and conveniently taken anywhere in a bottle.

6. Green smoothies are very digestible

When prepared in a high-speed blender, Green Smoothies are easily digestible treats - the blender does the work of breaking down the cellulose. Normally this is done by the human digestive system, that sometimes struggles with the chewy cellulose. You could say: the high-performance blender pre-digests. This makes the green smoothie easily digestible.

7. Green smoothies - no tiredness after eating

The proverbial "food narcosis" does not exist after a smoothie meal: the body, as already indicated in point 6, only has to use a minimum of energy to absorb and finish digesting the unheated and purely vegetable vital substances.

8. Green smoothies can help you lose weight

Dietary changes are often difficult. Green smoothies make it easier. The green smoothie is a high-fiber meal that saturates for a long time. Due to the many vitamins, minerals, trace elements and secondary plant substances, the body automatically craves more and more healthy foods after a short time. The craving for sweets and junk food decreases noticeably and one or the other kilo may disappear.

9. Green smoothies - flavorful variety

Whether exotic, wild or puristic with only three ingredients - Green smoothies open up a world full of flavors to creatively explore.

10. Green smoothies give energy

Green smoothies bring lightness, freshness, vitality and well-being. Pure energy.

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Svenja and Carla drink green smoothies.


How do I prepare a green smoothie?

Green smoothies are blended to a creamy fine consistency. There are a few things you need to pay attention to, depending on what kind of blender you have. After all, the best way to fill a blender depends on the ingredients as well as the container shape and the blades. The following procedures have worked well for us:

  1. Wash ingredients, peel if necessary, and chop.
  2. First add the soft ingredients such as banana, avocado or mango to the blender container. Then add the remaining ingredients.
  3. Fill with water and then blend for about 1 minute using a high-speed blender. Start with low speed and then slowly increase the speed until you reach the maximum speed. Your smoothie should have a creamy fine consistency now.

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How much water should I use?

How much water you add to your green smoothie depends on how thick or thin you like it. Also, your other ingredients play an important role: if you use a lot of water-rich ingredients like cucumber, orange, or melon, you'll need less water than in recipes with creamy ingredients like mango, banana, or avocado. Most blenders also require a minimum amount of water to circulate the ingredients in the container. Try it out and find out what suits your personal preferences.

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Do I need a high-speed blender to make green smoothies?

The creamier a green smoothie is, the better it tastes. This is even more evident when using very fibrous leafy greens, such as parsley, wild herbs, or some cabbage varieties, such as kale or black cabbage. We generally recommend preparing green smoothies with fibrous leafy greens in a high-speed blender.

In addition to creaminess, the fragmentation of the leafy greens also plays an important role. Only when preparing green smoothies in a high-speed blender, the cell structure of the leafy greens is broken down in such a way that certain nutrients, such as chlorophyll, are available to us.

Watch this viedo for more information on why we recommend a high-speed blender for green smoothie preparation:

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I only own a regular stand mixer. Can I still prepare a green smoothie?

Most people probably started with a standard stand mixer or blender (including us). You should avoid "hard" leafy greens, like kale, and go for tender leafy greens, like spinach, postelein, lamb's lettuce, etc.

Preparation without high-speed blender:

  1. Wash ingredients, peel if necessary, and chop.
  2. First add the leafy greens and liquid to the blender jar and blend for about 30 seconds. If there are oranges, grapes or cucumbers in the recipe, you can also puree them in the 1st blending run.
  3. In the second blending run, add the remaining ingredients and blend until the smoothie is as uniform and creamy as possible. Done!

Tip: If you have to blend for more than 90 seconds, add ice cubes or use ice-cold water, this way your smoothie doesn't heat up too much.

Check out our favorite recipe for beginners: the "green classic" with: apple, orange, avocado, ginger, lemon and spinach.

  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1 large sweet apple
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1/8 unpeeled lemon
  • 1 piece of ginger
  • 2 handfuls of spinach
  • 300 - 400 ml spring water

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Gourmet tips for the preparation

Every now and then it happens that your green smoothie doesn't taste good: too bitter, too grassy, too kale-like or it even just turned out too boring. Usually a few small adjustments are enough to change the taste. The addition of a very ripe banana or some citrus fruits can be sufficient. We want you to always find the right mixture, therefore we have put together our most important culinary tips and tricks for the preparation of green smoothies.

How much leafy greens should I use in a green smoothie?

There are leafy greens that can taste very dominand in a green smoothie. These include chard and beetroot leaves with their intense earthy flavor, or kale and black cabbage with their spiciness. You can easily tone down the flavor of these leafy greens by removing the stalks or stems from the leaves. We recommend using dominant leafy greens - as well as wild herbs - sparingly. For each liter of smoothie, about 3-4 medium cabbage leaves or a small handful of wild herbs alongside milder ingredients like a handful of spinach, postelein, radish greens or lamb's lettuce.

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How can I sweeten a green smoothie if it tuned out too acidic?

Green smoothies should only be sweetened with ripe fruits. The riper the fruit, the sweeter the smoothie. Especially bananas with brown spots, tree-ripened mangoes or a few slices of honeydew melon are ideal sweeteners. Medjool dates are also very good sweeteners - especially if you don't like or tolerate bananas. One Medjool date (alternatively: 2-3 normal dates) already is enough for one liter of smoothie.

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How do I prepare a creamy-fine green smoothie?

The creamier a green smoothie, the better it tastes. In the first place, a high-speed blender ensures the perfect creaminess. Creamy fruits such as avocado, banana, mango, peach or the jelly-like persimmon naturally contribute to the result. They act as binders between leafy greens, water and the other fruits. As an example, 1/4 avocado without peel already is enough for a liter of green smoothie.

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What can I do if the green smoothie tastes too grassy?

Sometimes the Green Smoothie tastes too grassy, too herbaceous or too earthy. This happens with wild herb smoothies. Tip #1 use more citrus. You'll be surprised how little lemon or lime is enough to mellow out very "green" flavors. We recommend using about ⅛ piece of lemon or lime with zest and seeds for every liter of green smoothie. With peel, because this is where the aromatizing essential oils of citrus fruits are located. If you can't tolerate citrus fruits or don't want to increase the acidity of the smoothie, you can also make good use of refreshing garden herbs such as mint, lemon verbena or lemon thyme.

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What can I do if my smoothie is too bitter?

If your green smoothie is too bitter, highly aromatic fruits such as pineapple, passion fruit or raspberries can be very helpful. Especially passion fruit with its sweet and sour aroma provides a real taste explosion in Green Smoothies. A good counterpart to the bitter can also be ginger with its pungent aroma. It goes well with endive or chicory. However, we advise against combinations with kale or black cabbage, as ginger does not balance out the cabbage flavor, but rather intensifies it.

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How can I pimp a green smoothie?

Sometimes Green Smoothie tastes boring - almost flat - comparable to a wine that lacks taste. Fruits that can fill this void are fresh apples, a few strips of ripe honeydew melon, a handful of grapes, or even sweet-juicy oranges.

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How to prepare hearty green smoothies?

Smoothies don't have to taste sweet - you can also blend savory versions. Either you combine sweet fruits with vegetables, such as celery, pineapple and orange. Or you can only use vegetables such as tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber or peppers alongside leafy greens - e. G. Mediterranean garden herbs.

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How to prepare a warming green smoothie?

When it gets really cold outside, we like to experiment with spices. In addition to fresh ginger and turmeric, vanilla, cinnamon and cardamon are the main ones that refine a smoothie creation and give it a warming, aromatic note. Our dosage recommendation: A thumb tip of fresh ginger or two thumb tips of fresh turmeric per liter of smoothie. If you use powdered spices, a small pinch often is enough.

