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Kuvings B8200

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  • Good for fruit juices
  • Comfortable
  • Space-saving design

Kuvings B8200 grey
Kuvings B8200 grey Kuvings B8200 grey Kuvings B8200 sideways Kuvings B8200 with juice ingredients and juice

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Kuvings B8200

  • Good for fruit juices
  • Comfortable
  • Space-saving design

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Kuvings B8200 Product Highlights:

  • Attractive price: At just under 400 euros, the Kuvings B8200 is the entry-level model among high-quality and convenient vertical juicers.
  • Convenient: Thanks to its large hopper (8.2 cm average), the juice ingredients only have to be partially cut. Small apples can be processed in whole, this saves time. In addition, the juice flap prevents juice from spilling onto the worktop.
  • No effort required: The Kuvings B8200 juices all by itself. The ingredients do not have to be pushed to the auger - as with other juicers.
  • Compact & stylish: Space-saving vertical slow juicer for small kitchens.
  • Secured & Sustainable: 3 years warranty on all parts (Full terms & conditions»). Secure spare parts supply even after the warranty period has expired .


About the manufacturer Kuvings

The Korean company Kuvings is one of the largest slow juicer producers in the world. Its special hobby is the development and production of compact and convenient vertical juicers. The expertise gained in this field is used to expand the product portfolio. With the Kuvings B8200, for example, even the juicer legend Kuvings B6000 has been improved once again: Customers can look forward to the larger hopper and improved juicing technology - among other things, the pulp is extracted quicker and can no longer get stuck under the auger. This is especially beneficial when juicing fibrous ingredients like celery or leafy greens. As green juice lovers, these innovations have convinced us so much that we have included the Kuvings B8200 in our store.

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How good is the quality of the juice?

The Kuvings B8200 is is perfect for the preparation of celery juice (see next paragraph), green mixed juices from leafy greens, vegetables and fruits, beetroot juice, carrot juice. Of course, it is also suitable for squeezing healthy ginger shots or turmeric shots as well as probiotic sauerkraut juice.

Juice consistency & juice yield

The Kuvings B8200 produces clear green juices, vegetable juices, fruit juices and mixed juices - with only a few plant fibers.
Compared to other slow juicers in this price segment, the juice yield is somewhere between good and average.

Taste experience

With 50 revolutions per minute, the B8200 juices as expected from a slow juicer: Slow and gentle - i. e. the nutrients are lost neither through massive oxidation, nor through heating. This is also clearly noticeable in the taste. The juices produced with the Kuvings B8200 are full-bodied and pure.

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Is the Kuvings B8200 capable of producing celery juice?

The Kuvings B8200 is suitable for making celery juice. The juice consistency is clear - almost completely fiber free - and the taste is full-bodied-pure.

The B8200 delivered an average result in our celery juice juicer test. About 357 ml of juice were extracted from 500 g of celery. In direct comparison with the testwinner Angel Juicer the B8200 only landed in the lower third of the ranking; however, in comparison with other vertical juicers, the juice yield can be rated as good!

Important preparation note: Fibrous ingredients, such as celery stalks, should be cut into 1-2 cm long pieces. This way, the pulp is easily separated from the juice, and the entire process is more efficient.

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What other preparation possibilities are there?

Preparing nut milk in the Kuvings B8200

The Kuvings B8200 can be used for preparing nut or almond milk without the need for any additional accessories. Since horizontal juicers have a juice chamber, your fresh nut milk is ready in just one jucing run. All you need to do is soak the nuts beforehand - preferably overnight. For general instructions on how to prepare almond milk with a vertical juicer like the Kuvings B8200, click here.

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Operation & handling of the Kuvings B8200

The Kuvings B8200 is easy to assemble - five parts need to be put together on the motor block. All you have to do is align the red marks of the juice drum, the screen and the hopper with each other. At the end, the lid is turned clockwise to the CLOSE position. The B8200 is ready for use.

Juicing with the Kuvings B8200

The Kuvings B8200 is designed with two options to add the ingredients - the so called Flipgate. If the flip gate is closed, narrow ingredients such as carrots, celery stalks or herbs can be added. If you want to juice bigger ingredients such as apples or beet, simply open the flip gate.
Please close the juice flap before starting the juicing process when preparing mixed juices.

