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Greenstar 5

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Greenstar 5 white
Greenstar 5 white Greenstar 5 white Greenstar 5 white Greenstar 5 white Greenstar 5 white Greenstar 5 white Greenstar 5 white Greenstar 5 white Greenstar 5 grey Greenstar 5 grey Greenstar 5 grey Greenstar 5 grey Greenstar 5 grey Greenstar 5 grey Greenstar 5 grey Greenstar 5 grey Greenstar 5 grey Greenstar 5 grey Greenstar 5 white Greenstar 5 twin gear housing old and new Greenstar 5 twin gear with magnetic and bioceramic technology

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Greenstar 5

  • Bester Greenstar Slow Juicer
  • Specialist for green juices
  • Unique taste experience
  • 12 (!) year guarantee on the motor
  • Twin gears made from 100 percent stainless steel

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The 5th generation of the legendary Greenstar series from Tribest

The Tribest Greenstar 5 is the improved successor to the Greenstar Pro. It retains the efficient twin-gear technology, but features a modern design and small but significant improvements. As a result, the GS 5 has become even more robust, durable, and convenient. For example, we like the integrated juice pitcher platform with a drip tray, which keeps the work surface clean while juicing. With its user-friendly design, the Greenstar 5 is the perfect choice for health-conscious individuals who are looking for proven cutting-edge technology in a contemporary look.

Greenstar 5 product highlights:

  • Twin gears made of 100 percent stainless steel: The twin gear augers on the Greenstar 5 are made entirely of stainless steel. This makes the GS 5 particularly high-quality and robust against wear.
  • Specialist for green juices: With its twin gear augers, the Greenstar 5 extracts maximum juice and flavor from leafy greens, celery, herbs or grasses. Perfect for making green juices!
  • Maximum taste experience: The Greenstar 5 not only presses the ingredients efficiently, but the magete and bioceramics integrated in the twin gears also ensure maximum taste and aroma in the glass.
  • Multifunctional: Thanks to the generous standard scope of delivery, the Greenstar 5 is multifunctional. Two screens (fine & coarse) are available for the production of clear and thick juices. Two further inserts for pureeing, chopping and homogenizing - e. G. for making baby food, fruit sorbets or for making dough and grinding nuts.
  • Covered: 12-year guarantee on the motor, 5-year guarantee on all other parts (for purely private use!)


About the manufacturer Tribest

The US company Tribest has been developing horizontal juicers with the twin gear technology for over 30 years and is one of the leading suppliers of premium juicers.
With the latest generation - the Greenstar GS 5 - Tribest has launched a particularly stylish and high-quality specialist for the production of green juices. For us, it is the most interesting and significantly cheaper alternative to the Angel Juicer models.

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What can I juice with the Greenstar 5?

All types of freshly squeezed juices can be produced with the Greenstar 5:

  • Green juices from leafy greens or herbs
  • Juices made from grasses such as wheat grass juice or barley grass juice
  • Wild herb juices
  • Freshly squeezed celery juice
  • Fruit and/or vegetable juices such as apple juice, beetroot juice or carrot juice
  • Freshly squeezed sauerkraut juice
  • Ginger and turmeric shots

Thanks to its technology with twin gear augers, the Greenstar GS 5 is an excellent specialist for producing green juices and juices from hard ingredients such as roots, crisp, fresh apples or spice tubers such as ginger and turmeric. To squeeze soft ingredients such as ripe pears, pineapple or mealy apples as well as juicy ingredients such as cucumbers, tomatoes or grapes, we recommend combining them with hard ingredients such as carrots and grasses or herbs such as parsley. They have a congestion-dissolving effect - like a kind of "cleaner". Or you can use the coarse sieve, which is also included as standard, to slightly reduce the pressing pressure and produce thicker juices.

What is the quality of the juice?

The Greenstar 5 presses the juice ingredients - whether leafy greens, grasses, vegetables or fruit - extremely efficiently and gently at 110 revolutions per minute with its double press rollers. The result is clear, particle-free juices with a particularly full-bodied, round juice aroma - comparable to freshly squeezed juices from the Angel Juicer.

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What other preparation options are there?

The Greenstar 5 can not only be used to prepare freshly pressed juices. Thanks to the additional screen inserts supplied, it can also be used for pureeing, homogenizing and chopping in the kitchen:

  • With the open homogenizing blank: For grinding nuts and seeds and for making baby food, hummus and vegetarian creams or spreads
  • With the closed homogenizing blank: For making homogeneous, smooth masses such as dough, nut porridge and fruit sorbets.

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Operation & handling of the Greenstar 5

With a little routine, the Greenstar 5 is easy to assemble. A total of eight parts need to be assembled and the drip tray and juice jug positioned below the juice outlet. As no pulp collection container is included in the scope of delivery, a separate container must be placed underneath the pulp outlet.

Adjusting the juicing knob

Before you can start juicing, the juicing knob must be adjusted. As it regulates the pressure with which the juice ingredients are squeezed out, it is tightened fully or only halfway depending on the nature of the fruit and vegetables. Hard ingredients such as carrots, crisp, fresh apples or celeriac are juiced with the juicing knob fully tightened. Grasses such as wheat or barley grass, leafy greens, celery and softer fruit and vegetables such as pineapple and zucchinis are juiced with the juicing knob half-tightened.