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Can I prepare a green smoothie bowl?

Green smoothies can also be spooned from a Bowl. After preparation, the smoothie is not poured into a bottle, but into a bowl. You can then garnish or top it with finely chopped fruit or dried fruit such as goji berries and dates. This creates more variety and stimulates your chewing reflex. This is important: Green smoothies are a meal and not a thirst quencher!

Green smoothie in a bowl with topping of peach, blueberries, bananas and hemp seeds

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What's the best way to cool down a green smoothie if it warms up too much?

Your smoothie will warm up quickly if you try to enhance the flavor of the smoothie with a second blending run. To prevent this from happening, simply use 4-5 ice cubes per liter of smoothie. At the same time, ice cubes keep the smoothie cool in warm weather. This is extremely useful if you want to take the smoothie to work or if you have to transport it unrefrigerated for a longer period of time. Ice cubes also go well with mild fruit flavors such as melons, cucumbers, peaches, apricots and nectarines. Small gourmet tip: Simply prepare ice cubes from freshly squeezed orange juice. Simply squeeze oranges, pour juice into ice cube molds and freeze. Orange ice cubes do not only provide cooling, but also give the smoothie a freshness kick.

Collage with four photos on how to make orange juice ice cubes for green smoothies.

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I don't like banana/citrus/spinach or am allergic to it. What are the alternatives?

If you don't like or can't tolerate an ingredient, you should of course omit it or replace it with another ingredient. In general, any substitution will change the taste of the recipe, but it can also create a completely new delicious taste.

  1. Leafy greens: Many leafy greens are interchangeable - e. G. if you don't like spinach, you can add postelein, lamb's lettuce, romaine lettuce, as well as radish leaves and other mild lettuce varieties to your smoothie instead.
  2. Banana: creates a creamy and sweet smoothie flavor. Alternatively, you can use avocado or mango as creamers, or (mountain) peaches if necessary.
  3. Apples and pears: other aromatic and sweet fruits are suitable here, e. G. red or green grapes, different berry varieties (e. G. blueberries), different melon varieties such as honey melon, cantaloupe melon, passion fruit, pineapple, mango, dates, bananas.
  4. Pineapple: can be substituted for kiwi (and vice versa).
  5. Goutweed: parsley tastes similar.

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Can I also use frozen spinach in my smoothie?

We do not recommend frozen spinach, as it loses taste and, above all, nutrients due to the freezing process - e. G., enzymes that are sensitive to cold. In addition, packaged frozen spinach from the refrigerated section of the supermarket is usually blanched before freezing, which denatures all heat-sensitive enzymes and nutrients. All the positive effects that the green smoothie is supposed to have are then lost. If you can't get your hands on fresh spinach, simply use other leafy greens: radish leaves, lamb's lettuce or Postelein. When it comes to leafy greens, variety is key anyway.

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Can I add cabbage to my green smoothie? Does it not give me flatulence?

Various types of cabbage, such as black cabbage, palm kale or kale, can be used as a leafy green in your green smoothie. Raw cabbage does not cause as much flatulence as cooked cabbage. This may perhaps be because cabbage is particularly likely to cause flatulence if it is not chewed properly. By blending it in a high-speed blender, the cabbage is already "pre-digested" and therefore is more digestible. You can of course add spices to the smoothie that prevent flatulence, such as cumin, ginger, or even parsley - depending on what best suits the taste of the respective smoothie combination.
You can find more interesting information and cabbage recipes in our article on black and white cabbage or in the one on kale, palm kale and pointed cabbage.

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Can I use juice instead of water in my green smoothie?

We do not recommend using juice, it has been heated for a longer shelf life. However, when heated, many nutrients are lost. With the exception of fresh coconut water from young green coconuts (hardly available in Germany) or freshly squeezed orange juice. Our recommendation is to only use water/ice-cubes for smoothies.

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Why are you using all these exotic ingredients in your recipes? Why don't you just stick to local fruits?

We always try to include what is available and in season in our recipes. The best way to do that is to not only use seasonal ingredients, but also regional fruit. Leafy greens and fruits from our own garden taste best anyway.
Using regional and seasonal products is quite easy in the summer, but when the German winter hits, it gets tricky. We practically have to use tropical fruits, otherwise we could only offer green smoothies made from pears and apples…
Our recipes are meant to be a culinary journey so we are always looking for new ingredients and smoothie experiences.

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Should I add a little oil to the smoothie to ensure that all the fat-soluble vitamins can be absorbed?

The fat-soluble vitamins include vitamins A, D, E and K. The B vitamins and vitamin C are water-soluble.

In our opinion, even small amounts of fat in food (not necessarily in a particular meal) are sufficient for the body to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins. Fruit and leafy greens also contain small amounts of fat, such as avocado or the seeds of grapes and apples, which is why we like to include them in our smoothies. In our opinion, this is quite sufficient for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. Especially if a piece of avocado wanders into the green smoothie. BUT: If it's still important to you to add some oil to your smoothie, feel free to do so. Svenja likes to say: "There is no smoothie police."

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Carla is sitting on a tree, drinking a green smoothie from a bottle and reading a magazine.

Consumption recommendations

When is the best time to drink my green smoothie?

We recommend having your Green Smoothie for breakfast. This way, it can unfold its nutritional power on an empty stomach and is digested without much energy expenditure within 30 minutes. Nice side effect: The usual tiredness after eating remains absent. You should then give yourself at least 1 hour befor having the next snack or meal.

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Can I have a Green Smoothie for lunch or dinner?

Of course, you can also drink your Green Smoothie during the day - as lunch or dinner. In this case, it is important to make sure that you have enough time between the previous meal and your smoothie. The smoothie would otherwise be mixed with your previous meal, the result: fermentation in the gastrointestinal tract. Depending on whether the previous meal was greasy and hard to digest, you should wait at least two hours before drinking your smoothie. If, for example, you have eaten a Sunday roast for lunch or a large portion of French fries, 3 to 4 hours may be necessary for the digestion of this meal.

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Can I prepare my green smoothie the night before drinking it?

If you don't have much time in the morning, simply prepare your smoothie ingredients the night before - for example: peel the pineapple and chop it. Fresh spinach in particular can be very sandy and takes some time to wash. Pack the ingredients in a large jar or bags and store them in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning, put the prepared ingredients in the blender, add water and your green smoothie will be ready within 5 minutes including cleaning up. Keep in mind, that there is a loss of nutrients due to the preparation.

Three large jars filled with fruits and leafy greens for green smoothies.

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How long can you store green smoothies?

The maximum storage time for a homemade Green Smoothie, in our opinion is 24 hours. Once you start preparing your smoothie (e. G. chopping, blending), the ingredients naturally start losing nutrients and most importantly flavor. The refrigerator helps to preserve the freshness and the taste.

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Does a green smoothie replace a meal?

If we want to replace a meal, we usualy need about 0.7 to 1 liter of Green Smoothie. However, this varies from person to person and also depends on the amount of water in the Green Smoothie. For some people, 0.5 liters is enough to feel saturated.

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Two to three hours after drinking a Green Smoothie, I feel hungry again. Am I doing something wrong?

You're not doing anything wrong! In fact, we often feel the same way - our daily breakfast consists of 0.7 - 1.0 liters of Green Smoothie. However, even after a normal bakery breakfast, hunger should set in again after 2-3 hours. If you want to be saturated for a longer time, simply increase the daily amount of smoothie.

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I want to lose weight. Do green smoothies surport weight loss?

