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Hurom H-320N

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Hurom H-320N

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Hurom's best!

Hurom has introduced its best and most convenient juicer to the market with the Hurom H-320N. Simply place all ingredients in the spacious hopper and let the Hurom H-320N do the work on its own, as it "feeds" itself, so to speak.

Whether you want to make the popular celery juice, fruit juice or vegetable juice - the Hurom H-320N gets the job done! The special ability: The Hurom H-320N even juices soft fruits like pineapple, berries or citrus fruits effortlessly without any manual assistance!

Hurom H-320N Green

Hurom H-320N product highlights:

  • Convenient self-feeding: Its spacious hopper and perfectly tailored self-feeding function allow the Hurom H-320N to juice almost by itself.
  • Specialist for fruit juices: Finally, a slow juicer that can also juice soft (vegetable) fruits such as pineapple, berries or cucumbers stress-free without clogging. We've been waiting for this for a long time.
  • Space-saving: The vertical stylish design of the Hurom H-320N requires only very little space in the kitchen.


About the manufacturer Hurom

Hurom is one of the leading manufacturers of slow juicers. The South Korean company has been on the market with high-quality juicers that inspire people to drink nutrient-rich freshly squeezed juices since the 1970s. Compact vertical juicers are Huroms specialty, which is why other well-known juicer brands, such as Omega, Sana or Nama, also have their juicers manufactured by Hurom in South Korea.

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Hurom H-320N White

How good is the quality of the juice?

Whether its green juices such as celery juice, vegetable juices like beetroot or carrot juice, or ginger shots - the Hurom H-320N produces almost particle-free, clear juices. The consistency of pure fruit juices from apples and pears or other soft fruit is a slightly creamy, thick juice. At around 50 revolutions per minute, the Hurom H-320N squeezes out the juice without generating heat, while keeping the oxygen exposure at a minimum. This ensures the maximum nutrient content and a full-bodied taste.

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How suitable is the Hurom H-320N for producing celery juice?

The Hurom H-320N is perfect for preparing freshly squeezed celery juice. As with all other juice preparations, the self-feeding function simplifies the preparation of juices. We simply cut the celery stalks into 2-3 cm long pieces and filled them into the juice drum - the capacity is about 500 g.

The capacity was the perfect amount for our celery juice juicer test, where we compare the juice yield of different slow juicers. The Hurom H-320N extracted an average of 350 ml of celery juice. Only extracting 80 ml less than the Angel Juicer. The juice consistency was almost particle-free. No more than 1 teaspoon of fiber landed in the glass with 350 ml of juice!

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What other preparation possibilities are there?

The Hurom H-320N can not only prepare juices, it is also wonderfully suited for preparing nut milks. The key, as with all juicers, is to soak the nuts in water overnight. The nuts are drained before juicing and then added to the hopper in a 1:3 ratio with fresh water. Attention: Close the juice outlet flap before pouring the nut-water mixture into the hopper. It is best to use a nut milk bag after juicing the nuts in order to achieve a fiber-free result.

Nut Milk Bag
Nut Milk Bag - made out of Hemp

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Big hopper of the Hurom H-320N

Operation & handling of the Hurom H-320N

The assembly of the Hurom H-320N is almost intuitive. First you assemble all the parts inside the juice chamber - sieve, scraper and auger. Then you attach the hopper to the top of the juice chamber with a clockwise rotation. The complete juice housing is now mounted on the motor block, corresponding to the outlets for juice and pulp.

Juicing with the Hurom H-320N

To take full advantage of the large hopper of the Hurom H-320N and its self-feeding function, it is best to cut all ingredients - fruits, vegetables, fibrous juices - into 2-3 cm long pieces. Depending on the size of your ingredients (apples, pears, citrus fruits, ...) it may already be sufficient to only quarter or eighth them. Cutting the ingredients allows you to fill the hopper to the maximum.

Then close the lid and flip the central switch in the middle of the motor block upwards. The Hurom H-320N will now start juicing the ingredients without you having to do anything. After about 2-3 minutes, the Hurom H-320N is done juicing and you can open the juice outlet and enjoy your freshly squeezed juice.

If you want to juice more ingredients, you can either insert them through the opening in the lid during the juicing process or remove the lid completely, but this will automatically stop the juicing process. The Hurom H-320N continues juicing as soon as the lid is back in place.

Preparation Tip: If you like to drink juice in the morning, but hardly have time to juice, simply prepare the ingredients the night before. Cut the ingredients into small pieces, fill them into the hopper, and store the hopper in the refrigerator overnight. You can then let the Hurom H-320N do the work while you are brushing your teeth or taking a shower!

Hurom H-320N Top view

The fine screen:
The fine screen is used for juicing almost all types of fruits, vegetables and leafy greens. This includes fibrous ingredients such as celery, cabbage leaves or herbs; root vegetables such as carrots, beet or parsnips; or hard and water-rich (vegetable) fruits such as apples, pears, pineapples, tomatoes, cucumbers or berry fruits.

