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Sana Juicer 707

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Sana Juicer 707 chrome
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Sana Juicer 707

  • Top 1 in our ranking
  • Easy handling and cleaning
  • High-quality basic equipment
  • Including celery juice insert
  • Multifunctional Slow Juicer

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Easy-peasy juicing for sloths

Svenja produces celery juice in the Slow Juicer Sana Juicer 707

Child's play juicing, time-saving due to the wide hopper, very quick cleaning: The Sana Juicer 707 introduces you to the world of fresh, nutrient-rich juices in such a uncomplicated way that even "sloths" will look forward to juicing daily.And all this at an extremely attractive price.
Over 20 percent more celery juice: Thanks to the celery juice attachment - newly included in the delivery - the production of celery juice is successful with an increase of more than 20 percent. We are thrilled! This makes the Sana 707 even more popular among celery juice fans!

Sana Juicer 707 Product Highlights:

  • Easy to use and quick to clean: Assembles and disassembles quickly. All parts can be cleaned under running water after juicing.
  • Better celery juice yield: Thanks to the new celery juice insert, the Sana 707 extracts almost every drop of celery juice from the green stalks.
  • High-quality basic equipment: Juice jug made of sturdy borosilicate glass and pulp jar made of high-quality stainless. The 707 is completely made of BPA and BPS free plastic.
  • Multifunctional Slow Juicer: 3 inserts - two for juicing (fine & coarse), one for pureeing - make the 707 a multifunctional device. Ingenious for making fresh nut milks, practical for pureeing raw and cooked ingredients, and for grinding coffee.
  • Secured & Sustainable: 5 years warranty - 10 years on motor block & gearbox (Full terms). Secure spare parts supply even after the warranty period has expired.

Preparing celery juice in the Sana Juicer 707


About the manufacturer Sana

Sana Juicer by Omega 707 in chrome with juice jug and pulp jar

Sana stands for kitchen appliances that support a healthy lifestyle. That's why the company specializes in slow juicers that enable maximum nutrient-friendly juicing with a high juice yield.
In doing so, Sana benefits from the many years of experience that renowned manufacturers such as Omega and Hurom have gained. They work together in order to develop high-quality equipment that is tailored primarily to the needs of European customers: The plastic used is BPA/BPS-free, the equipment is made of glass and stainless steel, and the warranty period granted (Full terms) is comprehensive. That's why Sana convinced us right from the start when it came to selecting slow juicers for our store.

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How good is the quality of the juice?

Make cold pressed juices using the Sana Juicer by Omega 707

Clear green juices, full-bodied and almost without foaming

The Sana Juicer 707 produces clear, nutrient-rich and full-bodied green juices without foaming and with a good juice yield.

Fresh pressed celery juice

The Sana 707 can be used very well for the simple and fast production of celery juice. The freshly squeezed juice is clear and tastes intensely of celery. And thanks to the new celery juice cap - now included in the scope of delivery - the Sana 707 has significantly improved in terms of juice yield!

Important preparation note: The celery stalks should be cut into 1-2 cm long pieces, allowing the pulp of the fruit to easily separate from the juice.

Vegetable and fruit juices - pure or as mixed juice

The 707 also achieves this clear juice consistency from hard and soft vegetables such as carrots, beet, fennel, cucumber, apples, pineapple, pears or citrus fruits.

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Ginger and/or turmeric shots

The 707 can also be used to prepare ginger- or turmeric shots. The consistency is very clear and the taste is aromatic and spicy.

Fresh sauerkraut juice

Even fresh, raw sauerkraut can be juiced in the 707 - either as mono-juice or mixed juice with other ingredients. The juice consistency is beautifully clear without foaming. Definitely an ultra kick for a healthy intestinal flora - especially if you don't like fermented products.

Overripe fruit and thicker consistencies with the coarse screen

If you want to enjoy fresh juices that have a thicker consistency, simply use the coarse juicing screen insert, it is part of the scope od delivery of the 707. This also makes it easier to produce juices from overripe fruit such as soft bananas, mealy apples or pears.