Whether and how much weight is lost with green smoothies cannot be answered in a general way, since your lifestyle and diet also play an important role. If you have been eating a hearty breakfast of rolls, sausage and cheese and replace it with a Green Smoothie every day, it is quite likely that you will lose a few pounds in the long run. For many people, Green Smoothies help to reach and maintain their desired weight - without dieting.

If you want to lose weight with Green Smoothies, we recommend using fructose-rich fruits such as grapes, banana, mango or dried fruits sparingly. Instead, you can rely on real "slimmers" like strawberries or vegetable fruits like cucumber, tomato or bell pepper.

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Wild herb smoothie with red clover

Shopping and Gathering

Where can I buy my smoothie ingredients?

We prefer to buy our smoothie ingredients at farmers markets, this is where you will find reginoal fresh products. Alternatively, we do our shopping at organic food stores and markets. If you are not sure where the nearest organic store is, you should be able to find out here: There may also be farms in your area that sell in their own little "farm store". You may find what you are looking for here:

In the meantime, there are also the so-called Marktschwärmereien, which bring together producers of high-quality food and buyers:

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Do you have any tips on what I should look for when shopping?


  1. The fresher your ingredients, the more nutrients they contain. This is especially true for green ingredients.
  2. We recommend using organic ingredients.
  3. Ask for greens from radishes, carrots or kohlrabi at the organic/farm store, they are usually offered for free.
  4. There are several options on the internet for subscribing to an organic box.

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Do the ingredients necessarily have to be organic?

We advise you to use organic ingredients. This is because pesticides also penetrate the peel - leafy greens cannot be peeled anyway. We also like to use fruits with peel - e. G.Citrus peels that create incredible flavors in green smoothies. If you don't want to buy all your ingredients in organic quality, at least the ingredients used with the peel should be organic.

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Where is the best place to gather wild herbs?

In general, you can collect wild herbs in parks, in gardens, in the forest, on meadows or at the edges of fields. Depending on where you live, there are different possibilities. If you live in the countryside, you will certainly have a wider selection of suitable places to gather wild herbs than in the middle of a large city. Even if you feel like this isn't for you, give it a try. Wild herbs are a bit like mushrooms: over time you develop a feeling for gathering them, for the varieties and where to find them. In the beginning, an introduction in the form of a wild herb tour can be helpful. Here you can find wild herbs guided tours.

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Do you have any tips on what I need to look out for when gathering wildherbs?

Here are a few general tips:

  1. participate in a guided wild herb tour.An expert will teach you about the basic 3-7 edible wild herbs and where to gather them.
  2. Avoid meadows and fields that are located along roads with heavy traffic, as the wild herbs here are polluted with car exhaust fumes.
  3. Avoid pesticides from conventional agriculture - meadows and fields that are directly adjacent to conventionally farmed land.

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I would like to collect nettles. What do I have to keep in mind when doing so?

Nettle is a great wild herb. However, you can burn your fingers when collecting and preparing it. However, if you hold the leaves firmly between your fingers, the stinging hairs will bend over and won't harm you. We recommend wearing gloves while collecting. It is best to gather the tender, bright green young plants, their taste is much more pleasant.

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I have heard about the fox tapeworm that can be found on wild herbs. What should I look out for when gathering?

We get asked about the fox tapeworm from time to time. How exactly the eggs of the fox tapeworm are transmitted to humans, however, has not been clarified. It is suspected that humans are infected through soil, pets, or plants that have been contaminated with the feces of infected foxes. The risk of infection is not limited to gathering herbs. Cultivated vegetables are equally likely to be infected, although the general risk of infection is comparatively small. As a precautionary measure, washing the leaves, whether purchased or collected, is recommended. Washing the ingredients removes or at least reduces bacteria, pesticides, sand and soil.

Find out more about the fox tapeworm on the website of the wild herb expert Leonie Gabriele Bräutigam.

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Where can I buy wild herbs?

At farmers markets, in organic and delicatessen stores and increasingly also in supermarkets .

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How long do leafy greens keep? And what is the best way to store them?

In our experience, leafy greens will keep for up to 5 days in the refrigerator if they are kept from drying out. This works well with a special Bio-Fresh compartment in the refrigerator. Alternatively, you can use water to keep the leafy vegetables fresh. To do this, soak a kitchen towel in water, wring it out and wrap ingredients in it. Herbs and smaller leafy greens like postelein or spinach are best stored in a plastic bag or storage box (Pro-tip: add a few splashes of water or a damp paper towel). Another tip for garden herbs: remove the rubber that holds them together.

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Various green smoothie varieties in bottles

Physical reactions

What if I have an allergic reaction to ingredients?

If you are allergic to certain ingredients, you should adapt the recipes to your tolerances. The best way is to simply replace the ingredients that you can not eat and create a green smoothie that is suitable for your organism.

Here you will find some alternatives for ingredients.

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I have digestive problems, bloating and flatulence after drinking my green smoothie. Am I doing something wrong?

This can definitely happen in the beginning if the body was hardly used to raw food before. The high fiber content in green smoothies usually stimulates digestive activity.

Try the following tips:

  1. Reduce the green smoothie to 250 - 300 ml and then slowly increase the amount depending on your tolerance.
  2. Remember that the Green Smoothie is NOT a thirst quencher, but a meal that should be drunk slowly sip by sip. Digestion begins in the mouth.
  3. There should be at least 3 hours between your smoothie and your last meal - you should also give your body 1 hour to digest the smoothie before you eat a meal. Therefore, if you can, it is best to have it as a breakfast substitute so that it does not clash with other meals.
  4. Only use ripe fruits. They not only provide a nice flavor, but are also easier to digest.
  5. Keep it simple! Only use a few ingredients, 1-2 types of fruit and one type of green can also be enough. You can rotate these daily, which may be the quickest way to discover incompatibilities.
  6. If you have stored the smoothie in the refrigerator, it may cause your stomach to become hypothermic and react ungraciously. Add a sip of warm water before drinking it - this will make the smoothie more stomach-friendly.
  7. Sometimes digestive spices like cinnamon, chili and ginger can also help - add them to your smoothie according to your taste.

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Can I gain weight with green smoothies?

If you drink Green Smoothies as a meal replacement and use no more than 50 % ripe fruit, you probably won't gain weight with them. If you want to gain weight with Green Smoothies, you should drink the smoothie in addition to your regular meals, not as a replacement. Fructose- and carbohydrate-rich fruits such as bananas, dates and grapes are a good choice.

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I have read about kidney stones from too much oxalic acid. Isn't too much spinach dangerous?

In general, oxalic acid is found in all kinds of foods, it is naturally formed. The oxalic acid concentration in most foods is very low. The oxalic acid content of spinach and chard, is slightly higher compared to other leafy vegetables. Oxalic acid can cause the formation of kidney stones and kidney damage, therefore it is important not to consume too much oxalic acid. It is true that you would have to eat a kilo of spinach a day to exceed the specified limits. Nevertheless, we don't recommend using leafy greens containing oxalic acid several days in a row. Instead, we recommend using all the variety nature has to offer for your green smoothie. For example, you can replace spinach or chard with lamb's lettuce, baby lamb's lettuce, or even radish or kohlrabi leaves. Another tip: Oxalic acid can mainly be found in the large, fully grown leaves. So if you use spinach or chard, use the small, young leaves. More information about oxalic acid in green smoothies can be found here.

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Are green smoothies suitable for pregnant women or nursing mothers?

Yes. Basically, green smoothies are very suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers. In both phases of life, women have increased nutritional needs, which green smoothies serve very well. However, pregnant women should pay attention to the quantity of some wild and culinary herbs. For more information, see our beginner's article on pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Additional restrictions may result from known allergies or intolerances, just as with non-pregnant women. If during the breastfeeding phase an intolerance of the child e. G. to kiwi or similar is already known, you should of course omit this ingredient.

