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Retap Bottle

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Retap Bottle

  • Award winning design
  • Made of stable borosilicate glass
  • Lightweight Bottle
  • Dishwasher safe

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Characteristics of the Retap bottle:

The Retap Bottle has no edges or threads where bacteria or smoothie residue can get stuck. The BPA-free lid, made of thermoplastic elastomer, is easy to put on and off. The vacuum created when the bottle is filled with green smoothies ensures that it stays tight. When The bottle is filled with water or other liquids, it is not 100 % leak-proof.

On first use: It is easier to put on/off the lid when it is slightly moistened on the inside.

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Retap bottle test

Retap bottle: Glas To-Go

I am constantly looking for THE perfect To-go smoothie bottle. I have tried and tested several by now: Blogger favorites like the Ball jars from Mason Jar or Quattro Stagioni, which mainly are decorative. I sometimes use amber glass milk bottles or stainless steel bottles, they protect my green smoothie from sunlight. My most important selection criterion is the material: the smoothie bottle must preferably be made of glass, I don't like to drink from plastic bottles. With that in mind, my colleague gave me the Retap bottle: "Carla - this bottle might be something for you. Please try it out."

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Retap bottle: stable, light and germ-free - thanks to borosilicate glass

The award-winning glass drinking bottle (among other awards - reddot design award winner 2011) seems quite unimpressive at first. At second glance I recognize Scandinavian feel-good design, charmingly delicate with its plastic lid. All in one, it sits perfectly in your hand and is very light. The bottle weights less than 200 grams, about half of a normal 1-liter glass milk bottle. In fact, its delicate workmanship even causes me to doubt its stability.
This concern is completely unfounded: Retap glass bottles are made of high-quality and, above all, stable borosilicate glass. This material also is extremely heat resistant. It is the same material that is used to produce medical test tubes, which, as you remember from chemistry class, are not even affected by strong temperature fluctuations.
Another advantage: Retap's designers have deliberately avoided edges and threads, so that not even pollutants and germs stick to the surface of this high-quality glass bottle. This is particularly appealing for storing green smoothies. It often happens that I don't have the opportunity to clean my smoothie bottle right after consumption - Cheers to hygiene. For my next test, I'm going to brew fresh peppermint tea in my Retap bottle - you'll see that there's nothing to see, no big deal - the bottle passes this test with ease. Yes, it really is heat-resistant. The Retap bottle passes this first test completely unscathed.

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Leak-proof - lid made of BPA-free plastic

The Retap bottle has a BPA-free plastic lid, which is available in eight different colors.

Retap bottle with leak proof cap

Removing the lid for the first time and putting it back on is a bit difficult, since the lid is still very tight and you're almost afraid of damaging the delicate neck of the bottle. After a few uses, the lid expands in a "healthy" way - without losing its function. It can thus be put on and taken off without any problems. Closing the bottle: The lid is properly closed when it gently clicks into place. The retap bottle then effortlessly passes the upside-down leak test. Filled with smoothie, the Retap bottle is very leak-proof. The situation is somewhat different when it is filled with water. If the bottle is positioned horizontally and the lid is exposed to impacts and friction, some water may leak out. However, as mentioned, this has not yet happened to us with smoothies.

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Three sizes for different needs

This morning, the Retap bottle smiles at me, and I spontaneously decide to enjoy my Green Smoothie breakfast outside next to Berlin's Landwehrkanal. The opening of the retap bottle is wide enough to allow decanting from the blender container without special skills. The large bottle holds a total of 0.8 liters - this is the amount I usually have for breakfast. Two other sizes are offered: 0.3 liters and 0.5 liters. Good sizes for smaller smoothie quantities or even for water. Because as I said, I don't like drinking out of plastic bottles.

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Green smoothie to go: On the road with the Retap bottle on Berlin's Landwehr Canal

Pleasant and spill-free drinking experience

Here I am, sitting on my blanket watching the little boats go by, picking up my retap bottle and taking the first sip of the day... enjoy. The retap experience: the green smoothie flows into my mouth with wonderful ease. The bottle opening is just the right size, perfectly surrounding the open mouth. Unlike a milk bottle, with its much wider opening, I don't have to wipe the tip of my nose after drinking to remove the typical mustache. I hope im not the only one who is familiar with this…. My nose stays clean and my green smoothie simply tastes good. Time passes, as I decide to climb the tree under whose shade I have been sitting until now. Now I have a clear view of the canal and the swans swimming around - all while still enjoying my smoothie.