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What other preparation possibilities are there?

The generous scope of delivery of the 707 allows the slow juicer to be converted into a multifunctional kitchen appliance in no time at all. The puree insert enables you to puree one or more ingredients. In combination with a 3-piece pasta set, various types of pasta can be created. From our point of view, the 707 proves to be particularly practical when preparing nut milk. It takes just two runs to prepare the plant-based milk alternative - no extra filtering through a nut milk bag and no kitchen towel required!

Other preparations at a glance:

  • Fresh nut milk, e. G. from almonds and/or hazelnuts
  • Fruit purees made from cooked fruits - e. G. apple puree
  • Fruit sorbets and ice cream
  • Nut porridge made from roasted nuts, e. G. peanuts or cashews
  • Baby food made from raw fruits or cooked ingredients
  • 3 different pasta variations

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Make cold-pressed celery juice using the Sana Juicer by Omega 707

Operation & handling of the Sana Juicer 707

The Sana Juicer 707 is very easy to assemble. The juicing ingredients are cleaned, peeled if necessary, and roughly cut to fit through the hopper. The central ON-OFF-REV switch is located on the backside of the 707. The Slow Juicer is started, the ingredients are placed in the hopper and pushed towards the auger using the tamper. In the first step, the ingredients are crushed and then squeezed out by rotating them against the screen. The juicing process separates pulp and juice - it is finished once all ingredients have been processed and no more juice is dripping from the juice drum.

Tip: Let the motor run for another 1-2 minutes after all ingredients have been juiced and no more pulp comes out - a few drops of juice always take a little longer.

Assembly of the Sana Juicer by Omega 707

If the juice drum is clogged, press the REV button

In the event that the juicer is overloaded with pressed pulp and is no longer ejecting pulp or the drum is clogged, simply turn the device off and wait for the auger to stop rotating. Then turn the on/off switch to the REV position and hold it down. The auger will now rotate in the opposite direction, clearing the jam. When the drum is free again, the switch is released and goes back to the neutral position. It is important that the auger comes to a complete stop before the motor is turned on again. Otherwise, the auger will rotate backwards! There has to be a pause between switching from the REV function to the ON function.

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Fine and coarse juicing screen insert

While the fine juicing screen insert is used for all types of vegetables and fruits and especially for chlorophyll-containing leafy greens such as wheatgrass, wild herbs, cabbage, etc., the coarse screen is recommended for processing overripe fruits or very soft ingredients. You can also easily change the screens during a juicing process if, for example, a very "mushy banana" is to be juiced.

Tip: For mixed juices, it is recommended to juice hard and soft ingredients alternately, as the hard vegetables clean the sieve and drum like a "pipe cleaner".

Celery juice cap for the production of celery juice

Sana 707 Celery Juice Cap

The retrofitted celery juice cap was specially developed for the production of celery juice. It is placed on the fine screen, provides more pressure when pressing the celery stalks and noticeably increases the celery juice yield. Simply place it on the fine screen, attach the closing cap and start the Slow Juicer as described above.

Screen inserts and puree insert of the Sana Juicer by Omega 707

Puree insert for nut milks or purees

The puree insert allows the Sana Juicer 707 to be converted in no time at all - allowing it not only to juice, but also to puree and chop. This allows you to create fruit purees, sorbets, baby food or nut milks very quickly and easily.

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Cleaning the Sana Juicer 707

An absolute strength of the Sana Juicer 707 is its quick and easy cleaning after juicing. To do this, disassemble the slow juicer into its individual parts, remove excessive pulp residue from the cap, screen and auger. This prevents the pomace from getting into the drain or clogging the sink strainer. Then rinse all parts under running water. When cleaning the juicing screen insert, use the cleaning brush provided to brush the screen all around from the outside and then remove the pulp residue from the inside as well. We recommend cleaning the hopper with our practical cleaning brush. It fits perfectly through the openings and removes any residue from the juice ingredients quickly and effortlessly. Now you can place all the parts on a kitchen towel or dry them off and reassemble the juicer.
Attention: The juicer parts are not dishwasher safe!