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Are green smoothies suitable for diabetics?

This depends on what type of diabetes you have and whether you determine the amount of insulin yourself (measuring your sugar level several times a day). Therefore, it's best to talk to your doctors before starting to drink green smoothies daily.

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Are green smoothies suitable for babies and toddlers?

Green smoothies are also great for babies and toddlers. They are a fresh, vitamin-rich, and easily digestible meal in pureed form. The best Green smoothies for toddlers are made with only 1-2 fruits and 1-2 leafy vegetables - this way you can determine which ingredients your child likes. On the other hand, you can be sure that you will notice if your child does not like a certain ingredient - talking from personal experience. More information about whether smoothies are suitable for toddlers and children can be found here here.

Little girl drinking green smoothies

Are green smoothies suitable during menopause?

Yes, absolutely, in fact they are highly recommended. Menstruation also has a detoxification function for women. When menstruation stops during menopause, the liver (our most important detoxification organ) has to do more than before and can become overwhelmed. Green smoothies can support the body here - especially if they rely on bitter substances. Many women complain about gaining weight during menopause, green smoothies can help prevent this.

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What about taking medications (e. G., thyroid hormone, antidepressants, rheumatoid medications, etc.) and green smoothies?

We are not aware of any problems associated with medications. However, please follow the instructions on the package insert of your medication.

Are green smoothies unhealthy?

Since the green smoothie consists exclusively of healthy, natural ingredients, one could actually think this question is superfluous. Nevertheless, you should not ignore the question, because there are always reservations against green smoothies.

The three most common green smoothies criticism points:

1. Green smoothies cause indigestion, bloating or flatulence.

Generally, these are temporary sensitivities that indicate that the green smoothies are doing their job, initiating detoxification and getting the intestines, which may have been a little lazy up to that point, going with their high fiber content.

These inconveniences can be avoided by the following measures:

  • Reduce your green smoothie to 250 - 300 ml in the beginning and then slowly increase the portion depending on your tolerance.
  • Remember that a Green Smoothie is NOT a drink, but a meal - so it must be well salivated. This is done by moving each sip of smoothie through your mouth, "chewing" it in a sense. Spooning the Green Smoothie is also allowed and helps to salivated it.
  • Drink the Green Smoothie no earlier than 3 hours after another meal and at least half an hour before. Therefore, it is best to drink the Green Smoothie as first meal of the day, breakfast. This prevents the Green Smoothie from mixing with undigested food residue and starting to ferment in the digestive tract.
  • Ripe fruit not only give your green smoothie a wonderful fruity taste and a creamy consistency, but also increases digestibility.

2. Green smoothies are calorie bombs

Of course, green smoothies also contain calories. Especially if the fruit content is higher than 50 % and avocado or bananas are used. Calories are everywhere, especially in hearty breakfast sandwiches with cheese and sausage. However, these don't provide nearly as many vital nutrients and fiber as green smoothies do. In addition - this is our experience - green smoothies provide a long-lasting feeling of satiety and can reduce cravings for sweets and fatty foods. So, all in all, you can definitely reduce your calorie intake with green smoothies.

3. Green smoothies contain toxic substances

"The dose makes the poison." - and with that, Paracelsus described it perfectly. Many plants contain alkaloids, nitrogenous organic compounds that plants use to protect themselves from predators. In small quantities, these alkaloids are completely harmless - who wants to drink a green smoothie with 3 handfuls of wild herbs? After the first sip, each of us would immediately put the glass down - high concentrations of alkaloids taste extremely bitter. A green smoothie with a handful of wild herbs, is not only completely harmless, but provides important vitamins and nutrients.

Oxalic acid: Debates on this topic have and will always exist. Often it is the uncertainty that remains. The one question remains: who of us eats a kilo of spinach a day? You should avoid having oxalic acid-containing leafy vegetables on several days in a row. For example, spinach can be replaced with lamb's lettuce or radish leaves. The nitrate content in leafy green vegetables is generally considered to be of little concern. You can find more about this here.

Herbicides and pesticides, can be avoided by buying the ingredients for your green smoothie in organic quality or by gathering them in your own garden. Conventionally ingredients are very likely always affected.

Bottom line: variety is the magic word. Trust your instincts - If you find that an ingredient does not satisfy your taste, simply leave that ingredient out.

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Raise a toast with green smoothies in Ball Mason jars

Detox cure and 7-day kick start

Do I make any commitment or does it cost money when I sign up for the detox cleanse?

The registration and participation in the detox cleanse are 100 % free of charge and do not result in any further obligations.

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I have registered for the Detox cleanse but didn't received any messages?

Probably our Emails ended up in your spam folder. To prevent this, we recommend to create a new contact with our e-mail address in your E-mail mailbox: If you have already done this and still do not receive any E-mails from us, please send an email to using the E-mail address you used for your registration.

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When will I receive the emails with the shopping list and recipes?

For the 7-day Detox cleanse, you will receive the shopping list for all ingredients directly after registration. You will then receive a detox smoothie recipe from us every day.

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Is it possible to end the Detox cleanse earlier than planned?

Of course. Our Detox cleanse is only a service offer, which should help you to drink Green Smoothies on a daily basis. Sometimes there are private or professional reasons that make an earlier exit or an interruption reasonable. However, you can resume at any time. We are happy about every day that you join us.

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Does the success of the Detox cleanse depend on exactly following the recipes?

Definitely not! Our recipes are here to show you the diversity of detox smoothies. If there are ingredients you don't like or can't tolerate, either ditch them without substitution or replace them with a similar ingredient you don't have an intolerance to. For example, you can easily replace pineapple with kiwi or banana with avocado or mango. However, if you are allergic to any ingredient that is characteristic for the recipe, we suggest to skip this recipe and just blender another detox smoothie recipe twice instead.

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Should I seek medical advice before starting the detox diet?

Our detox cure is NOT a diet, but encourages you to have one meal per day (preferably breakfast) made off healthy, natural foods (fruits, leafy greens, good water). Our green smoothies follow the general recommendation of recognized nutrition experts and the German Nutrition Society.

People with pre-existing conditions should nevertheless consult a doctor before starting the cleanse, as in some diseases, especially those affecting the digestive system, the body can be overburdened by too much fiber or too much raw food.

Allergy sufferers naturally omit the ingredients to which you are allergic to. One possibility is to replace these with tolerated ingredients.

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Register now for the Detox Cleanse with Green Smoothies

We appreciate your Feedback here!

Svenja from

Green smoothies have been my replacement for morning cerals since 2009. They are inspiring, delicious and speak for themselves. They fit into our lives with five kids and lots of joy in creative healthy cooking. I really love to prepare or create new smoothies. Inspired by the Green Smoothie, I combine two of my passions with my job: taking pictures and working with food.

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Hello dear ones,
I always blended banana into my green smoothies simply for sweetness. And now I've read the latest information that the enzyme polyphenol oxidase (PPO) from the banana is said to inhibit the absorption of secondary plant substances such as flavonols. Do any of you have insights on this as well?
Warm regards
Carla von Grü
Hello Sandra,

Thank you very much for your comment. Never heard of it :)

Best regards,
Hello, thanks to you ;-), I've been drinking smoothies for breakfast for a long time. Lately, there's been a lot of talk about how having smoothies for breakfast is unhealthy because they cause a rapid spike in blood sugar levels. What do you think about this? Personally, I only have fresh fruit smoothies, 50% fruit/greens as per your recommendation. The hearty ones just aren't for me. Best regards, Jutta
Carla von Grü
Hello Jutta,

Thank you for your comment. The more fruit content there is in the smoothie, the more challenging it can be for blood sugar levels. If this doesn't sit well with you, you can/should simply increase the green content or reduce the fruit content.

