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Grüne Smoothies with Svenja und Carla

We love green smoothies and juices!

Green smoothies and fresh juices are the easiest way to support our diet with a high amount of nutrients every day. We love both - green smoothies, our favorite alkaline break­fast and fresh juices as an energy boost in between meals. However, the main reason: they simply taste delicious. Over the past few years, we've created a variety of smoothie recipes to suit every taste - click here to get inspired.

It's all about the right equip­ment!

The creamier the green smoothie, the better the tastes. Juices, on the other hand, should not be creamy: We want a full-bodied, clear taste! There­fore, they must be squeezed slowly and in a nutrient-friendly way to achieve the best result. See our selec­tion of smoothie blenders & slow juicers.

Blender Recommendations

Slow Juicer Recommendations

Green smoothie recipes and more

Green Smoothies Recipes for Beginners

Green Smoothies Recipes
for Beginners

Get started in the world of green smoothies with our TOP 10 Green Smoothies Recipes for Beginners. Get to know different flavors and ingredient combinations in order to have a wide Smoothie variety for the whole year.
Click here to go to the recipes

Ginger Shot Recipes

Boost your Immune System with this 5 minute recipe

Strengthen yourself in the cold season with a homemade ginger shot, It has never been as easy as it is with a high-speed blender. Support your immune system in the fight against colds, sniffles & Co.
Click here for the recipes

Celery Juice Recipes

Celery Juice: Info
incl. 6 Celery Juice Recipes

We love celery - always have! Whether in a green smoothie or in cold-pressed juices. But right now there is a real hype around the green perennial plant.
Click here for the recipes

More Recipes

More Recommendations

Green Smoothies Tips & Tricks

Boost your immune system

Boost your Immune System: recipes, ingredients and tips

Greens are delicious & healthy! Therefore, you can easily boost your immune system with green smoothies and freshly squeezed juices every day.
Learn how to do it

Kostenlosen 7-Tage Detox-Kur

Free 7 Day Detox Cleanse
with Svenja & Carla

Do your body some good, with our Detox-cleanse, simply replace one meal a day with a green smoothie. Start your Detox-cleanse now!
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Intermittent Fasting 6:1

Intermittent fasting 6:1 with green
smoothies and juices

A whole day only dedicated to green smoothies, freshly squeezed juices and raw foods - that's our weekly anti-stress ritual. Do you feel like giving it a try?
All info here

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Green smoothies recipes, tips and blenders

Green smoothies on everyone's lips

In 2008, we launched the first german-speaking Green Smoothies website. Inspired by wild chimpan­zees, whose diet consists of over 80 % fruits and leafy greens, the homemade smoothie was born. Whether as a breakfast substitute, snack, sports nutrition or detoxer, a lot of people around the world now find the regular consump­tion of homemade Green Smoothies a very time-saving and con­venient way to get their daily dose of fruit and vege­table.

Prepare your own green smoothies in a high-speed blender

Sooner or later, anyone who prepares green smoothies wonders: which blender will make my green smoothies irresis­tibly fine and creamy? We there­fore regu­larly test new blenders and have compiled a selection of the best in their class. We offer blenders for green smoothies from the leading brands Vitamix and Bianco di Puro. Homo­geneous, creamy consis­tency and as few solid particles as possible are our require­ments when it comes to high-speed blenders. We have put countless high-speed blenders to the test and are confident about our selec­tion. For each green smoothie blender purchased on Gruene­, you therefore receive a 45-day-money-back guarantee, which goes far beyond the legal right of with­drawal. Our blender comparison provides an overview of our price-perfor­mance winners in the individual cate­gories - click here.

Detox Cleanse with green smoothies

The moti­vation to launch Grüne­ in 2008 came from the desire to share our enthu­siasm for our favorite daily meal. In the meantime, we offer numerous, free online courses with recipes, shopping lists, tips and infor­mation on the ingre­dients. Beginner or advanced user, you will find what you are looking for on our website. Perhaps we will soon meet in our 7-Day Kickstart or the Detox cleanse. In addition, you can find tips for preparing green smoothies as well as heaps of smoothie recipes on our website.

Green Smoothies Recipes

Be inspired by numerous Green Smoothies recipes that we have lovingly developed and tested. You will always receive well-balanced compo­sitions, such as our green smoothie recipes for beginners, which have already inspired over 70,000 Challenge parti­cipants. If you want to meet us, come visit us in Berlin. We host work­shops for beginners and wild herb tours in our garden in Berlin Kreuzberg. You can also try a Green Smoothie from one of our re­commended high-speed blenders in our Berlin showroom.