3 sizes to relax: If the Retap bottle breaks, it will be replaced by the manufacturer. Ingenious service.

The weather is so nice that I have little desire to go back home after breakfast. I know that could have fatal consequences for cleaning the bottle later. Dried green smoothie residue is no joy, whether in a blender or in a bottle. But no risk, no fun - I stroll along the canal a bit longer.

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Easy cleaning thanks to smooth, groove-free surface

Coming home, I see what I already was expecting: a mercilessly overfilled dishwasher. Although my Retap bottle is dishwasher safe, there's no way I can put it in the dishwasher. The slightly dried remnants of the green smoothie are sticking to the glass walls of the bottle. Cleaning is nevertheless quite simple: fill the bottle halfway with water, put on the lid, shake well, rinse. Repeat the whole procedure once more. And that's it. Just as clean as in the morning. The Retap owes this easy handling to the groove-free design mentioned above. I have never experienced anything similar with any other bottle I have tested before. And once again, the Retap bottle impresses with a level of convenience I had never experienced in my daily smoothie routine.

I finish drying my Retap bottle and place it next to my previously much-used brown glass milk bottle. I hesitate for a moment before grabbing the milk bottle and putting it away - forever. My new favorite accessory for the green smoothie lifestyle has been found.

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Test result

The Retap bottle is an unexciting, initially unassuming beauty that is almost underestimated. All experiences with it are all the more rewarding: for example, it proves to be the ideal companion for environmentally conscious friends of glass and an unadulterated, germ-free taste. It is easy to transport, undemanding to care for, and definitely - in its simplicity - an eye-catcher. The test convinced me so much that I now always have two Retap bottles with me: The 0.8 liter bottle for my smoothie and the 0.5 liter bottle for water. I don't like to drink from anything else when I'm on the road.

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Technical specification of the Retap bottle


  • 300 ml: 166 g
  • 500 ml: 200 g
  • 800 ml: 222 g

Height and width:

  • 300 ml: 16.5 x 7 cm (HxW)
  • 500 ml: 19.5 x 8 cm (HxW)
  • 800 ml: 23 x 9 cm (HxW)

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Care instructions

The glass bottle and the lid are dishwasher safe. The bottle can also easily be cleaned by hand thanks to the large opening.

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Recommended accessories for the Retap bottle

Order your transport Retap Sleeve - here.

Retap sleeve green 500 ml
Retap Sleeve
9.90 €

Or a second lid for your Retap bottle: Retap Lid

Retap lid green
Lid for Retap Bottle
2.90 €

And our practical cleaning brush:

Cleaning Brush for Containers, Juicers & Bottles
Cleaning Brush for Containers, Juicers & Bottles
7.90 €

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Questions & Answers about the Product

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Total 12 question(s)

Is the bottle made of glass?

Question submitted by Manuela Helldörfer on September 12, 2021 at 18:14 o'clock

Hello Manuela,

Thank you very much for your question.
The glass bottles from Retap are made of stable borosilicate glass.

Best Regards,
Your Team

Beanwortet am 10.12.2021 um 10:02 Uhr

can we order the 0.8l bottles without lids? We already use the bottles, would like to reorder some, but have enough lids

Many greetings

Question submitted by Andrea on October 22, 2019 at 11:39 o'clock

Hello Andrea,

Thank you very much for your message.

It is possible to order the bottles without lids.
I would appreciate it if you could contact us by phone.
This type of order can not be placed in the Webshop and must be placed individually.

Phone number: 030 4479 3423

Best regards from Berlin,

Your team

Beanwortet am 22.10.2019 um 13:25 Uhr

Can the bottles withstand carbonated fillings or can they burst?

Thanks already for the answer
Also a Carla :-)

Question submitted by Carla on May 28, 2019 at 15:42 o'clock

Hello Carla,

thank you for your question.