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Recommended accessories for the Sana Juicer 707

Sana oil press 702 suitable as attachment for Sana Juicer by Omega 707

Sana oil press 702

The Sana Juicer 707 can be expanded with the Sana oil press attachment 702. This allows you to produce homemade, cold-pressed, fresh oils such as linseed oil, almond oil or walnut oil.

Sana 702 Oil Press
Sana 702 Oil Press
299.00 € 269.00 €
(if bought with this product)
[Discount in the cart]

Cleaning brush

What would our kitchen look like without our cleaning brush? Once again, it comes in super handy when cleaning the 707 - especially when cleaning the hopper and the juice drum. Definitely a must-have!

Cleaning Brush for Containers, Juicers & Bottles
Cleaning Brush for Containers, Juicers & Bottles
7.90 €

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Technical specification of the Sana Juicer 707

  • Model: Sana Juicer 707
  • Juicing type: horizontal - 1 Auger
  • Dimensions (height x width x depth): 33 cm x 17 cm x 42 cm
  • Hopper: 4,6 cm x 4 cm
  • Weight: 5,7 kg
  • Power: 200 watts; 63-75 revolutions per minute
  • Voltage: 230 - 240 volts, 50 Hz
  • Material: BPA/BPS-free plastic, juice jug made of borosilicate glass, pulp jar made of stainless steel
  • Fuse: 250V 5A 50T

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Scope of delivery of the Sana Juicer by Omega 707

Sana Juicer 707 Scope of delivery:

  • Motor block with power cord
  • Hopper incl. juice drum
  • 1x Auger
  • Juice jug made of glass
  • 1x Juice jug strainer
  • Stainless steel pulp jar
  • Fine juicing screen insert
  • Coarse juicing screen insert
  • Puree screen insert
  • 4-piece set for nut mash as well as for pasta
  • Closing cap
  • Celery Juice Cap
  • Tamper with silicone sealing ring
  • Cleaning brush
  • Instruction manual

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Warranty of the Sana Juicer by Omega 707

For purely private use:

  • Motor & gearbox: 10 years
  • All other parts: 5 years

Complete warranty conditions »

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Sana Juicer vs. Sana Supreme 727

Advantages of the Sana Juicer 707 compared to the Sana Juicer Supreme 727:

  1. Much more affordable: the Sana Juicer 707 is nearly half the price of the Sana Supreme 727, if you're budget-conscious and looking for a simple and straight­forward slow juicer, the Sana 707 is a great choice.

Advantages of the Sana Juicer Supreme 727 compared to the Sana Juicer 707:

  1. Higher juice yield: The Sana Supreme 727 is one of the most efficient slow juicers and is ahead of the Sana 707 in this respect.
  2. Spill-free juicing: The Sana Supreme 727 is the best of both horizontal and vertical juicers. This claim is noticeable, among other things, in the presence of a juice flap (otherwise a handy tool on vertical juicers). Thus, the juice flap enables spill-free removal of the juice. Simply close it and nothing drips anymore.

Conclusion: Sana 707 or Sana Supreme 727?

The Sana 707 is one of our bestsellers for a reason: It is extremely easy to operate, reliably juices all types of fruit, (leafy) vegetables, herbs and grasses with an average juice yield, and is priced well below 500 euros.

However, the Sana Supreme juices more efficiently. If you want to drink larger quantities of celery juice every day, for example, the Sana Supreme will save you money on the cost of goods in the long run, which will refinance its higher purchase price compared to the Sana 707. Of course, the Supreme also scores with its brushless industrial motor, which not only juices continuously and is great for high-volume juice production, but also operates wear-free, power-saving and quieter. This should not only be interesting for professionals in the gastronomy sector, but for all people who want to support their daily diet with plenty of nutrient-rich juice.