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Juicing with the GS 5

Before starting the Greenstar 5, wash all juice ingredients thoroughly and cut into small pieces to fit through the feed hopper. Once the Greenstar 5 is connected to the power supply, you can start juicing. The GS 5 can be operated using the central switch on the motor block. This is where the appliance is started, stopped and, if necessary, reversed to clear a jam of ingredients. Now place the juice ingredients in the feed hopper and, if necessary, press them towards the press rollers with one of the tampers. It is important that the feed hopper is not overloaded. The Greenstar 5 juices best and fastest when the juice ingredients are pressed out one after the other.

Incidentally, it is completely normal for a few drops of juice to come out of the pulp outlet at the beginning of the juicing process, but this disappears immediately. The juicing process is finished as soon as no more juice comes out of the juice outlet and no more plup comes out of the pulp opening.

Tip 1: Use the wooden tamper
In addition to the plastic tamper, the standard scope of delivery includes a much narrower wooden tamper. You should use this if juice ingredients remain on the twin auger and simply rotate with them. You can push them a little further with the wooden tamper than with the plastic tamper, so that the juice ingredients are caught by the augers and pressed out further.

Tip 2: Glass jug strainer for foam-free juices
Foam forms during the juicing process. If you want to enjoy juices that are as foam-free as possible, place the supplied juice jug strainer on the juice jug. This allows you to filter out most of the foam.

Tip 3: Let the Greenstar 5 run a little longer:
It is best to leave the Greenstar5 running a little longer after juicing the last ingredients, as a few drops of juice will always follow, even if no more pomace comes out. This prevents dripping.

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If juice or foam collects in the feed funnel

With softer juice ingredients such as floury apples, grapes, zucchinis and cucumbers, juice or foam may collect in the feed hopper. In the case of mixed juices, the accumulation of juice can be solved very quickly by juicing hard and soft ingredients alternately. We have also found that herbs and long leafy greens can dissolve the jam very well because a Greenstar pulls long leafy greens through the press rollers as if by itself. Otherwise, the reverse function is available for breaking up ingredient jams. Simply press and hold the central switch to II and let the Greenstar Pro run backwards until the jam clears. Then return to the start position and continue the juicing process.

To the complete Greenstar 5 operating instructions "

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Cleaning the Greenstar 5

We recommend always cleaning the GS 5 immediately after use. This way you can prevent pulp residues from drying out and requiring a lot of effort to clean. To do this, switch off the juicer and dismantle the Greenstar 5. First, roughly remove the pulp residue from the screen, the screen housing, the juicing knob and the twin gear auger with your hands directly into the organic waste. This will prevent the majority of the pulp from going down the sink. Now you can rinse the individual juicer parts with lukewarm water and a little washing-up liquid if necessary. Use the corresponding cleaning brush and scraper set for the screen and the twin-auger. We also recommend using our practical cleaning brush, which allows you to get through all openings perfectly and remove residues quickly and easily. Then dry all parts and reassemble the Greenstar 5 or leave all juicer parts to dry on a kitchen towel. Simply remove any dirt from the motor block with a damp cloth. Never immerse the motor block completely in water!

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Recommended accessories for the Greenstar 5

Cleaning brush

We recommend our practical cleaning brush for the larger parts such as the cover, the feed funnel and the juice outlet housing with its coils. These juicer parts can be cleaned gently and easily. And of course you can also use it to clean the inside of your juice bottles. A must-have for us!

Cleaning Brush for Containers, Juicers & Bottles
Cleaning Brush for Containers, Juicers & Bottles
7.90 €

Pulp collection container

If you don't have a suitable container for the pulp at home, we recommend the high-quality Sana Stainless Steel Pulp Jar with handle. It fits perfectly with the Greenstar glass juice jug.

Sana Stainless Steel Pulp Jar for Sana 707
Sana Stainless Steel Pulp Jar for Sana 707
29.00 €

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Technical specification for the Greenstar 5

  • Model: Greenstar 5
  • Juicing method: horizontal - twin press rollers, also called Twin Gear
  • Dimensions (height x depth x width): 34.5 cm x 18 cm x 52 cm
  • Weight: 8.2 kg
  • Power: 200 watts; 110 revolutions per minute
  • Voltage: 230 Volt, 50 Hz
  • Material: Twin gear set made of stainless steel filled with "bio-ceramic" and magnets; juice container made of glass; remaining parts made of BPA-free plastic

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Greenstar 5 Scope of delivery:

  • Motor block with power cable
  • Protective cover incl. feed hopper
  • Safetiy tray lid
  • Stainless steel twin gear set
  • Twin gear housing
  • Juicing screen (fine)
  • Juicing screen (coarse)
  • Open homogenizing blank
  • Closed homogenizing blank
  • Outlet housing
  • Jucing knob (standard)
  • Breadstick knob (dough)
  • Tamper (plastic)
  • Tamper (wood)
  • Juice can
  • Cleaning brush
  • Scraper set with brush for cleaning the screens
  • Drip tray insert
  • Instruction Manual

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Guarantee Greenstar 5

For purely private use:

  • Engine & transmission: 12 years
  • All other parts: 5 years

For commercial use:

  • Engine & gearbox: 6 months
  • All other parts: 6 months

Complete warranty conditions "

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