We have made the experience that the retap bottle is not always tight with water or lemonades. This has nothing to do with carbon dioxide, but with the thin liquid. We would rather recommend the Lifefactory bottle⁣ – also a great bottle!
The retap bottle, is great for smoothies or for thicker consistencies.

Best regards,

Your team

Beanwortet am 29.05.2019 um 19:44 Uhr

Dear GreenSmoothie Team,
i am also quite enthusiastic about the Retap bottle and use it for storage in the refrigerator or when I take my greens to the office. Cleaning the bottle in the dishwasher works only conditionally. Since sometimes still remains in the bottle, because there probably the water jet does not get there.Therefore, I clean them by hand. That the lid is also dishwasher safe, I had slipped (have just read your article again) My lid has become black inside. I get the "nasty" coating no longer away. Will therefore order a new lid. What experiences have you had in this regard? Do the lids also discolor due to the smoothie residue when you put them in the dishwasher?
Best regards, Kerstin

Question submitted by Kerstin on August 5, 2019 at 22:57 o'clock

Hello Kerstin,

thank you very much for your inquiry.

I'm glad you like the retap bottle as much as we do. The easiest way to clean it really is to rinse it out directly after use

About the lids: I just looked again at my lids: There is a small rim or discoloration inside the lid. However, I only occasionally put the lids in the dishwasher.

Many greetings

Your team

Beanwortet am 09.04.2019 um 11:34 Uhr

What is the diameter of the orifice?

Question submitted by Gitti on June 14, 2018 at 22:54 o'clock

Hello Gitti,

thank you for the question.

The inner diameter, i.e. the distance between the inner sides of the glass body, is 3.1 cm.
The distance between the outer sides is 3.5 cm.

Best regards,
Your team

Beanwortet am 14.06.2018 um 14:59 Uhr

Dear Carla,

This sounds like a great alternative to my previous unsatisfactory storage options....
How heavy is the bottle approximately?

I still have one question:
Isn't a dark glass colour better to protect the ingredients from light?
What do you think / What are your experiences?

Best regards,
and thank you for all the great infos and recipes!

Question submitted by Cornelia on October 10, 2017 at 12:20 o'clock

Dear Cornelia,

I'm glad you like the Retap test report.

Regarding your questions: the Retap bottles are much lighter compared to other bottles – e.g. a multipurpose milk glass bottles. At first, I almost thought it was plastic – that's how light it is.

They come in three different sizes, which hardly differ in weight:

300 ml: 183 g
500 ml: 202 g
800 ml: 200 g

As described in the report, I have also had the amber glass milk bottles in use from time to time – I have not been able to determine any differences to other glass bottles so far.

I also rarely store my smoothie for longer than 4 hours, as I drink it as a breakfast replacement.
If it is hot outside, I sometimes put it in the refrigerator until consumption.

Best regards,
Your team

Beanwortet am 24.10.2017 um 16:50 Uhr

Hello Carla,

Unfortunately, you forgot to mention in your detailed review that the bottle is not waterproof.
The smoothies probably remain in the bottle only because of the viscous consistency.
Regarding the glass durability, I am sceptical about the bottle.
Nevertheless, thank you for the nice report.

Many greetings,

Question submitted by Yvi on October 10, 2017 at 12:08 o'clock

Hello Yvi,

i'm glad you liked my report.

Our main focus obviously is on green smoothies, that's what we are specialized in!:-)
If you use the Retap as a water bottle, water can easily leak out if it's lying horizontally and the lid is exposed to bumps and friction.
However, this did not happen to us with smoothies – even when we held the bottle upside down – see report.

Best regards,
Your team

Beanwortet am 24.10.2017 um 16:56 Uhr

I just got my 2 800ml bottles and am totally thrilled.
So far, my smoothie always had to go into the big 1 liter plastic bottles.

Will there eventually be a 1 liter version of the Retap bottle?

Kind regards,

Question submitted by Petra Ratayczak on October 10, 2017 at 12:05 o'clock

Dear Petra,

As far as I know, there are currently no plans to produce a 1 liter bottle.
But if that is the case at some point, it will immediately go into our product range.

