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Kuvings AUTO10

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Kuvings AUTO10 black front
Kuvings AUTO10 red front Kuvings AUTO10 red front Kuvings AUTO10 red front Kuvings AUTO10 red front Kuvings AUTO10 white front Kuvings AUTO10 white front Kuvings AUTO10 white front Kuvings AUTO10 white front Kuvings AUTO10 silver front Kuvings AUTO10 silver front Kuvings AUTO10 silver front Kuvings AUTO10 silver front Kuvings AUTO10 black front Kuvings AUTO10 black front Kuvings AUTO10 black front Kuvings AUTO10 black front Kuvings AUTO10 black front Kuvings AUTO10 freshly pressed juice Kuvings AUTO10 juicing whole apples

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Kuvings AUTO10

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Best vertical juicer!

We have never juiced as conveniently as with the Kuvings AUTO10! All you have to do for a freshly squeezed, nutrient-rich juice is fill its hopper. With a 3-liter volume, it is significantly larger than any other slow juicer on the market. Not only can it hold whole apples and oranges, but so much that you can easily juice 1-2 glasses without the hassle of refilling and adding. This is "self-feeding at its best"!

Also versatile: As a vertical juicer, the Kuvings AUTO10 can be used very well for making fruit juices from soft and water-rich ingredients. At the same time, it can also handle fibrous ingredients such as leafy greens or celery and you can enjoy the full range of freshly squeezed juices!

Kuvings AUTO10 product highlights:

  • Maximum automation: Due to the currently largest hopper - 3 liters volume and space for approx. 1.2 kg juice ingredients - the Kuvings AUTO10 juices without your intervention. Simply fill it completely with ingredients, switch it on, walk away and enjoy freshly squeezed juice after a few minutes.
  • Saves time in the morning: Fill the hopper with ingredients the evening before and store in the fridge. In the morning, place the filled hopper on the AUTO10, switch it on and let it juice while you brush your teeth.
  • All-rounder: As a vertical juicer, the Kuvings AUTO10 is particularly versatile. It can juice soft and water-rich fruit and vegetables such as apples, tomatoes, cucumbers or pineapple, but also copes very well with fibrous foods such as celery or leafy greens.
  • Compact dimensions: Despite its large hopper, the Kuvings AUTO10 has the compact dimensions of a vertical juicer and takes up no more space than other self-feeding juicers.
  • Secured & sustainable: 10-year warranty on the motor(Full terms and conditions "). High availability of spare parts even outside the warranty period.


About the manufacturer Kuvings

Kuvings is one of the largest slow juicer manufacturers in the world. In Germany, the South Korean company has made a name for itself primarily with wide-mouth juicers. The feed chute of these appliances is so wide that whole apples and oranges can be juiced without having to be cut into small pieces. With the Kuvings AUTO10, Kuvings has embraced self-feeding technology and developed a first-class slow juicer that makes juicing even easier and more convenient.

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What can I juice with the AUTO10?

Whether its green juices such as celery juice, vegetable juices like beetroot or carrot juice, or ginger shots - you can make all fruit and vegetable juices with the AUTO10. It is ideal for making fruit juices from soft apples and overripe pears, but is also capable of producing very green juices with a high proportion of leafy greens.

What is the quality of the juice?

The Kuvings AUTO10 squeezes the ingredients at just 50 rpm as gently as possible. The juices are not only characterized by a clear, fibre-free consistency without chunks, the juice taste is full-bodied and smooth.

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How suitable is the Kuvings AUTO10 for making celery juice?

The Kuvings AUTO10 is the easiest way to make freshly squeezed celery juice. Especially if you want to juice a lot of celery juice - from 500 ml. The AUTO10 easily produces this amount in one juicing cycle, where you don't have to do anything apart from filling the filling chamber and pressing the start button.

Preparation recommendation: The best and quickest way to make celery juice is to cut the celery stalks to a length of 2-3 cm before juicing. This way you can fill the hopper to the maximum and there is no need to refill it.

You will be rewarded with a clear, particle-free celery juice that is full-bodied and aromatic. In our celery juice juicer test, the Kuvings AUTO10 extracted an average of 350 ml of juice from the green stalks, putting it well behind the test winner, the Angel Juicer. This is not surprising, as the Angel Juicer is generally unbeaten in terms of juice yield when it comes to green juices.

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How can I make nut milk in the Kuvings AUTO10?

The Kuvings AUTO10 can also be used to make nut milk. It is important that the nuts are soaked in water overnight before they are processed. Before juicing, pour off the soaking water and add fresh water in a ratio of 1:3. Before the nut/water mixture can be poured into the juicer, the juice outlet flap must be closed. Now start the Kuvings AUTO10 and gradually pour in the nut-water mixture using a ladle. When the juice drum is filled with milk, open the juice outlet flap and remove the milk. Finally, you can filter the nut milk again using a nut milk bag to obtain a completely particle-free result.