Sana 727 Supreme Juicer black
Sana 727 Supreme Juicer
699.00 €

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Sana Juicer 707 vs. Angel Juicer

Advantages of the Sana Juicer 707 over the Angel Juicer:

  1. Faster Juicing: The Sana 707 juices all ingredients faster than the Angel Juicer. Fruits, vegetables and leafy greens are easily fed into the wide hopper of the Sana 707 and require little pressure to be caught by the auger. This saves time and effort.
  2. Less effort: The Sana 707 simply "eats everything". And it does so at a consistently high speed. With the Angel Juicer, on the other hand, you have to press hard ingredients such as carrots or beet into the hopper with force. Accordingly, juicing these ingredients in the Angel Juicer also takes more time.
  3. Faster cleaning: While both juicers have few parts, the Sana 707 is slightly faster to clean than the Angel Juicer. While the screen of the Sana 707 can be removed as a single part and is also smaller, the screen and hopper of the Angel Juicer are "made of one piece". In addition, the pressing mechanism consists of two augers (Twin-Auger), which makes cleaning the Angel Juicer even more complex.

Advantages of the Angel Juicer compared to the Sana Juicer 707:

  1. Higher juice yield: The Angel Juicer has a higher juice yield compared to the Sana 707 - it squeezes every single drop of juice out of the ingredients. This is noticeable in the pulp, which is much lighter and drier than with any other slow juicer.
  2. Economical: Due to the higher juice yield, the Angel Juicer's higher price pays off in the long run. For comparison: While a Sana 707 juices approx. 300 - 350 ml of celery juice from just under 600 g of celery (roughly equivalent to a perennial), an Angel Juicer extracts approx. 550 ml from the same amount.
  3. More flavor: Compared to the Sana 707, the Angel Juicer produces a more flavorful aroma with all preparations tested. We agreed that the juice from the Angel Juicer simply tasted much fuller, smoother and simply better.

Conclusion: Sana 707 or Angel Juicer?

From our point of view, the Sana 707 is an extremely user-friendly slow juicer - fast, without much effort and easy to clean. It is perhaps the perfect start into the world of freshly squeezed juices. You can't go wrong with it.

If you want to enjoy daily juices, have some patience and the initial cost of an Angel Juicer doesn't seem too high, we recommend it. Even though it is slower, the higher juice yield speaks for the quality of the device and pays off in the long run.

Angel Juicer 5500 7500 8500 8500s Left front
Angel Juicer 5500 / 7500 / 8500S
"Best juicer"

Regular Price: 1,448.00 €

Special Price 1,248.00 €

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Questions & Answers about the Product

Ask a question

Total 26 question(s)

How does it work with carrots, which are particularly hard?

Question submitted by Kraus Angelika on November 25, 2021 at 23:28 o'clock

Hello Angelika,
thank you very much for your message.

Processing carrots is not a problem for the 707, the power generated in the juice drum is sufficient. However, it is important to work with the right sieve and to cut the carrots into smaller pieces.

Best regards from Berlin
Your team

Beanwortet am 25.11.2021 um 09:53 Uhr

Can you / I also separate seeds from pulp with one of these devices?
Thank you already for an honest answer.

VG Karel

Question submitted by Karel on September 14, 2021 at 18:25 o'clock

Hello Karel,

thank you very much for your request.
The seeds are excreted together with the plant fibers as pulp, in order to get a clear juice.
So you cannot separate the seeds from the other fibers.

Many greetings,
Your Team

Beanwortet am 15.09.2021 um 10:24 Uhr

Hello dear team,
I have been an enthusiastic owner of a Sana 707 since 20.08. — I've already browsed through the book and have successfully juiced…. Now my question: do you have any other experiences with juicing sprouts and microgreens or recipe ideas? Or do you have any literature tips?
I would be very happy to get your answer!
Many greetings,
P.S.: my parents have also ordered a 707 ;-)

Question submitted by Kade Bernard on August 23, 2021 at 15:56 o'clock

Hello Bernhard,

Thanks for your message and the positive Feedback! :- )

We don't have any experience with juicing sprouts and microgreens yet. However, it should not be a problem.
Therefore, we do not have any recipe ideas, but you will certainly find some inspiration on the Internet.