Warm regards,

You mention that apple seeds are okay in smoothies. However, these contain cyanide and should under no circumstances be consumed, especially not when crushed. Could you please correct this?

Kind regards
Carla von Grü
Hello Lara,
thank you very much for your comment. The amount of hydrocyanic acid is so low that we have not perceived it as harmful so far. If you think differently, then remove the apple cores before blending.
Best regards,
Can you replace or use a portion of oat milk instead of water? How does that affect the green smoothie?
Carla von Grü
Hello Monika,

thank you for your comment and your question regarding the preparation of green smoothies. We prefer to stick with water as the liquid because it keeps the smoothie alkaline and, based on our experience, it is also easier to digest.
However, you can certainly experiment and try using oat milk as the liquid. Please let us know how the smoothie tasted with it.
Best regards,
Hello everyone,
I have been enjoying my smoothie with oat milk for quite some time now. I haven't experienced any digestive issues, and I really like the taste. Does using oat milk in the smoothie make it less alkaline?
Carla von Grü
Hello Monika,

Oat milk is not alkaline, so it does reduce the alkalinity of the green smoothie.
Best regards,
Hello, you write in great detail about all sorts of issues BUT how many people are your great recipes geared for?
Carla von Grü
Hello Ulli,

the portion size for the Green Smoothie is very individual. Some drink 700-1000 ml per meal, others are already happy and full with 300 ml. Therefore, you will find in our recipes the total amount, but not the division into portions.

Kind regards,
Tanja Flentje
can I blend in cress, arugula or fennel ?
Carla von Grü
Hello Tanja,

you can definitely do it - they are all taste-wise pretty dominant ingredients, but if you feel like it, nothing speaks against it.

Have fun trying it out!
Hello dear gruenesmoothie team,
one more question about the green leaves....
can you also use the greens from cauliflower for this?
I cannot find anything about it unfortunately.

Thanks in advance
Kind regards
Carla von Grü
Hello Tanja,

the cauliflower leaves are definitely edible. But we have not yet tried them in the green smoothie, but that should not stop you ;)

Feel free to let us know how they tasted.
Kind regards,
Thanks for the answer
and information :)
Then you can fall back there in the winter yes on it!
Nutrients are in it also as good as contained?
Kind regards Tanja
Hello to you ,
can you also use frozen fruit?
for example, in winter strawberries, raspberries or blueberries?
Thanks in advance:)
Kind regards
Carla von Grü
Hello Tanja,

thank you for your question.
Of course you can also use frozen fruits for the preparation of green smoothies or fruit smoothies.

Best regards,
Andreas Nezik
First of all, I would like to thank you for the detailed and informative website. As a beginner in green smoothies, I have found a lot of useful information here. However, there is one thing that is still not quite clear to me. The ideal ratio of fruit to vegetables is always assumed to be 50:50, not based on weight, but on the volume of the vegetables.
Now the question is: Is the volume meant in its unprocessed or blended state? Especially with spinach or lamb's lettuce, they significantly reduce in volume when blended.

Best regards,
Andreas Nezik
Carla von Grü
Hello Andreas,

Thank you for your positive feedback on our website.
Regarding your question: The ratio refers to the volume before blending.

Enjoy and have fun exploring the world of green smoothies!

Warm regards,
Positiv denken
Hello, am I understanding correctly that only 1 smoothie is blended daily? Approximately 1 liter in volume and preferably consumed for breakfast? What should I have for lunch and dinner then? Just tea and water?
Best regards.
Carla von Grü
Thank you for your question. We don't actually specify a specific quantity for smoothies as it's a personal preference. However, as a general guideline for replacing a meal, such as breakfast, we recommend consuming around 0.7 to 1.5 liters of green smoothie. Apart from that, we eat normally for lunch, dinner, or in between, depending on our hunger levels.

Warm regards,
Arlette Theis
Hello dear team,
I would like to know if I can use frozen spinach for my smoothie, since I cannot currently buy fresh spinach. Thank you for your advice.
Carla von Grü
Dear Arlette,

Of course, you can do that as well. However, we would recommend opting for fresh ingredients instead. Not only do they taste better, but frozen ingredients like spinach can also lead to a loss of vital nutrients. Perhaps you could consider using a different leafy green instead - currently in season are kale, lamb's lettuce, or purslane.

Warm regards,
Hey there,
Can I use oranges and lemons (organic ones) with the peel on?

Best regards,
Carla von Grü
Dear Susanne,

Thank you for your question. Yes, you can do that, but it's still important to wash well with warm water beforehand.
Warm regards,
Hello dear ones,
you asked about my favourite smoothie ingredients. Like you, I think avocados are the best.
I've also come to love pumpkin, especially nutmeg pumpkin, but hokkaido is also delicious.
Warm regards
Klaus Rueckwoldt
Hallo what do you do with the rhubarb fruit? Can I also process them raw?
Carla von Grü
Hello Klaus,

I would also stay away from using raw rhubarb in a smoothie. Some sources say then you can eat 1-2 stalks raw if they are well peeled. We haven't tried that yet!
Kind regards,
Klaus Rueckwoldt
Have a question: Can Rhubabar leaves also be used as greens in the smoothie?
Carla von Grü
Hello Klaus,

I would definitely not do that, the leaves have an extremely high oxalic acid content.
Kind regards,
I would like to make my smoothie with zucchini. Do you have any experience here?
Unfortunately, the zucchini tastes bitter after processing.
Warm regards, Sara
Klaus Rueckwoldt
I had 5 ripe bananas and I mixed them with 2 zucchinis! Achieved a creamy smooth sweet result!:-)
Carla von Grü
Dear Sara,
you can easily add zucchini to the green smoothie – if you blend 1 liter, you can add a whole small zucchini or half of a large zucchini.
Zucchini makes the smoothie nice and creamy and actually is hardly noticeable. A slice of lemon with zest or lime add's some deepness to the flavour.
In your current newsletter, you write: "Small amounts of fat are also present in fruits and leafy greens, such as avocado or grape and apple seeds, which we like to use in our green smoothies." However, I learned in a workshop (not from you ;-) ) that seeds should never be added because when they are crushed, toxins such as arsenic are released (if you eat the seeds whole with the fruit, they are not crushed, so it wouldn't be an issue, but with a high-speed blender, it becomes toxic). So, which one is correct?
Carla von Grü
Dear Petra, I believe there is no official right or wrong. However, it is true that, for example, apple seeds contain a substance that can be converted into harmful cyanide in the body. In our opinion, it is the amount that determines the poison - even if we blend the seeds in a high-speed blender. So far, "drinking seeds" hasn't harmed us ;) We have been enjoying Green Smoothies daily for over 7 years - with and without fruit seeds. As for avocado seeds: the persin it contains serves as pest control for plants - for animals. That much has been studied. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is harmful to humans. But aside from that, we only use a small piece of the avocado seed - never the whole thing. We simply don't like the taste. I think you should simply trust your instincts. If you prefer to remove the seeds of the fruits before blending, feel free to do so and perhaps add a small dash of flaxseed or olive oil for the fat-soluble vitamins.

