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Bianco di Puro Attivo

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Bianco di Puro Attivo Grau Metallic
Bianco Attivo in Grey Metallic Bianco Attivo in Mint Bianco di Puro Attivo Red Bianco di Puro Attivo White Bianco di Puro Attivo Grau Metallic Bianco di Puro Attivo with Bianco Tamper TXS Bianco di Puro Attivo with Sport 2 go container Bianco di Puro 250 ml Container for Attivo Bianco di Puro 400 ml Container for Attivo Bianco di Puro Travel Bag for Attivo Bianco di Puro Travel Bag for Attivo packed

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Bianco di Puro Attivo

  • With a total of 4 containers (1l + 600, 400 and 250 ml)
  • Transport bag included
  • Smallest Bianco blender
  • Smallest preparation quantities
  • 3 time programs

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Bianco Attivo in grey metallic

Compact to-go blender from Bianco

If you have little space in the kitchen, preparation quantities between 150 and 1000 ml are sufficient for you and you also like to blend shakes-to-go, then the Bianco Attivo fits you perfectly.

Liquid preparations such as smoothies or soups are possible from 150 ml, thicker consistencies such as hummus or pesto from 250 ml. In addition, you can not only blend your shakes with the included "Sport-to-Go" container, but also store them in it or take them with you on the go.

Highlights of the Bianco Attivo

  • Small & compact: suitable for small kitchens or kitchens with sloping ceilings.
  • Mix & Go: The additional 600 ml container can be used as blending container or as a storage container. Great for shakes and smoothies on the go!
  • Smallest preparation quantities: Liquid preparations such as smoothies, soups or shakes from as little as 150 ml; viscous preparations such as nut butter or pesto possible from 250 ml.
  • Removable blade base: The removable blade base makes it easier to clean the blade base from viscose blends such as nut butter or pesto. The container also is easier to clean in this way.
  • Flexible control: 3 time programs for smoothies, green smoothies and soups - 10 speed levels can be set manually and allow precise blending.
Bianco Attivo with additional containers


Prepare green smoothies and fruit smoothies with the Bianco Attivo

Preparation possibilities with the Bianco di Puro Attivo

The Bianco di Puro Activo can be used for all common blender preparations. What distinguishes the Bianco Attivo from other blenders is its very low minimum quantity: Liquid preparations such as smoothies or soups from 150 ml. Viscous preparations such as nicecream or almond butter from 250 ml. The following preparations are just a few examples of what the attivo is capable of:

  • Creamy green smoothies
  • Delicious fruit and vegetable smoothies
  • Vegan plant and nut milks such as fresh almond milk
  • à la minute ice cream creations like fruit sorbets, frozen yogurt or healthy nicecream
  • Dips and sauces
  • Heavenly creamy hummus made from chickpeas or beans
  • Hot soups heated by friction heat, such as cream of tomato soup
  • Healthy and vital baby porridge
  • Homemade nut butter
  • Liquid dough preparations - e. G. for pancakes, muffins or crepes
  • Freshly ground coffee or freshly ground almond flour
  • Crushed ice

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Handling and operation of the Bianco di Puro Attivo

3 time programs

The Attivo offers 3 preset time programs, which automatically turn off the blender at the end of the program:

  1. Fruit smoothies
  2. Green smoothies
  3. Soups

The time programs are designed for the 1.0 liter container, i. e. they cannot be used with the 0.6 liter "Sport-to-Go" container.

To start a time program, proceed as follows:

  1. As soon as the 1.0 liter container is placed on the motor block, the Attivo is in standby mode. The so-called status indicator - the ring around the on-off button - flashes red.
  2. Now turn the jog dial to the left and select your program.
  3. Press the On/Off button to start the time program.
  4. When the program is finished, the Attivo stops automatically. If you want to stop the program earlier, just press the on/off button.

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Bianco Attivo jog dial and on-off switch

Manual mode using the 1.0 liter container

There are 10 speed levels to choose from in manual mode.

  1. To start the manual mode, simply turn the jog dial to the desired speed level on the right. This starts the blending process.
  2. To pause or stop the blending process, simply turn the dial back to the center position.

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Manual mode with the 0.6 liter container

When using the small "Sport-to-Go" 0.6 liter container, only the first two speed levels are available.

  1. When the 0.6 liter container is attached to the motor block, the status indicator - the ring around the on/off button - flashes in dimmed red. The Attivo is now in standby mode.
  2. Now turn the jog dial to the right to speed level 1 or 2; This starts the blending process.
  3. The motor switches off automatically after 01:25 minutes.
  4. To start a new blending process, the jog dial must be brought back to its central starting position. Before repeating the blending process, loosen the blade base to release the pressure in the container.
  5. Screw it back together, attach the container to the motor block and start again as described above.

Pulse mode

Pulse mode can only be used with the Bianco di Puro 1.0 liter Uno container. You can use this function to blend some oil, spices or liquid into finished preparations.