Nut Milk Bag
Nut Milk Bag - made out of Hemp

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Operation & handling of the Kuvings AUTO10

The Kuvings AUTO10 is very easy to assemble. All you have to do is make sure that the markings on the hopper and juice drum are aligned. When the hopper is locked onto the juice drum, the AUTO10 is ready to go.

Juicing with the Kuvings AUTO10

As the Kuvings AUTO10 has a very generous hopper, you can usually fill it with all the ingredients for your juice recipe and produce 500 ml to around 1 liter of juice in one juicing cycle, depending on the ingredients selected. This means there is no need to refill the ingredients and you can concentrate on other things while juicing.

Important note: When you have completely filled the hopper with ingredients, leave the juice outlet flap open so that the juice can escape from the start, as the juice drum cannot hold more than 500 ml of juice.

Preparation recommendation: Even if you can juice apples, pears and oranges whole, we recommend that you cut these ingredients into quarters. This will allow you to fill the hopper more completely and speed up the juicing process. The same applies to celery stalks, carrots or cucumbers, which we cut into 2-3 cm long pieces before juicing.

If you have only filled the hopper halfway and want to make a mixed juice, e. G. from fruit, leafy greens and vegetables, close the juice outlet flap. This ensures that your juice is evenly mixed during the juicing process.

To start the Kuvings AUTO10, the central function switch on the motor block is set to FWD, i. e. "FORWARD". As a rule, the ingredients are pulled into the juice drum by themselves. If something gets stuck, simply use the tamper provided and push the juice ingredients towards the pressing screw.

When all the ingredients have been juiced and no more new pulp is coming out of the pulp outlet or the juice drum is already filled to the maximum with juice, open the juice outlet flap and remove the juice. To get the last drops out of the appliance, simply hold the juicer by the handle and tilt it slightly towards the juice outlet.

If the juice drum is clogged, press the REV button

It can happen that juice ingredients jam or get stuck in the housing. This blockage can be easily cleared using reverse gear. To do this, set the central function switch on the motor block to REV for a few seconds by holding it down. As soon as the ingredient blockage has been cleared, simply set it back to FWD and continue juicing.

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Cleaning the Kuving AUTO10

The Kuvings AUTO10 is easiest to clean directly after use. This prevents juice and pulp residue from drying in the housing. In the first cleaning step, simply close the juice outlet flap, pour in half a liter of water and let the motor run for a few seconds. Open the juice outlet flap, allow the water to drain and remove the juice housing from the motor and place it in the sink.

Now dismantle the juice housing and clean all parts under running water using the cleaning brush supplied. To clean the screen, however, we also recommend purchasing the Sana sieve cleaning brush (see recommended accessories).

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Recommended accessories

Kuvings Coarse Screen and Blank Insert for Kuvings AUTO10

A useful extension for the Kuvings AUTO10 is this set of two inserts: With the blank insert, you can make creams or fruit purees from raw or cooked fruit. In addition, you can make sorbets from frozen fruit with this blank insert. The second insert is a coarse screen, which Kuvings misleadingly refers to as a smoothie insert. With this coarse screen you can make thicker juices with pulp and more easily juice a larger amount of soft fruit such as mealy apples or pears.

Coarse Screen and Blank Insert for Kuvings AUTO10
Smoothie & Sorbet Strainer set for AUTO10

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Citrus press attachment for Kuvings AUTO10

The Kuvings AUTO10 can be easily expanded in its functions with the citrus press attachment. This makes it possible to quickly squeeze oranges, lemons, limes or grapefruit.

Kuvings Lemon Juicer for AUTO10
Kuvings Lemon Juicer for AUTO10

Flat cleaning brush from Sana

As described above, we recommend an additional cleaning brush for cleaning the screen, namely the one from Sana. It is nice and flat, has hard-wearing bristles and is very good at removing ingredient residues from the sieve pores.

Screen Cleaning Brush
Screen Cleaning Brush

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Technical specification for the Kuvings AUTO10

  • Model: Kuvings AUTO10
  • Juicing type: vertical - 1 press screw
  • Dimensions (height x width x depth): 48 cm x 25.6 cm x 21cm
  • Hopper volume: 3 liters
  • Juice drum capacity: 500 ml
  • Weight: 7.5 kg
  • Power: 200 watts - 50 rpm
  • Voltage: 220 - 240 Volt, 50 - 60 Hz
  • Material: BPA/BPS-free plastic

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Kuvings AUTO10 Scope of delivery:

  • Motor block with power cable
  • Hopper
  • Juice drum
  • Wiper blade frame incl. 2 silicone wiper blades
  • Pressing screw
  • Fine screen
  • Juice jug made of BPA-free plastic
  • Pulp jar made from BPA-free plastic
  • Tamper
  • Cleaning brush set
  • Instruction manual
  • Kuvings recipe book

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Kuvings Slow Juicer AUTO10 Authorized Dealer

Warranty of the Kuvings AUTO10

Kuvings Slow Juicer AUTO10 Authorized Dealer

For purely private use:

  • Engine: 10 years
  • All other parts: 2 years

Complete warranty conditions »

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Kuvings AUTO10 vs. Hurom H-320N/Hurom H-330P