Best regards from Berlin,

Betsy from the team

Beanwortet am 23.08.2021 um 16:58 Uhr

Hello! Question on the Sana 707: can I also prepare smoothies and ice cream, or do I need specific parts?
Kind regards Mercedes

Question submitted by Mercedes on November 5, 2021 at 14:49 o'clock

Hello Mercedes,

thank you very much for your question.
Since the Sana 707 comes with a purée sieve, you can also make fruit sorbets and ice cream from frozen fruit, but these must be thawed first.
You can't make smoothies in the strict sense, a slow juicer separates juice and fibre. You would need a high-speed blender for that.
However, if you want to drink fresh juices that are a little thicker or have more pulp consistency, simply use the coarse strainer, which also is part of the standard scope of delivery of the Sana 707.

Best regards,
Your Team

Beanwortet am 11.05.2021 um 15:14 Uhr

Hello dear ones,
i have a question. Is it normal that the front part that you connect to the engine block rotates slightly during operation. I was a bit scared the first time I used it and I'm not sure if something is wrong
Well thanks in advance for the feedback.

Greetings from Karoline

Thanks already for the feedback.

Question submitted by Karoline on February 5, 2021 at 08:40 o'clock

Hello Karoline,

Vibrations and movements of the juice drum are completely normal in all slow juicers with plastic attachments (see also the instructions for use on page 21, below, for the Sana 707).
Due to the immense forces in the juice drum, the juicer drum needs some play during juicing and must not be tightly seated on the motor block.
This prevents the drum from breaking, even though the motor block is stable.
You can use your juicer without any worries!:-)

Best regards,
Your Team

Beanwortet am 03.05.2021 um 10:57 Uhr


where is the Sana Slow Juicer 707 manufactured? China?

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards

Question submitted by Nathalie on April 14, 2021 at 09:37 o'clock

Hello Nathalie,

Thank you very much for your question.
The Sana 707 is produced in South Korea.

Best regards,

Your Team

Beanwortet am 28.04.2021 um 15:09 Uhr

Hello, is the Sana recommended for making pasta, what are your experiences with it?

Question submitted by Beate on March 13, 2021 at 17:47 o'clock

Hello Beate,

Thank you very much for your message.

The Sana 707 comes with the pasta set.
It is important that you do not put too much dough in the feed chute at once.
Working slowly is key here! :-)

Best regards from Berlin,

Betsy from the team

Beanwortet am 15.03.2021 um 09:32 Uhr


i have ordered the device and am eagerly waiting for it
In the meantime, I am a little busy with the things that can be juiced with it.
Ideally, I would like to juice: salads, fruits and vegetables cut into small pieces.
As someone who has peeled practically everything his whole life, etc., I am now wondering what ingredients you definitely can't put in the juicer unpeeled (Either because clogging or even because toxic)
Therefore, the question is: what should definitely peel before and what should not be juiced at all?

Question submitted by Heiko on December 20, 2020 at 00:07 o'clock

Hello Heiko,

Thank you very much for your message.

I honestly can't think of any toxic fruit and vegetable peels from Germany. We recommend regional products that you know with short transport routes.

In the case of peels of exotic fruits, we are unsure and cannot make any binding statements. A short research on the Internet often helps!

Fibrous ingredients, such as celery, should be cut into 1-2 cm pieces, otherwise they will clog in the juice drum. Normal-sized apples can be processed in quarters.

Best regards from Berlin and have fun with the Sana :- )

Betsy from the team

Beanwortet am 21.12.2020 um 12:21 Uhr

Can I juice grapes with this device?
MfG. Dear Wagenknecht

Question submitted by Liebgunde on November 11, 2020 at 19:08 o'clock

Hello Liebgunde,

thank you very much for your message

The Sana 707 also allows you to juice grapes. Should there ever be a backlog, simply press the reverse button.

Best regards!

