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Bianco di Puro Gusto Pro

aus dem Programm genommen, daher bei uns nicht mehr lieferbar.

  • Powerful brushless DC motor
  • Quiet & energy-saving
  • 5 preset time programs
  • 5 individual time programs
  • Low motor wear

Bianco di Puro Gusto Pro black
Bianco di Puro Gusto Pro black Bianco di Puro Gusto Pro with 1,5-Liter Canto container Bianco di Puro Gusto Pro with tamper T100 Bianco di Puro Gusto Pro with 5 time programs Bianco di Puro Gusto Pro with manual control Bianco di Puro Gusto Pro with Puls-button Bianco di Puro Gusto Pro with DC motor Bianco di Puro Gusto Pro with active ventilation system

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Bianco di Puro Gusto Pro

  • Powerful brushless DC motor
  • Quiet & energy-saving
  • 5 preset time programs
  • 5 individual time programs
  • Low motor wear

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aus dem Programm genommen, daher bei uns nicht mehr lieferbar.

For kitchen professionals

The Bianco Gusto Pro is the premium version of the Bianco Gusto. Not only does it have a low-wear brushless DC motor that makes it quiet, powerful and efficient, but also offers 5 customizable programs in addition to 5 installed time programs. The Gusto Pro grows with the needs of its user! Perfect for the demands of private and professional kitchen professionals.

Highlights of the Bianco di Puro Gusto Pro

  • Quiet: The Gusto pro with its brushless DC motor is 6 db quieter - at maximum speed - than comparable blenders (10 dB already means 50 % volume reduction). The Gusto Pro can be equipped with a sound cover to further reduce the noise level.
  • Powerful: Thick preparations such as almond butter can be made in no time at all. The Bianco Gutso pro is less prone to overheating due to its high torque.
  • Energy efficient: The Bianco Gusto Pro consumes up to 30 % less energy than conventional high-speed blenders.
  • Low motor wear: Since there are no parts rubbing against each other in the brushless DC motor, natural wear is very low and the service life is correspondingly long.
  • Flexible operation: in addition to 5 time programs, 5 additional programs can be customized and saved to make your favorite blender preparations even easier.

Bianco Gusto Pro Video


Preparation possibilities with the Bianco Gusto Pro

  • Creamy green smoothies
  • Delicious fruit and vegetable smoothies
  • Vegan plant and nut milks such as fresh almond milk
  • à la minute ice cream creations like fruit sorbets, frozen yogurt or healthy nicecream
  • Dips and sauces
  • Heavenly creamy hummus made from chickpeas or beans
  • Boiling hot soups such as cream of tomato soup
  • Healthy and vital baby porridge
  • Homemade nut butter
  • Liquid dough preparations - e. G. for pancakes, muffins or crepes
  • Freshly ground coffee or freshly ground almond flour
  • Crushed ice

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Handling and operation of the Bianco Gusto Pro

Bianco di Puro Gusto Pro with 5 time programs

5 time programs

The Gusto Pro offers 5 time programs to choose from. These programs end automatically when the blending process is finished:

  1. Smoothies up to 250 ml
  2. Smoothies up to 500 ml
  3. Green smoothies
  4. Dough
  5. Warm soups

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To start a time program, proceed as follows

  1. As soon as the container sits on the motor block, briefly press the On/Off button to put the Gusto Pro in standby mode. Now all program symbols light up and the display shows 00:00.
  2. Simply select the desired time program by pressing the corresponding program button until it lights up. The program selection is indicated by flashing of the selected program symbol and a short tone. If the LED light flashes red, you are in the individual program mode. Then press the program key - approx. 2 seconds - until the LED lights up white.
  3. To start the program, press the On/Off button. The remaining time and the blending level will now be shown on the display.
  4. As soon as the time is up and the program is finished, the blender will automatically turn off. If you want to end the blending process earlier, simply press the On/Off button.

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Define and start individual time programs

In addition to the 5 preset time programs (see above), you have the option of customizing 5 additional time programs and saving them on the 5 program buttons of the Gusto Pro. Each customizable time program can feature 30 steps in an 8-minute blending process. To program your time programs, proceed as follows:

  1. First, press any program button for about 2 seconds until the program lights up red.
  2. Now press and hold the settings button for 2 seconds until the 5 program LEDs start flashing.
  3. Now press any program button to create an individual program. Afterwards, the program buttons and the LED of the setting button will flash together. The display will show "STEP" - you can now enter STEP 1 of your individual blending program.
  4. Now set the duration and speed for STEP 1 with the speed level control (1-30) and the run time keys. Then press the flashing program button to confirm the speed level and time of step 1.
  5. The display now shows "Step" again so that you can enter step 2 of your individual program. Repeat the procedure from step 1 and continue until you have entered all steps of your program (max. 30 steps with a maximum runtime of 8 minutes).
  6. Finally, after confirming the last step, press the settings button to complete the set up of your individual time program. All 5 program LEDs light up. You can now press another program button to enter the next program or press the ON/OFF key to exit the individual mode.
  7. The program LED with the individual program lights up RED. Press this program key to select your individual program. The total duration and the speed level are shown on the display.