Since the two Hurom juicers - Hurom H-320N and Hurom H-330P - are technically 100% identical, we will compare them together with the Kuvings AUTO10. All three juicers are vertical juicers with similar dimensions, appearance, and handling. They also have similar juice yields. In our celery juice juicer test, both Kuvings AUTO10 and the two Hurom devices achieved the same result, extracting an average of 350ml of celery juice from 500g of celery. However, we noticed significant differences in three aspects:

1. Hurom juicer with more generous standard accessories

In terms of standard equipment, the Hurom H-320N is slightly more generously equipped than the Kuvings AUTO10. It includes a fine screen as well as a coarse screen for making thicker juices. If you want to make thicker juices with the AUTO10, you will need the cream and smoothie set as an accessory, which needs to be purchased separately. The Hurom H-332P even has an additional ice cream strainer for making fruit sorbets.

Coarse Screen and Blank Insert for Kuvings AUTO10
Smoothie & Sorbet Strainer set for AUTO10

2. Larger feed chute in the Kuvings AUTO10

The AUTO10 has a significantly larger hopper with a capacity of 3 liters. In comparison, the Hurom H-320N and Hurom H-330P have a hopper capacity of only 2 liters. This means that if you want to make a large amount of juice, the AUTO10 allows for more convenient juicing as a single and complete filling of the hopper already yields more than approximately 1 liter of freshly pressed juice. If you want to make less than 500ml of juice per juicing session, the Hurom H-320N or Hurom H-330P are also very convenient slow juicers.

3. Clearer juice result with the Kuvings AUTO10

Furthermore, in a direct comparison of the vertical juicers, we found that the juice quality from the Kuvings AUTO10 is clearer than from the Hurom H-320N or Hurom H-330P. The latter two juicers produce juice with a fine, pulpy residue. If you enjoy this texture and do not need to juice more than 350-400ml per juicing session, the Hurom H-320N or Hurom H-330P can be an interesting alternative to the Kuvings AUTO10.

Hurom H-320N in Black Sale
Hurom H-320N
"Best Hurom Juicer"

Regular Price: €599.00

Special Price €539.10

Hurom H-330P cream
Hurom H-330P
"Best Hurom Juicer"

Regular Price: €629.00

Special Price €562.34

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Kuvings AUTO10 vs. Kuvings REVO830

The South Korean manufacturer Kuvings has introduced two excellent vertical juicers to the market with the Kuvings AUTO10 and the Kuvings REVO830. Both juicers operate at 40-50 rotations per minute to extract the juice ingredients as nutrient-rich as possible. Although the two devices differ visually in their top parts, their dimensions are almost identical. Kuvings has also made no differences in the basic equipment - both juicers come with a fine screen. For those who want to make thicker juices, the corresponding cream and smoothie set needs to be purchased separately. That covers the similarities between both juicers - now let's move on to the key differences:

1. The Kuvings AUTO10 is also suitable for very green juices

According to the vertical juicing principle, both juicers are very suitable for making fruit juices. When preparing greener juices with a high content of fibrous leafy greens, we found the Kuvings AUTO10 to be slightly better suited than the Kuvings REVO830. The pulp outlet and the screen were less prone to clogging. This makes the Kuvings AUTO10 the first all-rounder among the vertical juicers.

2. More convenience with the Kuvings AUTO10

While the REVO830 is a wide-mouth juicer with two feeding openings - one for elongated ingredients like carrots and celery, and the other for whole apples or oranges or finely chopped juice ingredients - the AUTO10 has the largest hopper in the vertical juicer market. This allows the Kuvings AUTO10 to be operated almost like a small juice automat: simply cut all the ingredients into small pieces so that the hopper can be maximally filled. Then, start the AUTO10, and after a few minutes, the freshly pressed juice is ready automatically without any further effort. In contrast, with the Kuvings REVO830, the juice ingredients need to be added gradually to the feeding chamber - juicing is therefore slightly less convenient than with the Kuvings AUTO10.

3. Higher celery juice yield with the Kuvings REVO830

In terms of juice yield, in our celery juice juicer test, we found that the Kuvings AUTO10 performed slightly worse, extracting an average of 350 ml of celery juice from 500 g of celery, compared to the Kuvings REVO830. The REVO830, on the other hand, extracted 402 ml of juice from the same amount of celery, achieving the highest juice yield among the vertical juicers.

Kuvings REVO830 black
Kuvings REVO830
"Kuving's Best"

Regular Price: €649.00

Special Price €549.00

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[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 6/20/2024 by Joana
It's running.
Hello. Delivery to Switzerland in 4 days. The machine works perfectly, very good quality. I recommend both the Green Smoothies service and the Kuvings machine. Thank you very much.
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 2/27/2024 by Joost
I am totally happy with my AUTO10
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added: 12/13/2023 by Guest
I love my machine. It also fits under the counter.
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 11/16/2023 by Barbara
Easy peasy Juice!
I am totally happy with the Kuvings Auto. As I really make a lot of juice, the large filling chamber really makes my work easier. And I think it's super easy to clean.

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