The coarse screen:
The coarse sieve is used when you want to prepare juices only consisting of very soft, creamy ingredients such as bananas, mangoes, overripe pears or avocados.

The reverse function

The Hurom H-320N is equipped with a reverse function. This function is activated when the juicing process stops due to overload or to much pulp in the juice drum. To activate the reverse function, simply press and hold the REV button on the central control switch. The reverse function is stopped by releasing the switch.

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Hurom H-320N - Juice Flap

Cleaning the Hurom H-320N

The easiest way to clean the Hurom H-320N is directly after use. Before you remove the complete juice housing from the motor block, close the juice outlet flap. This prevents any remaining juice drops from soiling the countertop or kitchen floor. Now separate the hopper from the juice drum, remove the individual parts of the slow juicer and clean them under running water. The supplied cleaning brush will help you clean the sieve, and all the other parts. Then place all parts on a kitchen towel or dry them manually. Reassemble all parts and place the complete juice housing on the motor block. Done!

Note: Be careful not to let the pulp clog the sink - just insert a drain strainer.

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Recommended accessories for the Hurom H-320N

Cleaning brush

Our practical cleaning brush helps you to clean all parts of the juicer. Even the sieve can be freed from larger ingredient residues. To remove smaller ingredient residues, use the cleaning brush, which already is included in the scope of delivery.

Cleaning Brush for Containers, Juicers & Bottles
Cleaning Brush for Containers, Juicers & Bottles

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Juice pineapple and citrus fruits with the Hurom H-320N

Technical specification of the Hurom H-320N

  • Model: Hurom H-320N
  • Juicing type: vertical
  • Dimensions (height x width x depth): 46.2 cm x 24.8 cm x 22.3 cm
  • Hopper: 4,6 cm x 3,4 cm
  • Juice drum capacity: 450 ml
  • Weight: 9,9 kg
  • Power: 200 watts; 50 revolutions per minute
  • Voltage: 230 - 240 volts
  • Material: BPA/BPS-free plastic
  • Fuse: 250V 5A

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Hurom H-320N Scope of delivery:

  • Motor block with power cord
  • Mega-hopper
  • Juice drum
  • 1x Auger
  • Scraper
  • Fine screen
  • Coarse screen
  • Juice container made of BPA-free plastic
  • Pulp collection container made of BPA-free plastic
  • Tamper
  • Small cleaning brush
  • Instruction manual in English/German
  • Hurom recipe book with 15 juice recipes

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Warranty of the Hurom H-320N

For purely private use:

  • Motor & gearbox: 10 years
  • All other parts: 2 years

Complete warranty conditions »

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Hurom H-320N vs. Hurom H-330P

The two Hurom Slow Juicers, H-320N and H-330P, not only look almost identical, but they are also technically 100% identical. This means that both are particularly suitable for making fruit juices, have a convenient self-feeding feature thanks to a large hopper, and offer time-saving juicing without much effort. The juice quality, yield, and handling are the same for both models.

If you look closely, you will only notice small visual differences in the switch design and the representation of the Hurom logo below the switch. Additionally, the Hurom H-320N and Hurom H-330P differ in terms of the standard accessories included. While the Hurom H-330P comes with an ice cream strainer for making fruit sorbets as a standard accessory, it is not included with the Hurom H-320N. One reason why the Hurom H-320N is cheaper than the Hurom H-330P.

Hurom Ice Cream Strainer
Ice cream strainer for Hurom H-320N

Another difference is that Hurom paid special attention to environmentally friendly packaging materials for the Hurom H-330P. The cardboard box is made from recycled paper, and the use of bubble wrap has been avoided.

Hurom H-330P cream
Hurom H-330P
"Best Hurom Juicer"

Regular Price: €629.00

Special Price €562.34

Hurom H-320N vs. Kuvings AUTO10

Hurom H-320N and Kuvings AUTO10 not only have a similar design and dimensions, but they are also very similar in terms of operation and juice yield. In our celery juice juicer test, they even achieved the same result, extracting an average of 350 ml of celery juice from 500 g of celery stalks.

Clearer juice result with the Kuvings AUTO10

However, we noticed that the juice from the Kuvings AUTO10 was slightly clearer than from the Hurom H-320N. The juice from the latter had a fine, pulpy residue. If you prefer that texture and do not need to extract more than 350-400 ml of juice per batch, the Hurom H-320N is the suitable juicer for you.

Larger hopper in the Kuvings AUTO10

Both juicers are among the most convenient vertical juicers on the market. With their generous hopper, they eliminate the need for constant reloading of juice ingredients and practically juice on their own. While the Hurom H-320N offers a 2-liter capacity for ingredient filling, the hopper of the Kuvings AUTO10 can hold up to 3 liters. This means that the Kuvings AUTO10 can produce significantly more juice with just one full filling compared to the Hurom H-320N. So, if you want to make a large amount of juice, consider the Kuvings AUTO10.