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Bianco di Puro Gusto Pro manual mode

Manual mode

The Gusto Pro can also be operated in manual mode, i. e. the duration and speed level are set manually.

  1. Setting the speed level: The speed level (1 to 30) is controlled via a jog dial. If you want to increase the speed, simply turn the switch to the right - if you turn it to the left, you will decrease the speed. Start the blending process with the On/Off button. If no runtime is entered, the blender runs for a maximum of 8 minutes and then switches itself off. The blending process can be stopped at any time by pressing the On/Off switch.
  2. Setting the duration: The speed level can also be combined with a duration. To do this, simply define the blending time by pressing the runtime button. With each touch, the runtime is increased or decreased by 1 second. If you hold down the button, the runtime can be increased or decreased in intervals of 10 seconds.
    After setting the duration, turn the jog dial to the right to start the blender at the selected speed level. The timer starts counting down and the Gusto Pro stops automatically when the time has elapsed. The speed level can be adjusted at any time during the blending process. The blending process can also be stopped before the timer expires.

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Pulse mode

The pulse function is great for blending in oil or spices into finished blender preparations.

Simply press the pulse button to make the Gusto Pro run at miximum speed. As soon as you release the pulse button, the blender automatically switches back to the set program or speed level.

For the complete Bianco Gusto Pro Instruction Manual »

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How loud is the Bianco Gusto Pro?

Thanks to its brushless DC motor, the Bianco Gusto Pro is one of the quietest Bianco blenders around. Compared to the Primo Plus, the Gusto Pro is about 6 dB quieter while running at maximum speed with a full container.

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Recommended accessories for the Bianco Gusto Pro

If you want to operate the Gusto Pro as quietly as possible, you should take a look at the sound cover:

Bianco di Puro Soundcover for Gusto Pro sideways
Bianco di Puro Soundcover for Gusto

Since the Gusto Pro does not turn off completely in stand-by mode, we recommend a power-saving plug:

Power Saver Plug
Power Saver Plug

For the preparation of smaller quantities - e. G. for dips, pestos, salsa or dressings from 150 ml - we recommend the purchase of the Bianco Uno container.

Bianco di Puro Uno Container
Bianco di Puro Uno Container
€169.90 €154.90
(if bought with this product)
[Discount in the cart]

For quick and easy cleaning of the container, we recommend our cleaning brush.

Cleaning Brush for Containers, Juicers & Bottles
Cleaning Brush for Containers, Juicers & Bottles

The spatula is practical for removing thick blends such as hummus, nicecream or pesto. It allows you to remove the food from the bottom and rim of the container without scratching it.

Kitchen Clever Spatula 5 cm
Kitchen Clever Spatula 5 cm wide

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Technical specification of the Bianco Gusto Pro

  • Power: 220-240 Volt / 50-60 Hz; 1000 Watt
  • Revolutions: 400 rpm to 15000 rpm
  • Dimensions (width x height x depth): 26.7 x 43.2 x 30.7 cm
  • Weight: approx. 6,5 kg
  • Material: 100 % Tritan plastic (BPA-free); Suitable for temperatures up to 100°C
  • Operation: Touch panel with on/off button, pulse button, buttons for time settings, speed level control from 1-30, 5 time program buttons, 5 buttons for customizable time programs, display with run time and speed level indication
  • Container: Bianco Canto container incl. T100 tamper
  • Volume of container: Bianco Canto - 1.5 liter / Bianco Premium - 2.0 liter
  • Blade type and material: 2 stainless steel blades; HCS (Japan)
  • Safety features: Container detection, overload and overheat protection, active cooling
  • Certification / Standard: CE, EMC

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Why does the Gusto Pro have such low revolutions?

The maximum speed of 15,000 rpm is indeed much lower than what many manufacturers promise for devices that are much cheaper. First of all, "Bianco di Puro" is one of the few manufacturers where we could verify that the advertised maximum speeds is actually true. We were also able to measure that the speed of a blender with a standard motor and no container attached sometimes decreases by more than half as soon as a fully loaded container is connected. The other blenders only run faster with small quantities, which in return leads to a higher noise level. The Gusto Pro, on the other hand, does its work quietly and with less energy consumption.

