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Bianco di Puro

Bianco di Puro

bianco di puro blender logo When Bianco di Puro launched its products on the high-speed blender market, it was a real milestone. The Cologne company brought a fresh breeze to the market. Their new design concept, the modern controls and a wide variety of colors inspired the whole market. The product range extends from entry-level models for less than 300 € to professional kitchen blenders that are priced at around 1200 €.

Obviously, this price difference must be rewarded: the professional models of Bianco di Puro are equipped with a brushless DC motor and some more advanced features.
Find out which Bianco di Puro blender suits you on the following pages.

Bianco di Puro Accessories

More Bianco di Puro Accessories

If you have any questions about our Bianco di Puro high speed blenders, write us here:

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4 | Comment(s)

Very good lineup!
My question arises from the tip!:
How is the Gusto different from the other models that it is the "tip"? If I read it correctly, it seems that the same motor is installed in all models
Kind regards and thanks in advance for the answer !
Carla von Grü
Hello Andre,

thank you very much for your nice feedback!
Regarding your question: Compared to the other blenders with brushless motors, the Bianco Gusto is our tip because it comes with two containers. This gives you all the preparation options in large and small quantities and the Canto container with its long blades can play out its strengths optimally, as it sits on a powerful brushless motor

Best regards,
Anne Skomski
Dear Sir or Madam,
the container of my Primo is defective.
Can I buy such a container?

With kind regards
Anne Skomski
Carla von Grü
Hello Anne,

thank you for your question.

Simply follow the link to get to the product page of the container – ⁣Primo container.

Many greetings,