  1. To start the pulse mode, the jog dial must be in the center position.
  2. Now simply press and hold the pulse button. The blender now operates at maximum speed.
  3. Pulse mode is immediately ended when the Puls button is released.
  4. The LED status indicator lights up white during pulse mode.

For the complete Bianco Attivo Instruction Manual »

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Bianco Attivo - compact to-go blender

Recommended accessories for the Bianco di Puro Attivo

For quick and easy cleaning of the container, we recommend our cleaning brush.

If you want to ensure that your device does not consume power in standby mode, we recommend the purchase of a power saving plug:

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Technical specification of the Bianco di Puro Attivo

  • Power: 220-240 Volt / 50-60 Hz; 800 Watt
  • Revolutions: 1500 rpm to 24500 rpm
  • Dimensions (width x height x depth): 16 x 43 x 17 cm
  • Weight: approx. 3,9 kg
  • Material: 100 % Tritan plastic (BPA-free); Suitable for temperatures up to 100°C
  • Controls: jog dial for selection of time programs and speed level (1-10), pulse button, on/off button
  • Container: Bianco Attivo container incl. TXS tamper
  • Volume of container: 1.0 liter
  • Additional container: Sport-to-go Tritan plastic, BPA-free, 600 ml volume
  • Blade type and material: 6 stainless steel blades; HCS (Japan)
  • Safety features: container detection, overload and overheat protection, active cooling
  • Certification / Standard: CE, EMC

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Safety features of the Bianco di Puro Attivo

The Bianco Attivo has 3 safety features that protect you and itself from damage.

  • Overheat protection: The Attivo's motor is equipped with a temperature monitor. If the motor is overloaded, which can happen with viscous ingredients/preparations, the motor automatically switches off. The Bianco Attivo is ready for use again after a few minutes of cool down.
  • Overload protection: If the blades in the container are blocked (e. G. forgotten objects in the container such as spoons, etc.), the overload protection ensures that the blender switches off automatically.
  • Container detection: The Bianco Attivo can only be started when the container is firmly in its place.

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Bianco di Puro Attivo scope of delivery:

  • Motor block Bianco Attivo
  • 1.0 liter Attivo container with blade base (6 stainless steel blades)
  • Lid incl. cap
  • Blade base tool
  • Additional container 0.6 liter Sport-2-go container incl. drinking and storage cap
  • Additional container 400ml Mixing container incl. lid
  • Additional container 250ml Mixing container incl. lid
  • Carrying bag for travel
  • Tamper TXS
  • Instruction manual in English incl. recipe ideas

Warranty of the Bianco di Puro Attivo

For private use:

  • Motor block: 5 years
  • Container: 2 years
  • Tamper: 2 years

Full warranty conditions »

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Questions & Answers about the Product

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Total 9 question(s)

Can you blend frozen fruit with milk, crushed ice, protein powder and milk in the 600ml additional container to go ?

Question submitted by Christine on June 15, 2022 at 22:57 o'clock

Hello Christine,

thank you very much for your question.
It depends on how large the portion of frozen fruit is. If the portion is quite high, the result is a rather viscous mass or already an ice cream sorbet. Viscous masses can only be blended evenly with the help of a tamper. The 600 ml container is a smoothie to-go container, you don't need a tamper for smoothies and shakes. The container is closed, and therefore tampers can be used. But if your mix is so liquid that it flows back to the blade thanks to gravity, then it would be possible with this container.
But if it is thick and viscous, you would have to make the preparation in the standard container (starting at 250ml) and then pour it into the to-go container.

All the Best,
Your Team

Beanwortet am 15.06.2022 um 09:26 Uhr

Two questions
1: does the Attivo also shred celery and carrots to a smooth consistency?
2: is there a 1 liter container with unscrewable blade base?
Thank you and best regards

Question submitted by Kerstin on January 7, 2021 at 20:31 o'clock

Hello Kerstin,

Thank you for your message – I'm happy to answer your questions :- )

Carrots are completely shredded, celery is quite hard to blend, and some fibres may remain.
We ourselves do not offer the 1.0 liter container for the Attivo, but you can purchase this product from Bianco Di Puro.

Best regards from Berlin!

Betsy from the team

Beanwortet am 02.07.2021 um 09:44 Uhr

How loud (db) is the Bianco Attivo? Thank you!

Question submitted by Susanne on September 3, 2021 at 13:10 o'clock

Hello Susanne,

thank you very much for your question.

The Attivo reaches about 85db when blending on the highest level with 1.0 liters of water in the container.

Best regards,
Your Team

Beanwortet am 09.03.2021 um 13:35 Uhr

Can the blender also be used as a dry grinder (nuts, spices) – or is there a corresponding attachment for this?
Can sticky ingredients like dates be processed?
Thanks for any info on this!