Vegetable/fruit tip: We do not recommend putting whole ingredients into the juicer, despite the large opening. Large apples, for example, should be quartered and beetroot cut into halves. This makes it easier for the juicer to process the ingredients.

Celery/leafy greens tip: Fibrous ingredients such as celery stalks or leafy greens should be cut into 2 cm pieces. This prevents the fibers from wrapping around the auger and allows the pulp to come out faster.

To start the Kuvings B8200, the central on-off switch on the motor block is set to FWD - forward running. The ingredients are pulled to the auger - the B8200 does not need any manual assistance in this process. If ingredients such as leafy greens get stuck above the auger simply press them down using the tamper. When all ingredients are processed and no more pulp comes out, open the juice flap and collect the juice in the juice jug. Done!

Juicing Tip: It is best to fill the Kuvings B8200 with a little patience - i. e. add new ingredients little by little. This way, you can prevent an ingredient jam!

If the juice drum is clogged, press REV button

In general, blocking of ingredients occurs very rarely with the Kuving B8200. However, if this does happen, reversing the juicer will help. To do this, first stop the juicer. Now press and hold the REV function until the jam in the juice drum loosens. The device can be started again by turning the central control switch back to FWD.

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Cleaning the Kuving B8200

The quickest way to clean the Kuvings B8200 is directly after juicing. This prevents the ingredients from sticking to the parts of the slow juicer. It is best to preliminary clean the juicer by closing the juice flap - the Smartcap - and filling it with about 300 ml of water. Open the smartcap after a few revolutions and let the water run into the juice jug. Now disassemble the juicer: To do this, remove the hopper from the juice drum by turning it counterclockwise - use the same direction of rotation to remove the juice drum from the motor block. Disassemble the remaining parts. It is best to place all parts in the sink and remove ingredient residues roughly with your hands. Then rinse all parts with lukewarm water. Clean the screen with the included flat brush and use the cleaning brushes for all other parts. At the end, you can either let the parts air dry or wipe them with a kitchen towel and then reassemble the Kuvings B8200 right away. Done!

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Technical specification of the Kuvings B8200

  • Model: Kuvings B8200
  • Juicing method: vertical - 1x Auger
  • Dimensions (height x width x depth): 44.5 cm x 15.5 cm x 21 cm
  • Hopper: 8.2 cm diameter
  • Juice drum capacity: 450 ml
  • Weight: 6,6 kg
  • Power: 240 watts - 50 rpm
  • Voltage: 220 - 240 volts, 50 - 60 Hz
  • Maximum running time: 30 min
  • Material: BPA/BPS-free plastic

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Kuvings B8200 Scope of delivery:

  • Motor block with power cord
  • Hopper with flip gate
  • Juice drum incl. juice flap
  • Wiper blade frame incl. wiper blades
  • Fine screen for juicing
  • 1x Auger
  • Juice jug made of BPA-free plastic
  • Pulp jar made of BPA-free plastic
  • Flat brush for fine screen
  • Cleaning brush
  • Tamper
  • Instruction manual
  • Recipe book in English

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Kuvings B8200 Warranty

Kuvings Slow Juicer B8200 Authorized Dealer
  • Motor: 3 years
  • All other parts: 2 years

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Questions & Answers about the Product

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is it allowed to use a smoothie or ice sieve in this model? LG

Question submitted by Isabel on December 20, 2021 at 16:09 o'clock

Hello Isabel,
thank you very much for your message.
Unfortunately, there is no coarse sieve or blank sieve available for the Kuvings B8200.
Only the fine sieve is included in the scope of delivery.

Best regards,
Your Team

Beanwortet am 20.12.2021 um 16:48 Uhr

Hello, are the components dishwasher safe?

Question submitted by Schmid on January 8, 2021 at 10:15 o'clock


Thank you very much for your question.
The components are not suitable for the dishwasher, we recommend handwashing, preferably directly after juicing.

Best regards,
Your Team

Beanwortet am 02.08.2021 um 09:17 Uhr

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