Best regards, Carla
Sometimes you just have to swallow the bitter pill. Like when it comes to a probiotic smoothie (with sauerkraut as the main ingredient) that can only be enhanced with an apple at most. Otherwise, it would lose its effectiveness.
Annette Seger
Sometimes I use nettle powder and other things like wheatgrass, rose hips, etc. for my smoothie. What do you think of that?
Svenja von Grü
Hello Annette,
we always use fresh ingredients whenever possible, which is possible almost all year round with nettles and wheatgrass. In winter or when fresh access is not available for other reasons, the powders are an alternative. It's not quite easy to gauge the quality, but it's somewhat easier when you gather them yourself.
All the best! Svenja
Hello, dear ones,

Thank you for the tips. I once mixed a carrot with various types of fruit, but that was the only smoothie I couldn't consume. Otherwise, I take 1/4 avocado, celery, turmeric, 2 peppercorns, 1 teaspoon of coconut flour, a pinch of maca, 1/2 teaspoon of baobab, 1/2 teaspoon of spirulina, and plenty of wild herbs. I can easily spoon that.
My husband prepares his smoothie with 1 banana, 1/2 apple, 1/4 lemon with peel, 1 teaspoon of spirulina, 1/2 orange, and lots of wild herbs. That's our breakfast.

Light and love, and always a good spin (we use the Bianco blender because it has a pump that removes the oxygen from the container before blending. It tastes better since the contents don't oxidize as quickly).

Warmest regards, Kara
Svenja von Grü
Dear Kara, thank you very much and many more creative mixtures to you, sounds tempting. Best regards - Svenja
Jeannette K.
What does 1 "heart" of chicory mean?
Carla von Grü
1 "heart" of chicory = 1 piece of chicory
Best regards, Carla
I usually enjoy drinking my smoothie in the morning, but hunger pangs still tend to kick in quite quickly, don't they?
Gabi Reich
I now use wild herbs on a daily basis, alternating them. I also include turmeric, flaxseed oil, and grated avocado seed daily. As for fruit, I vary it with pineapple, orange, banana, and so on. We have plenty of beets in our garden, which I use with the greens, reducing the amount of fruit. I add apple juice and water. Since my family also drinks it, it always has to taste good. Beets work well for us.
Personally, I do not add any oil to a "green smoothie". In nature, animals do not add fat to their greens. I believe it is a learned human behavior. Whether fat-soluble vitamins are better absorbed is debatable. Get your vitamin levels checked! We are starving for nutrients while our pots are full.
Hello dear merchants! And thank you for the good goods.
A question is currently occupying my mind a lot: could I put the freshly blooming sunflowers completely into the blender? Or are parts of the plant inedible or - probably not - even poisonous? They seem so delicious to me.
Hello, dear GreenSmoothies team!
My family and I have been enthusiastic smoothie fans for about 4 months, inspired by my mother. Our high-speed blender Bianco Puro is serving us very well every day. Top device!

Now I would like to share my experience with sports (competition) and green smoothies...

Last weekend, we had the 12-hour MTB European Championship in Diessen am Ammersee on our schedule. We were a team of 4 women competing, each of us had about 18-22 minutes of race time, followed by a 1-hour break until the next round. So far, so good... But how do you recover in between? Until now, the regeneration plan consisted of dry pasta or rice pudding, accompanied by isotonic and protein drinks. This year, I tried green smoothies, enriching them with hemp protein, lupine powder, and flaxseed. As for the green part, we had all sorts of meadow herbs available: plantain, chickweed, nettle, clover, etc.
My initial concerns about smoothies and sports quickly vanished after the second round: I had energy, no muscle cramps, no feeling of fullness, and above all, no muscle soreness the next day.
My conclusion from this experience: green smoothies are a great recovery drink and, thanks to their alkaline properties, an excellent buffer against acidification of the body.

Thank you for the great recipes :)

Have a lovely weekend!
Is the plant green/wild herbs even meant for us if they are not easily digestible in their pure form? I've been thinking about this for a while... in this smoothie scene, there are many vegans/vegetarians and those who insist on our alleged "original form," where only raw food was consumed or some nonsense (I wonder how Stone Age people ate their prey). So, one must be consistent and ask if greens really fit into the picture. Luckily, I am neither a vegan nor a vegetarian, so I don't have to be consistent in my approach. ???
Anne von Grü
Dear Esther,
Thank you so much for your comment again. Well, green plants and wild herbs are indeed meant for us - and they are also simply very healthy. Plant greens contain high concentrations of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, they are surprisingly rich in proteins, minerals, numerous secondary plant compounds, and the green plant pigment chlorophyll. And wild herbs are even more packed with nutrients, easily overshadowing our cultivated plants in terms of vitamin and mineral content.
Yes, by "original form" you probably mean a paleo diet. For us, it is important that everyone finds the right dietary form for themselves. In any case, it is wonderful when one can have a diverse diet - and green smoothies contribute very well to that from our perspective.
Best regards,
Yeah, blenders and high-speed blenders are just not the same, right? I'm still waiting for my Vitamix TNC, but I tried making a smoothie with carrot greens using my regular blender before... hmm... at least my teeth didn't have any inferiority issues because they had plenty to chew on. I can't wait to really get started... thanks for the interesting recipes!
Anne von Grü
Dear Esther,
Thank you so much for your feedback. You will certainly notice a significant difference when you blend your Green Smoothie with the Vitamix TNC5200. The creaminess and consistency that can be achieved with this blender are simply unparalleled. However, it is true that your teeth would definitely have had a lot to chew on :)
The great thing about the Vitamix TNC is that it is not only perfect for delicious creamy Green Smoothies, but it is also a fantastic all-in-one kitchen appliance that can quickly and easily make pesto, plant-based milk, ice cream, soups, and nut butter.
So enjoy experimenting and blending to your heart's content,
Warm regards,
Sometimes I feel like the trend for green smoothies is just being pushed too much. Especially many "beginners" who hope for a slim figure or a healthier eating behavior are quickly disappointed. Most of the time, it's also because they buy a blender from Aldi and expect finely creamy green smoothies that still taste good.

Personally, I enjoy drinking green smoothies, but I don't want to overdo it and solely rely on them for nutrition. After all, back in the jungle, people didn't have blenders to puree all forms of solid food. In my opinion, finding a healthy balance is the best complement to green smoothies :)
Anne von Grü
Dear Vannii,
Thank you very much for your opinion. Yes, finding a healthy balance is definitely important and a good idea. In fact, many green smoothie beginners are highly motivated and sometimes go a little overboard - by solely drinking green smoothies, starting with too large quantities, ignoring their own sensations, or similar things. Therefore, we recommend starting with a small amount of green smoothie and otherwise sticking to a normal (and healthy) diet.
Yes, a good high-speed blender is definitely key for a delicious, creamy green smoothie consistency - we completely agree with that :)
Wishing you a great start to the week and warm regards,
maria luise
For almost 6 months now, my husband and I have been drinking a green smoothie almost every day before lunch. We savor the first sips together. My ingredients include baby spinach, apple, pear, kiwi, ginger, lemon juice, and water. Recently, I have also been substituting spinach with wild strawberry, raspberry, nettle, ground elder, and blackcurrant leaves. Now, my husband tells me that ever since we started drinking smoothies, he has been experiencing very soft stools. Am I doing something wrong? Normally, wouldn't the body have adapted to this routine after nearly 6 months?
Anne von Grü
Dear Marie-Luise,

Thank you very much for your comment and your question. Well, generally speaking, having a softer stool is not necessarily problematic at first. However, if your husband has been suffering from diarrhea for a longer period of time, it is definitely something that requires medical attention. Diarrhea can have many causes, which makes it difficult to provide a simple answer from a distance like this. Since we are not doctors, I recommend that your husband consults his trusted physician if he has been experiencing persistent symptoms. The doctor will also consider your husband's overall lifestyle and diet.

However, I would like to share some general tips on improving the digestibility of green smoothies:

1. Drink the green smoothie at least 3 hours after a meal and half an hour before the next one. It is best to have the green smoothie as the first meal of the day, for breakfast.