If you want to prepare 1 glass of green smoothie per blending session, you can expect a finer pureed blending result with a conventional high-speed blender. Here's the twist: If you need to prepare 1.5 liters of smoothie a day, the Bianco Gutso pro can consistently deliver a creamy smoothie consistency in just one blending session (The huge speed difference is especially noticeable when using leafy greens). If the focus is on thick preparations, such as dips, salsas, pesto, spreads, hummus, ice cream, etc., the Gusto Pro has the edge in any case! The overheating protection intervenes less frequently thanks to the high torque of the brushless DC motor.

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Safety features of the Bianco di Puro Gusto Pro

  • Active ventilation: activated as soon as the motor generates too much heat - prevents the motor from overheating.
  • Overheating protection: If the motor is overloaded, which can happen with viscous ingredients/preparations, the motor automatically switches off. The Bianco Gusto Pro can be used again after a few minutes of cool-down.
  • Overload protection: In the event that the blades in the container are blocked (e. G. forgotten objects in the container such as spoons, etc.), the overload protection ensures that the blender switches off automatically.
  • Container sensor: The Bianco Gusto can only be activated with a compatible container.

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Bianco di Puro Gusto Pro Scope of delivery:

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Warranty of the Bianco di Puro Gusto Pro

For private use:

  • Motor block: 25 years
  • Container: 2 years
  • Tamper: 2 years

For commercial use:

  • Motor block: 5 years
  • Container: 2 years
  • Tamper: 2 years

Full warranty conditions »

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Bianco Gusto Pro alternatives

Bianco di Puro Gusto Pro vs Bianco di Puro Gusto

In terms of performance, both Gusto blenders are identical with up to 15,000 revolutions per minute: they have a brushless DC motor, which is energy-efficient, powerful and, above all, low-wear. The differences between Gusto Pro and Gusto are not on the technical side, but in the time programs and container options.

The Bianco di Puro Gusto Pro focuses on individualized time programs. It offers 5 preset programs and the option to customize another 5 programs yourself. This can be very interesting, especially for gastro professionals who want to optimize a time program for a specific preparation. Also, unlike the Gusto, the Gusto Pro is compatible with the Bianco Soundcover.

The Bianco di Puro Gusto, on the other hand, is equipped with "only" 6 predefined time programs - there is no option to customize programs yourself. One advantage you can attribute to the Gusto is the large scope of delivery: 2 containers - 1.5 liter Canto container & 2.0 liter Premium container. We offer to choose the container combination. Besides the above two, the Uno container with 1.0 liter volume can also be choosen. The Bianco di Puro Gusto is a real all-rounder when purchased with the right containers - all popular blender preparations are possible whether it is large or small quantities. While the Canto container is arguably the best Bianco di Puro container for green smoothies and all liquid preparations, its cubic shape requires higher minimum quantitys. Liquid preparations such as smoothies, shakes or soups, have a minimum quantity of around 300 ml; 700 ml are required for viscose preparations like nicecream or pestos. No problem! Smaller and medium preparation quantities - liquid preparations from 150 ml; viscous preparations from 350 ml - can be prepared in the Uno container. This additional container is not included with the Gusto pro and has to be purchased separately.
This makes the Bianco di Puro Gusto the price-performance winner in our opinion. However, those who value customizable programs will find the Bianco di Puro Gusto Pro to be the right device for them.

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Questions & Answers about the Product

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[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 6/8/2023 by Viktor R.
I am very satisfied with this blender.

Although the mix result is not quite as fine as my Vitamix Pro 300, but still really very fine and creamy.

But for this you have the following advantages:
1. The device with sound cover is much quieter than the Vitamix. This I had used with silicone earplugs, which I had stored directly with the device (recommendation for users of loud blenders!), I do not have the need with this device.
2. With the Gusto Pro you can blend in a vacuum to preserve the vitamins, which I do and is not a chore.
3. Removing the contents and cleaning due to the two-bladed blunt blade is much easier.

I ordered 2 additional containers for this purpose, namely the Uno for small quantities and the Flower for grinding, because it would have bothered me if my main mixing container would have been blinded by micro-scratches from the hard ground material, that was a very, very good decision.

I am really very happy with this blender and look forward to using it every day!!!
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 9/20/2022 by Sebastien
Great blender
My wife is very sensitive to noise, so we decided to use the Gusto Pro.
We only blend smoothies so far, we haven't tried everything else yet. The noise produced by smoothies with frozen fruit can be described as comparatively pleasant. We had previously tested a blender for €179 from Amazon, so the comparison is of course unfair, but because of the much quieter and better result: clear purchase recommendation.

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