Your team

Beanwortet am 12.11.2020 um 12:14 Uhr

I am having more and more trouble unscrewing the main part from the engine block. It is totally jammed. Do you have a suggestion? Is greasing an option?

Question submitted by Franziska on March 27, 2020 at 08:37 o'clock

Dear Franziska,
Thank you for your message.
This problem can occur when juice leaks out of the juice drum, it then dries between the black ring and the engine block.
To solve this problem, please proceed as follows:
Pour warm water into the gap between the black ring and the motor block. Leave it like this for a moment and then try to loosen the parts from each other.
If it doesn't work right away, just repeat it.

Please follow the steps below afterwards:
There is a gray plate with four screws inside the black ring. Loosen them to remove the gray plate and clean the surface behind it.

After finishing the procedure, this problem should not occur again for a long time :)

Best regards,
Your team from :)

Beanwortet am 27.03.2020 um 12:42 Uhr

Is the user manual also available in Polish?

Question submitted by Klemens Watermeyer on June 3, 2020 at 11:34 o'clock

Hello Klemens,
thank you very much for your message.
The Sana 707 comes with a user manual in German and English.

Best regards from Berlin,
Your team

Beanwortet am 06.03.2020 um 15:07 Uhr

Is the anniversary book included with the sana 707 or must it be purchased separately?

Question submitted by Sabine Böhm on February 24, 2020 at 14:36 o'clock

Hello Sabine,

Thank you very much for your message.

The book is included in the scope of delivery of the 707.

Best regards from Berlin :- )

Betsy from the team

Beanwortet am 24.02.2020 um 17:54 Uhr

do you have the Sana Juicer by Omega EUJ-707 Black and the Sana Oil Press EUJ-702in stock ?

Question submitted by Andrzej Klimowicz on April 2, 2020 at 15:52 o'clock

Hello Andrzej,

thank you very much for your question

We currently have the black Sana 707 and the corresponding oil press in stock. You are welcome to order the products or stop by our store in Urbanstraße in Berlin :- )

Best regards,

Betsy from the team

Beanwortet am 04.02.2020 um 16:48 Uhr

I am interested in the Omega EUJ-707
Could you please look me up what RAL color pastel green is? We have a green kitchen front and do not know if it matches
mfG Tamara

Question submitted by Tamara Prieth on February 2, 2020 at 20:15 o'clock

Dear Tamara,
Thank you for your request.

Unfortunately, the colors used for the EUJ-707 are not RAL colors, so I can't help you with that.
Fortunately, we also offer our 45-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.
So if you think it might fit, feel free to order the juicer :)

Best regards from your team :)

Beanwortet am 03.02.2020 um 13:41 Uhr

Hello, I would need a new Auger. Is it possible to only order the auger?
With kind regards!

Question submitted by Witz,Nicole on January 13, 2020 at 12:58 o'clock

Dear Nicole,

You can find the compatible Auger for the Sana EUJ707 here.

Best regards from Berlin
Your team

Beanwortet am 13.01.2020 um 16:26 Uhr

Hello, can this also be used to make smoothies?

Question submitted by Carla on June 11, 2019 at 16:06 o'clock

Hello Carla,

thank you very much for your message.

Juicers process the fibres differently. Smoothies that are prepared in a blender simply blend all the ingredients, including the fibre. Therefore, you can't make smoothies with a juicer.
If you mainly want to prepare smoothies, a high-speed blender is probably a better choice for you.

Love from Berlin,

Your team

Beanwortet am 07.11.2019 um 14:36 Uhr

Are wild herbs also good to juice with this device?

Question submitted by Elisabeth Wahl on February 11, 2019 at 22:15 o'clock

Hello Elisabeth,

thank you very much for your message

The Sana Juicer EUJ-707 is suitable for juicing wild herbs, wheatgrasses, celery, etc…
However, it does not have the best juice yield compared to other devices.

Best regards from Berlin,

your team

Beanwortet am 04.11.2019 um 09:57 Uhr

Is the housing of the engine block made of plastic or metal?