2. If your husband experiences digestive issues, I would suggest reducing the amount of green smoothie to 250-300ml and gradually increasing it based on his tolerance.

3. Using ripe fruits in the green smoothie not only adds a wonderfully fruity taste and creamy consistency but also enhances its digestibility.

4. It is best not to use too many ingredients. 1-2 types of fruits and one type of leafy green may be sufficient. You can vary them daily, as this may help identify potential sensitivities more quickly. Perhaps your husband has developed an intolerance to a specific food.

5. The type of blender used also plays an important role in digestibility. If you have a high-speed blender, it will effectively break down the ingredients, making them easier to digest.

I hope these tips will be helpful to you, and I send you warm regards.

Hello, thank you very much for the good information.

However, my question, the reason why I came across the page, hasn't really been answered, or at least I haven't found it:
Is it okay to replace the meal with a green smoothie every (or almost every...) evening? Or is it not recommended specifically in the evenings?
I want to replace one meal, and for me, evenings would be the best time by far.
I would appreciate learning more about it...
Thank you very much! Steffi.
Anne von Grü
Dear Steffi,
Thank you for your inquiry. Well, generally, we recommend enjoying the Green Smoothie as breakfast. This way, it can unleash its nutritional power best on an empty stomach and be digested within 30 minutes without much energy expenditure. But of course, you can also have the Green Smoothie throughout the day or as a dinner meal. In that case, it is important to ensure sufficient time between the previous meal so that the smoothie doesn't mix and ferment with the previously consumed food in the stomach. Depending on how heavy the previous meal was, it should be at least 2 hours. If you had something heavy to digest, like a large portion of french fries for lunch, it might take 3 or 4 hours for the digestion of that meal.

I hope this answer helps you,
Best regards,
Hello, I also add almonds and walnuts to my smoothie, is that okay?
Anne Mielich
Hello Bruno,

Well, we recommend using only leafy greens, ripe fruit, and filtered water in your green smoothie. Additional ingredients such as nuts, seeds, oils, added sugars, packaged juices, plant-based milk, or similar additives are not necessary. These extras can affect the easy digestibility of the green smoothie and detract from its alkalinity. Ultimately, each person needs to find what they personally prefer and tolerate when it comes to green smoothies. We simply recommend what has worked well for us and many others.

Warm regards,
Good morning!
I have read that many people freeze pre-cut portions of smoothie ingredients to have them readily available. I think it's a great idea, but I noticed that my regular blender can't handle it. My questions: What did I do wrong? Should I thaw the fruits/vegetables before blending? And, could the Bianco Puro handle it?
Best regards,
Anne Mielich
Dear Sabine,

Yes, in general, both leafy greens and fruits can be frozen in portions and used as needed. If you happen to have bought too much, this is a good way to make use of leftovers. However, some ingredients, such as kale, tend to lose their flavor when frozen. Additionally, the nutrient content decreases compared to fresh ingredients because enzymes, for example, are sensitive to cold temperatures. Therefore, we recommend limiting exceptions.

Yes, a regular kitchen blender does unfortunately reach its natural limit when it comes to frozen fruits or leafy greens. However, for a high-speed blender like the Bianco Puro Originale, it is not a problem. It can be helpful to dice the leafy greens and fruits into small pieces and add some warm water to the blender before freezing.

Best regards,
Hey there!
How much does this smoothie cost when converted to a shake? I'm interested because I want to invest in smoothies in the long run to maintain a healthy and affordable diet.

Anne Mielich
Dear Peter,

The cost of a green smoothie always depends on the ingredients you use, how many ingredients you mix into your green smoothie, and the quality of these ingredients that you purchase. We recommend buying organic fruits and leafy greens. For example, in the case of Berry Enchantment, three different types of berries are used in the green smoothie. However, since one usually buys more than a handful of berries, they can be used for multiple green smoothies, and so on. Overall, if you shop wisely, the costs remain manageable.

Warm regards,
I don't want to replace any of my main meals with a smoothie. I simply drink the smoothies as I please, either before or after a meal, or as a snack in between. I believe it's better than completely missing out on valuable vitamins. Similarly, I think that even if one has limited or no access to organic products, they should still consume vitamins. Well, in that case, just make sure to thoroughly wash the produce.
And very importantly, something that very very very few people know: organic products are also treated with pesticides (but with organic stuff and substances that comply with EU regulations and must not exceed certain chemical limits, which doesn't mean there's no trace of chemicals at all!!!). I work in research with many EU projects, so I know what I'm talking about!
I find your website, although quite "strict," still very informative and helpful at times!
Everyone should prepare and enjoy their smoothie as they please. Our bodies usually know what they need. Listen to your body!
Anne Mielich
Dear Andreja, thank you very much for your comment. It is certainly always advisable to listen to one's own body. I also appreciate your valuable insight regarding pesticide contamination. Indeed, organic products are treated. Best regards from Berlin, Anne.
Just a little tip:
I have both a high-performance blender and a kitchen machine at home (where you can change the attachments).
The kitchen machine is a Philips HR 7778/00 and the blender attachment is simply brilliant! With it, the smoothies look and taste a thousand times better to me than with the branded high-speed blender ;-) I can only recommend this device!
Hi Andreja,
it's great that you've found a favorite mix solution for yourself.

Best regards,
Edith O.
Dear team,

Since I prefer my smoothies to be thicker in consistency, I add a small (!) teaspoon of apple pectin. This helps to keep it more homogeneous until I have a chance to eat it at work. If it becomes too thick, I simply add a splash of good water and shake the bottle to get it back to the desired consistency.
I don't see any problem with this approach, do you?

Warm regards,
Hello dear Edith,
It's interesting that apple pectin seems to bind the green smoothie so well. If it agrees with you too, then from our perspective, there's nothing against it. In general, we recommend not adding processed or chemical ingredients to the green smoothie, in order to keep it alkaline and easily digestible. That means: we simply shake it well before drinking the green smoothie.
Greetings to you,
To better bind the smoothie, I would recommend adding 1-2 tbsp. of chia seeds (before blending).
Thank you for your tip. However, we recommend using the amazing chia seeds as an exception in the green smoothie. Reason being, all kinds of seeds can affect the smoothie's easy digestibility. Good natural thickeners are also bananas, avocados, mangos, or even jelly-like persimmons.
Best regards, Carla.
Andreas S.
What kind of blender is being used? If it doesn't have the necessary power and speed, could it be that fibers are not broken up and swell up in the water?
Katharina Göbel
Dear Andreas, we from our team use high-speed blenders for making green smoothies - some of us use Vitamix devices, others use blenders from Bianco, depending on our preferences. Since a high-speed blender requires a significant investment, for starters, one can also experiment with a regular kitchen blender just to see if this green path is suitable. However, in the long run, a kitchen blender is not a viable alternative as it lacks the ability to fully unlock the taste and benefits of green smoothies.
As you mentioned, considerable power and speed are needed to break down the plant fibers in a way that makes the nutrients, especially the chlorophyll in leafy greens, accessible to humans. And indeed, only a high-speed blender with a perfectly balanced combination of strong motor power, container shape, and blade speed can achieve this. The smoothie also attains its fiber-free creaminess solely through preparation in such a blender. Additionally, the smoother and finer the texture of the green smoothie, the easier it is to digest. Best regards, Katharina.
Dear team,

I have a question regarding the topic of green smoothies for on-the-go:
After a few hours, my smoothies always thicken and form loose lumps, with the water separating. It becomes difficult for me to pour it out of the bottle, even though it was initially liquid and creamy.
Do any of you experience the same issue? Could it be a result of certain ingredients?
Is there a trick to prevent this?

