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Puree Screen for Angel Juicer

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Puree Screen for Angel Juicer 5500, 7500, 8500S
Angel Juicer 5500 Puree Screen Angel Juicer 7500 Puree Screen Angel Juicer 8500S Puree Screen Puree Screen for Angel Juicer 5500, 7500, 8500S

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Puree Screen for Angel Juicer

  • For pureeing and homogenizing
  • Made from 100 percent stainless steel

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in stock, immediately available
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Angel Juicer puree screen (fine)

The puree screen (fine) allows you to use your Angel Juicer to puree and homogenize one or more ingredients. This way, the Angel Juicer can also prepare nut porridge, nut puree, sorbets, baby food, hummus or vegetarian spreads.
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Preparation possibilities

  • Nut puree and nut porridge
  • Baby food
  • Sorbets from frozen fruits
  • Vegetarian spreads
  • Hummus
  • Nut pastes

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Technical specification


  • SUS-304 stainless steel - Angel Juicer 5500 and Angel Juicer 7500
  • SUS-316 stainless steel - Angel Juicer 8500S

Scope of delivery

  • Angel Juicer puree screen (fine)

Questions & Answers about the Product

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Total 2 question(s)

Where actually is the difference between the Angel juicer "Blank sieve" and the "Puree sieve fine";?

Question submitted by Martin on May 14, 2021 at 11:20 o'clock

Hello Martin.
Here – depending on the store – a different name is used for the same product.
We are familiar with the following terms: blank sieve - sieve housing closed; puree attachment and the term we use "puree sieve fine". There is no difference between the products mentioned.
The background for the variety of names is that Angel Juicers itself has only one English name for this sieve and that is "Mashing".

Beanwortet am 14.05.2021 um 12:21 Uhr

Hello dear team, does this purée sieve variant have openings or is it completely closed?

Best regards, Susanne

Question submitted by Susanne on February 18, 2021 at 11:16 o'clock

Hello Susanne,

Thank you very much for your message.

The purée sieve (fine) is completely closed and is suitable for nut porridge, nut puree, sorbets, baby food or hummus. The puree sieve (coarse) has the 2 openings and can be used for grinding coffee or cereals.

Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any more questions :- )

Best regards,

Betsy from the team

Beanwortet am 18.02.2021 um 12:04 Uhr

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