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Coarse Screen for Angel Juicer

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  • For juicing soft fruits and vegetables
  • Made from 100 percent stainless steel

Coarse Screen for Angel Juicer for 5500, 7500, 8500S
Angel Juicer 5500 Corse Screen Angel Juicer Grobsieb Angel Juicer Grobsieb Coarse Screen for Angel Juicer for 5500, 7500, 8500S

Availability: In stock

Coarse Screen for Angel Juicer

  • For juicing soft fruits and vegetables
  • Made from 100 percent stainless steel

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Angel Juicer coarse screen for juicing soft fruits and vegetables

The Angel Juicer coarse screen is a useful addition to your Angel Juicer if you like to prepare juices from soft ingredients such as tomatoes, cucumbers, pineapple, melon, grapes or even mealy apples and soft pears. These ingredients can be juiced easier and faster. Please select your Angel Juicer model above to ensure that you receive the coarse screen that corresponds to the material of your juicer.


Preparation possibilities

  • Fruit juices from soft fruits such as grapes, pineapple, melons, berries
  • Vegetable juices from tomatoes, cucumbers or zucchini
  • Mixed juices from soft fruits and vegetables

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Technical specification


  • SUS-304 stainless steel - Angel Juicer 5500 and Angel Juicer 7500
  • SUS-316 stainless steel - Angel Juicer 8500S

Scope of delivery

  • Angel Juicer coarse screen

Questions & Answers about the Product

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Dear Sir or Madam,

can the Angel Juicer 5500 also prepare smoothies?

Thank you for your answer.

Sincerely yours,
Petr Berger

Question submitted by Petr Berger on February 28, 2020 at 07:47 o'clock

Hello Petr,

thank you very much for your message.

Juicers obviously are primarily focused on making juices – this is done be separating the juice from the fibre. The exception is the blank or puree sieve. Here, the ingredients are ground through the twin auger and come out of the actual pulp outlet as a "puréed" mass. In a smoothie, on the other hand, all ingredients are blended and crushed.

Best regards from Berlin!

Betsy from the team

Beanwortet am 28.02.2020 um 10:38 Uhr

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[5 of 5 Stars]
added: 5/13/2020 by Christoph Putz
Qualitatively incredible results
Makes extremely delicious pineapple juice and pear juice. Unfortunately, my tomato juice was quite thick. Here I have to rethink what I can do better.

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