Thank you!

Best regards,
Katharina Göbel
Dear Carola, It does happen that with longer storage, the smoothie can thicken slightly and water may settle. I solve this by vigorously shaking the bottle of smoothie before enjoying it, so that everything combines back into a creamy and consistent texture. Have you tried that yet? Best regards, Katharina.
Dear Katharina,
Yes, I have already tried that.
It doesn't become as creamy anymore and remains thicker, as if the fibers have swollen.
Interesting, it seems to be only happening to me.
But thank you very much!
Kind regards,
I have cauliflower, broccoli, and romanesco plants in my garden, but I don't expect them to mature and bear produce. Can I use the leaves for smoothies?
Katharina Göbel
Dear Claudia, the leaves are wonderful for green smoothies. The leaves of the Romanesco plant, for example, are very rich in potassium.
Best regards, Katharina.
Ch. Kockel
I enjoy my smoothie the most when it is blended for at least 90 seconds - preferably even longer, specifically in the Bianco di Puro Primo. Unfortunately, it becomes warm during the process. Does it still retain its vitamins and so on?
Regards, Ch.
Katharina Göbel
Dear Christina, I also use the Primo and find my smoothie beautifully creamy after just 60 seconds. But tastes vary, of course. You don't have to worry about losing nutrients by blending for an extra 30 seconds. Although the longer blending may slightly warm up the smoothie, it definitely won't exceed 42 degrees, which is when you would start losing nutrients and vitamins. If you still want to enjoy your smoothie refreshingly cool despite the longer blending, you can simply add a few ice cubes while mixing. Best regards, Katharina.
Hello dear Green Smoothies team,
I am now in the third week of my smoothie fever and I find the concept simply wonderful and effective. My "belly" feels lighter (okay, we are currently largely cutting out carbohydrates, which surely contributes to that as well ;o)) and for the first time in my life, I have lost weight without it being my goal ;o))

However, I still have some questions which may have been answered partially, but I am still uncertain:

1: Despite living in a very rural area, it is difficult to always find organic quality or it always requires running from store to store, sometimes without success. Especially in the "green" sector.
- Should I rather avoid smoothies altogether or is it still better to consume smoothies with conventional produce than none at all?

2: Like a previous writer, I also don't necessarily feel a "kick" and I feel very, very tired... can I assume that these are still detoxification symptoms in the third week? I have consumed a lot of sweets before and throughout my life ;o))

Thank you for your answer!
Hello Andrea,

It's great that you enjoy the green smoothies so much. Regarding your questions:

1) If you can't always get organic ingredients, try removing the peels from the fruits, and if that's not possible, wash them with a teaspoon of baking soda - it neutralizes some of the pesticides. This way, you can also prepare leafy greens that cannot be peeled. Additionally, how about wild herbs in your area? Don't you have the opportunity to collect nettles, dandelions, sorrel, etc.? There are probably also wild herb tours available nearby where you can learn to identify edible medicinal plants.

2) Diagnosing your condition from afar is not so easy. It could be that your body is initially overwhelmed by the high concentration of nutrients and is also busy detoxifying. You could test this, for example, by reducing the daily amount of green smoothie. Perhaps your body also needs time to gradually adjust to this nutrient- and fiber-rich meal. This is especially recommended if you haven't consumed much raw food before. Start with 200 ml daily for 1 week, then increase to 500 ml until you reach the desired and well-tolerated smoothie amount. However, your fatigue could also be a result of a significant reduction in carbohydrates - especially if you are a very active person who engages in a lot of sports. Perhaps you suddenly changed your diet too drastically. The beauty of green smoothies is that, in the first step, you don't need to change anything except incorporating them into your daily diet. Usually, you naturally start changing your eating habits because, for example, after consuming green smoothies, you don't feel the need for sweets or other types of junk food for a few hours.

Best regards from Berlin,
Dear Carla,
Regarding 1.) Thank you very much for the great tip with the sodium carbonate. I will definitely give it a try. I have been gathering herbs already, even in my own garden. It is a bit difficult, especially in the countryside, to find untouched meadows, and I still don't dare to rely entirely on wild herbs. But you are right, that would already solve a part of my problems ;o))

Regarding 2.) Not too much exercise, but I can imagine that this complete change will contribute to it. In any case, I will stick with the smoothies, even if many of my friends turn up their noses ;o))

Greetings to Berlin!
Is there a poster available for the kitchen? If not, I'll make one; I'll take one.
Katharina Göbel
Dear Johnny, posters are definitely part of our plan. As soon as we have a bit of breathing room, we will take care of their implementation. Best regards, Katharina.

I wonder if it's possible to drink too many green smoothies. Victoria Boutenko even offers retreats where people drink only green smoothies for a whole week and nothing else. Opinions seem to be divided on this. What are your thoughts?

Best regards,
Katharina Göbel
Dear Katie, there are always different opinions on all topics. Regarding your question, I would say that there is no "too much" of green smoothies. Since the green smoothie consists solely of healthy, natural ingredients, there can be no overdose. If you have consumed a lot of green smoothie, you will probably have less hunger during the next meal, which can also be desirable.
However, if you are new to the world of green smoothies, it is advisable to start with a slightly smaller amount (200 - 300ml per day) to avoid overwhelming your stomach and intestines with such a sudden influx of fiber. If you tolerate everything well, then you can increase the amount at your desired and tolerated pace. Best wishes, Katharina.

Which smoothies should one drink in the evening?

They should be more calming for a good night's sleep.

Best regards,
Katharina Göbel
Dear Kim, I must confess, I am a morning smoothie drinker and personally have not had much experience with calming evening smoothies. Ingredients like fennel and sage are certainly recommended for a soothing bedtime drink. Maybe you can check out our recipe database for smoothies with the corresponding ingredients at our recipe database.

Attached is a recipe for the evening that I have tried before:
1 yellow grapefruit ("Sweety")
1 sweet apple
4 large kohlrabi leaves
4 sage leaves (sage tea leaves, briefly soaked in warm water)
250 ml water
yields approximately 0.5 liters of green smoothie

Best regards, Katharina.
Hello dear ones!
First of all...
What a fantastic website! Absolutely amazing!
I'm a total beginner and I'm wondering...
Does flaxseed oil belong in a green smoothie?
You can read about it everywhere... Some say yes, others say no.
So, what is the correct answer?
Thank you very much in advance & warm regards!
Katharina Göbel
Dear Natalie, thank you very much, that makes us very happy. Regarding your question about flaxseed oil: The issue of oil is something that often arises in the context of green smoothies. For a long time, it was believed that in order to effectively absorb vitamins, fat needed to be consumed alongside them. Nowadays, the prevailing opinion is that it is important to have fat present in the blood and cellular environment in general, so that fat-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin A and beta-carotene can function properly. However, this fat remains there even if you haven't consumed anything fatty for a few days, as fat circulates in the digestive system for a while. Therefore, it is perfectly fine to forgo adding additional fat to green smoothies. As advocates of the "no extra oil" approach, we only offer recommendations. Ultimately, whether to include oil or not is a personal choice, based on individual preferences. I hope this information has been helpful to you. Best regards, Katharina.

Probably the silliest question of all time, but I'll ask it anyway:

Do red lettuces like red romaine or lollo rosso also count as "green" leafy vegetables in terms of smoothies?

Thank you and best regards,

Katharina Göbel
Dear Andrea, that is absolutely not a silly question. Even the leaves of red lettuces contain the green chlorophyll, it's just not as obvious because the red-leafed plants produce so many red pigments that the green color simply gets overshadowed. Best regards, Katharina.