Kuvings AUTO10 black front
Kuvings AUTO10
"Best vertical juicer"

Regular Price: €699.00

Special Price €594.15

The Hurom H-320N is more affordable and comes with an additional coarse strainer

The Hurom H-320N is not only more affordable than the Kuvings AUTO10 but also comes with slightly more generous features. In addition to a fine strainer, it also includes a coarse strainer for making thicker juices. The standard equipment of the Kuvings AUTO10 only includes a fine strainer for making clear juices.

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Questions & Answers about the Product

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Total 5 question(s)

Can I also juice carrots and ginger?

Question submitted by Sandra on February 17, 2024 at 07:46 o'clock

Hello Sandra,
Thank you very much for your message.
With this device, you can also juice carrots and ginger.
To fully take advantage of the benefits of the large feeding chamber and the self-feeding function of the Hurom H-320N, it is best to cut all ingredients - fruits, vegetables, fibrous produce - into pieces about 2-3 cm long or quartered or diced - depending on the size of the ingredients - such as apples, pears, citrus fruits, etc. This way, you can fill the feeding chamber with ingredients to the maximum.
Best regards,
Your Grü Team

Beanwortet am 17.02.2024 um 11:33 Uhr

Can I also make sorbet with it ?

Question submitted by Aboura on August 26, 2023 at 22:22 o'clock

Hello Aboura,

The Hurom H320N is supplied with fine sieve and coarse sieve. In the scope of delivery no sorbet sieve (puree sieve) with it, so unfortunately you can not make sorbet.

Best regards,
Your - team

Beanwortet am 28.08.2023 um 15:38 Uhr

Hello, I was wandering if it is possible to make ice cream with this juicer?

Question submitted by Srebra on October 6, 2023 at 21:22 o'clock

Hello Srebra,

Thank you for your question.

The Hurom H-320N is purely a juicer only, you cannot make icecream with it. If you also want to make icecream, check whether the equipment includes a puree sieve (e.g. as with all Sana Juicers) or whether you can order a puree sieve as with many Kuvings Juicers.

Best regards,
Your Grü Team

Beanwortet am 12.06.2023 um 09:58 Uhr

Hello Team!
Does the unit turn off by itself when I fill everything early in the morning u switch on u it "runs empty" because filler empty? Does the unit mind if it runs without "filling"? LG

Question submitted by Jutta Müller on April 16, 2023 at 18:27 o'clock

Hello Jutta,
thank you very much for your message.
The juicer does not stop on its own when the feed chamber runs empty. In general, juicers should not be left running for too long without ingredients.
So, depending on the filling of the feed chamber, you would have to check after 2-3 minutes how far the juicing process has progressed :-).
Best regards,
Your Grü team

Beanwortet am 17.04.2023 um 08:22 Uhr

Can lettuce leaves be juiced?

Question submitted by Silke on March 29, 2023 at 22:45 o'clock

Hello Silke,
thank you for your message.
Yes, you can juice leafy vegetables with the device.
Best regards,
Your team

Beanwortet am 29.03.2023 um 15:38 Uhr

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[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 1/15/2024 by Christiane
Great slow juicer
I've only had the Huron N 320 for two weeks now and we love it! Now we always have a celery juice in the morning and a great juice from various fruits and vegetables throughout the day. The juicer does everything by itself and a really decent amount of fruit/vegetables fit into the filling container. The yield is enormous and free of residues. The cleaning is also quick and uncomplicated. Absolutely recommended to buy!
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 9/22/2023 by Lisa M.
Everything top, super device, fast delivery.
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 9/21/2023 by Mechthild
Why not earlier
The slow juicer is simply ingenious, super juice yield, delicious and healthy juices
Easy and quick to clean
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 8/3/2023 by Andrea
We have been juicing with a Champion juicer for 15 years now, on a daily basis. Recently, we made the decision to purchase a Hurom H-320N slow juicer for the first time. We do not regret this decision. It provides significantly higher juice yield and effortless juicing. It's an excellent juicer that prepares super juices in a gentle manner. The cleaning process is a bit more time-consuming compared to the Champion, but we gladly accept it. We highly recommend the Hurom H-320N.
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 8/1/2023 by Rada
Perfect for celery juice!
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 7/21/2023 by Stella M.
No comment
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 7/11/2023 by Sophia
I love my new appliance and especially the smoothie maker as an add on...
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 6/20/2023 by Henrike B.
Rating without text
[4 of 5 Stars]
added: 5/16/2023 by Helene
Rating without text
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 4/26/2023 by Laura
Thank you
Very good for making celery juice and other shots. Quiet in use, easy to clean. Makes valuable impression. Fast delivery and top bonus gift (small Hurom blender)
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 3/6/2023 by Beate
We like!
Uncomplicated juicing with large container for the vegetables and fruits, good yield, very easy to clean.
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 12/23/2022 by Josef
All around satisfied
The Hurom H-320N is a super great juicer. I had long thought about which juicer I would like to buy, compared and ended up with this one. From my point of view, the large juice chamber is the biggest advantage of this device, because the processing of food is very simple and goes amazingly fast.

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