Question submitted by Clemens on September 21, 2019 at 18:18 o'clock

Hello Clemens,

thank you for your question. The housing of the Sana Juicer EUJ-707 is made of plastic.

Best regards,

Your Team

Beanwortet am 23.09.2019 um 10:25 Uhr

Dear team,

I would like to order the Sana Omega 707 juicer and have it sent to a post office (not a Packstation) for pickup. Is that possible? At Amazon, the possibility does not exist. The payment would be made via paypal.

Thank you very much for feedback.

Many greetings

Question submitted by Christian on September 9, 2019 at 16:31 o'clock

Hello Christian,

thank you very much for your question.

The feedback we already gave you via email was unfortunately incorrect.

It is no problem at all to have the package sent to a post office branch, as all our packages are sent with DHL.

Simply type in the number of the post office "Post office 123" in the first address field, instead of your street and house number. The second address should be filled out with the corresponding postal code. The postal code must correspond to the postal code of the post office and not to your personal address.

Payment via PayPal is no issue.

Best regards,

Your Team

Beanwortet am 12.09.2019 um 16:31 Uhr

Do you also need the extra oil attachment to make peanut butter? Or is this possible with the EUJ-707 alone?

Question submitted by Bettina on September 9, 2019 at 13:17 o'clock

Hello Bettina,

thank you very much for your message.

The Sana Juicer EUJ-707 also allows the preparation of peanut butter – Please use the supplied blank sieve for this purpose. The oil attachment only allows you to prepare oil.

Best regards,

Your Team

Beanwortet am 09.09.2019 um 13:26 Uhr

Does the Sana pit raspberries to make a sorbet?

Question submitted by Waltraut on August 25, 2019 at 17:25 o'clock

Hello Waltraut,

thank you very much for your question!

The Sana Juicer EUJ-707 does not seed berries. When making a sorbet, we recommend using the Blank Strainer, this is where the ingredients are processed into a creamy fine consistency.

Best regards,

Your team

Beanwortet am 26.08.2019 um 12:03 Uhr

Is it possible to get a German instruction manual?

Question submitted by Andrea Günther on August 13, 2019 at 17:24 o'clock

Hello Andrea,

thank you for your question.

I have just emailed you the German version of the instruction manual.

Best regards,

Your Team

Beanwortet am 13.08.2019 um 17:47 Uhr

How loud is the slow juicer?

Question submitted by Sarah on July 13, 2019 at 09:39 o'clock

Hello Sarah,

thank you for the question.

The slow juicers that we offer are all very slow and accordingly quiet. During juicing, you can easily talk to each other without talking louder than usual.

Hopefully, we were able to answer your question.

Best regards,

Your Team

Beanwortet am 05.08.2019 um 17:47 Uhr

What is the width of the engine block?

Question submitted by Thomas Lindau on September 7, 2019 at 07:52 o'clock

Hello Thomas,

thank you for your question.

The motor block alone without any attachments is 29 cm wide.

Best regards,

Your team

Beanwortet am 09.07.2019 um 13:01 Uhr

Is there an instruction manual for the Sana Juicer EUJ-707 also in GERMAN as PDF etc.?

Question submitted by Mario Bader on June 22, 2019 at 12:09 o'clock

Hello Mario,

thank you very much for your question.

A German user manual in a PDF file is already on its way to you. :)

Have fun juicing!:-)

Your Team

Beanwortet am 24.06.2019 um 10:38 Uhr

Good morning, do you have recipes for fruit juices and sorbets?

Question submitted by Heike on June 22, 2019 at 10:40 o'clock

Hello Heike,

thank you for your question. Have a look at our page for juicer recipes⁣ – you will find a colourful variety of juice recipes.