Best regards,
Your team

Beanwortet am 24.10.2017 um 16:57 Uhr

Hello Carla,

So far, I've either consumed my smoothie immediately or put leftovers in sealable drinking glasses.
I keep them in the fridge until I'm back home – that's all I, personally, need.
However, if the bottle was waterproof and unbreakable, I might get one.

Many greetings,

Question submitted by Charlotte Schmengler on October 10, 2017 at 12:02 o'clock

Hello Charlotte,

Have a look at the Lifefactory maybe it is something for you.
This drinking bottle is also made of borosilicate glass and has a silicone coating.
It always sits securely in the hand and withstands light impacts.
Thanks to the large bottleneck, it is also easy to clean by hand and can be closed leak-proof with the BPA-free lid.

Lots of love,
Your team

Beanwortet am 20.03.2019 um 10:43 Uhr

What is the height in cm of each bottle?

Question submitted by Traudl on October 10, 2017 at 11:59 o'clock

Hello Traudl,

The height measurements of the Retap bottle are as follows::

300 ml: 16.5 cm
500 ml: 19.5 cm
800 ml: 23.0 cm

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

All the best,
Your Team

Beanwortet am 24.10.2017 um 16:58 Uhr

unfortunately, it's still a plastic cap, but maybe that's the best option.
Can you taste the plastic, which is directly on the mouthpiece?

Question submitted by Noel on October 10, 2017 at 11:57 o'clock

Hello dear Noel,

I can't taste plastic, I'm usually very sensitive to the taste of plastic.
But there also is a wooden lid for the Retap bottle, which we will soon offer in the store.
However, this lid is not leakproof, so is only suitable for the living room / office.

Many greetings,
Your team

Beanwortet am 24.10.2017 um 16:59 Uhr

Hi Carla,
thank you for the detailed test report!
I like the design and especially the simplicity of the Retap bottle a lot.
Do you still have the bottle in use and if so, can you say something about the expansion of the lid?

Greetings and thanks in advance!

Question submitted by flaschenscout on October 10, 2017 at 11:46 o'clock

Hello Bottle Scout,

Yes, I still use the Retap (o.8-liter variant) daily as a smoothie bottle and find the lid flawless and especially “smoothie-proof”.
Nothing leaks out.
However, I have changed the lid after half a year because I wanted to try a different colour.

Your team

Beanwortet am 24.10.2017 um 17:02 Uhr

Ask a question


[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 9/8/2023 by Brigitte C.
Rating without text
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 3/26/2023 by Andreas B. Bremen
Overall good!
Pleasant to the mouth and easy to clean. Worried every day that the glass breaks in the bag but so far everything went well.
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 10/10/2017 by Frederik
Great report
Thanks for this great and detailed test report!
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 7/31/2017 by GesäuseQuilterin
Absolute recommendation!
A super bottle, finally with a decent capacity (800ml), so I do not have to constantly go to work with three glasses. Also the sleeve is great, although tricky to put over. I like that my smoothie is hidden and I am not constantly addressed whether the green color funny.
The residual smoothie is super easy to rinse, it sticks funnily enough hardly, unlike other glasses.
[4 of 5 Stars]
added: 11/10/2016 by Monika
Despite everything super product!
Great bottle! It is really very light and super in use. Unfortunately, a thin "greasy film" has settled inside the bottle, which I could neither remove with boiling water nor detergent. To clean the bottle by hand is not easy because of the curved shape.
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 2/18/2016 by Klaas Liebig
The bottles are really beautiful
The bottles are really beautiful. Very harmonious and the longer you have them in use, the more you appreciate them. The first thing that stands out is that they are much lighter than expected. I was really afraid that they will break. I carry the big bottle around in my backpack every day for about half a year now. Smoothie has not leaked yet. However, it doesn't seem to hold completely tight when water is in it. It is probably due to the different consistency. In any case, I'm glad I no longer have to rely on those Tritan plastic bottles that always get scratched over time and where you don't really know what's in there. Classic glass bottles were previously uninteresting because of the weight. Therefore, the retap is the perfect solution for me. And it's chic, too.
[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 10/20/2015 by Alexander Handen
Great water bottle
Great water bottle, I have you every day in use. Whether on the road or on the dining table, I find it also appeals visually.

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