Question submitted by Anja on May 12, 2020 at 08:21 o'clock

Hello Anja,

thank you very much for your message

Unfortunately, there is no grinding container for the Bianco Attivo. However, you can grind hard ingredients in the standard containers without any problems.

The Attivo dislikes very sticky and viscous ingredients. If you want to process dates, we recommend soaking the dates in water for a few hours beforehand.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need further information!

Best regards from Berlin :- )

Betsy from the team

Beanwortet am 05.12.2020 um 15:22 Uhr

Where are the devices manufactured?

Question submitted by Sevil on July 29, 2020 at 12:06 o'clock

Hello Sevil,
thank you very much for your question.
The Bianco di Puro Attivo is produced in China.
Best regards,
Your Team

Beanwortet am 29.07.2020 um 13:03 Uhr


Is it true that it's only possible to blend on level 1&2 when the small containers are in use?
What preparation options are there on such low speeds? Is it possible to combine, for example, dates with almond milk or dressings with tougher ingredients (such as nuts, ginger, or fresh turmeric)?

Many greetings

Question submitted by Jasmin on May 30, 2020 at 21:45 o'clock

Hello Jasmin,

thank you very much for your message.

As the speed is throttled in the small (closed) additional containers, ingredients like dates and nuts cannot be processed as finely. This is where the large 2.0 liter container is recommended.

Best regards from Berlin!

Betsy from the team

Beanwortet am 02.06.2020 um 11:29 Uhr

I would like to blend frozen cream with frozen fruit. Can the Attivo do this? And if so will the ice cream get warm from the friction heat?
Apple peels? Fibrous stuff? The famous raspberry seeds?
Many greetings

Question submitted by Nibobo on August 4, 2020 at 17:27 o'clock

Hello Nihal,
thank you very much for your message.
You can use the Bianco Attivo to prepare à la Minute ice cream creations such as fruit sorbets, frozen yogurt or healthy nicecream.
You should obviously keep the blending time as short as possible – the blending process generates frictional heat, which is not wanted when preparing frozen creations.
Apple peel and fibrous ingredients are not a problem for high-speed blender.
Raspberry seeds are very difficult for all blenders. It also depends on the consistency of the material to be blended.

Kind regards,
Your team

Beanwortet am 08.04.2020 um 18:06 Uhr

Hello dear team,
i am undecided between the Bianco Piano and Bianco Attivo - the different containers of the Attivo appeal to me, but the performance of the Piano seems to be much better at the same price, is that true? Find it difficult to make a clear decision here. In general, I'm looking for a blender in the under 300 euro price segment as a good all arounder from green smoothies to nut butter etc. Thank you very much for your advice! Kind regards from Berlin, Anne

Question submitted by Anne on February 4, 2020 at 10:35 o'clock

Hello Anne,

Thank you very much for your message.

Both devices are reliable kitchen helpers, and the dishes you mentioned can be prepared in both machines.

The Attivo of course scores with the fact that you can perfectly prepare small quantities. In addition, we also call it “travel Bianco” because it is small, light, and handy.

The Bianco Piano comes with slightly larger blades, and in the container allows small and large quantities.
Therefore, it probably meets your desire for an “all-rounder” more.

Love from Kreuzberg :- )

Betsy from the team

Beanwortet am 03.04.2020 um 09:23 Uhr

Hello gruenesmoothies Team,
how loud is the Attivo?

Question submitted by Birgit Blohm on October 4, 2020 at 22:11 o'clock

Hello Birgit,

Thank you very much for your message.

According to our measurements, the Bianco Attivo reaches approx. 84 dB. with one liter of water at the highest speed level

Best regards from Berlin!

Betsy from the team

Beanwortet am 11.03.2020 um 13:16 Uhr

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[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 9/1/2023 by Sabrina E.
Rating without text
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 7/25/2023 by Christoph M.
I have decided to go with the Bianco di Puro Attivo after my old (more expensive) high-speed blender gave up after years of use, and I am extremely satisfied so far. It is visually stunning and comparatively quiet. I use it for making smoothies and shakes, and it effortlessly handles fruits, leafy greens, and even chia or flax seeds, just as easily as ice cubes.
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 3/6/2023 by Stanko Kucharski
Rating without text
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 5/4/2021 by Jürgen Busch
Direct hit
I hit the bull's eye with the Bianco di Puro Attivo. I try to start every day with a smoothie. Since I travel a lot for work, this has not always been possible. Buying the Attivo, in combination with the travel bag, was the solution to my problem. People laugh at me for travelling with my blender - but it's worth it!
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 11/23/2020 by Angelika
Flexible with the different containers and easy to rinse
The red one.
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 1/31/2020 by Elfie Hofmann
The best thing I have bought in recent years
I am in love, what a great product. The best I have bought the last few years, pesto, ginger shot and of course smoothies, everything turns out great

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