Many greetings

Your Team

Beanwortet am 25.06.2019 um 17:30 Uhr

Ask a question


[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 9/25/2023 by Beatriz K.
Compared to my previous Sana model, this one is much faster and easier to clean. Super juice yield. Totally stylish, I'm thrilled.
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 9/20/2023 by Leonie N.
I am very very satisfied.
I have not long but I have already made various juices that taste fantastic , I will certainly recommend !!!!
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 8/2/2023 by Sascha
Rating without text
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 4/28/2023 by Anastasia M.
Easy and quick to clean, quiet
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 4/27/2023 by Patrick S.
The juicer is very easy to clean and works perfectly.
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 3/6/2023 by Sarah
Happy with the purchase!
Very happy with it.
Easy to use.
Easy to clean.
Also looks great.
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 3/6/2023 by Klara
Rating without text
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 3/6/2023 by Anna
Good purchase decision
Disadvantages - not dishwasher safe
Advantages - SIMPLY EVERYTHING :) We are SUPER happy with it!
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 3/6/2023 by Anita
Rating without text
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 5/25/2022 by Gabriela Henneberg
Highly recommended.
We bought this device a few months ago and have been able to try out all sorts of recipes since. Thank you for the honest and competent advice. We are completely satisfied. Good juice yield, easy cleaning, easy handling!
I will immediately buy another device for my son and family.
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 3/26/2022 by Silvia jelitto
Sana 707 is super
I am mega satisfied quiet, good results and super easy to clean
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 1/15/2022 by Stephanie
Great taste experience, rainbow colors and soft sounds
After a very long research, I have now chosen the Sana EUJ-707. Wednesday I ordered and Friday already there :-) and today I tested directly. I am very surprised how quiet it is! Also the cleaning is easy and fast. The first recipes were tried, although I first halve the quantities in each case. Only: a small notch in the collection sieve would be handy so that the glass juice container can be pulled out better when the juice is ready. So you have to hold the container a little at an angle. But the overall handling is very good. I'm excited to discover all the taste sensations. A very big thank you to the team for the so helpful detailed answers to the countless questions. All this has helped me unspeakably in choosing the right device!

Thank you very much, I am also happily surprised and satisfied after the first tentative juicing steps.
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 9/26/2021 by Melanie Schäfer
Super juicer
The juicer is wonderful, I make juices and puree with it.
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 5/14/2021 by Kevin Marschall
Sana by omega 707
I am satisfied
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 3/31/2021 by Lisa Maurer
Very satisfied!
First of all, many, many thanks for the incredibly fast delivery! The first vegetable juice is already in front of us, operation, cleaning, everything really easy! Juice quality and quantity are also very good! What we are missing is unfortunately the recipe book, which is not included! Maybe you can send it us!? That would be great and would make us very happy!
Many greetings and always happy to come back!

Editor's comment:
Thank you for the review. We will of course send you the missing recipe book immediately! Sorry for the inconvenience!
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 1/16/2021 by Simone
We have been using the Sana Juicer daily for two weeks now. The kids love to "feed" it and they also like the juices. Just can't put too much exotic ingredients in turmeric or ginger. The juicer is quiet and runs nice and slow. The cleaning goes in a jiffy. Am very happy with the purchase!
Best regards
[4 of 5 Stars]
added: 1/16/2020 by Waterstradt
i miss the instruction manual in German
great device

Editor's comment:

Hello "Waterstradt", thank you for the product review. We always include the German manual. If the Sana 707 was purchased from us and the German manual is missing, we will of course be happy to send it to you. We would ask you to contact us again by telephone or e-mail, as we are unfortunately unable to extract any data here that could be attributed to a purchase from us.

Best regards

Your GrueneSmoothies team
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 11/7/2019 by Sandra Scheutz
Super device
Got it yesterday came super fast.
Have processed some fruits already.
Did not have so good pineapple juice in a long time.

Thank you for your good recommendations always. Was also super satisfied with the Vitamix.
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 9/17/2019 by Krystina
Finally a juicer that is easy to clean.
In a few days I have become a real fan of the Sana EUJ-707. Not that my old juicer gave bad results, but it took ages to clean it. I've been looking for a good juicer that is easy to clean for a long time and I'm more than happy with my decision.

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