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Omega Juicers H3000R-F

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  • Best entry-level juicer
  • Attractive price
  • Easy handling
  • Compact dimensions

Omega Juicers H3000R-F
Omega Juicers H3000R-F Omega Juicers H3000R-F front Omega Juicers H3000R-F carrot and beetroot juice Omega Juicers H3000R-F juicing Omega Juicers H3000R-F with ingredients

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Omega Juicers H3000R-F

  • Best entry-level juicer
  • Attractive price
  • Easy handling
  • Compact dimensions

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Price Performance Winner: Simple, compact and affordable

The Omega Juicers H3000R-F provides an affordable and easy entry into the world of freshly squeezed juices. These can be made in no time at all, and the juicer can be cleaned in just a few minutes. For those who are not sure if daily juicing will become a routine or are looking for a small secondary juicer, the Omega Juicers H3000R-F is the perfect choice!

Make freshly squeezed juices with the Omega Juicers H3000R-F

Omega Juicers H3000R-F Product Highlights:

  • Value for money: finally, a horizontal juicer for less than 250 euros that can reliably produce all popular juices.
  • Easy to use: simple to set up, easy to juice, easy to clean - the Omega Juicers H3000R-F guarantees effortless production of freshly squeezed juices.
  • Compact dimensions: the Omega Juicers H3000R-F is one of the smallest horizontal juicers and should find a place even in small kitchens.


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About the manufacturer Omega

Omega has been a specialist in the production of slow juicers for decades. Time and again, the American company succeeds in producing contemporary juicers - such as most recently the celery juice specialist Omega Juicers MM900 or the entry-level Omega Juicers H3000R-F.

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What is the quality of the juice?

The Omega Juicers H3000R-F is wonderful for making freshly squeezed juices - whether for fruit and vegetable juices such as carrot juice, beetroot juice, mixed green juices, sauerkraut juice or ginger shots or ginger turmeric shots. At 90-110 revolutions per minute, the ingredients are juiced in a nutrient-preserving manner without generating heat. The juice consistency is almost fiber-free and the taste is full-bodied.

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How well is the Omega Juicers H3000R-F suited for the production of celery juice?

Of course, the Omega Juicers H3000R-F can be used to make freshly squeezed celery juice. We obtained an almost clear juice, which also convinced us in terms of taste. In terms of juice yield, the Omega Juicers H3000R-F was in the rear of all tested slow juicers in our celery juice juicer test. For comparison: The test winner Angel Juicer extracted an average of 430 ml of celery juice from 500 g of celery, while the Omega Juicers H3000R-F did almost 100 ml less with 331 ml!

Preparation tip: Increase your juice yield by juicing the celery pulp in no more than one additional run after juicing the celery stalks. In this way, the Omega Juicers H3000R-F also achieves an above-average juice yield!

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Make fresh beetroot and carrot juice with the Omega Juicers H3000R-F

What other preparation options are there?

The Omega Juicers H3000R-F is equipped with two sieves for juicing and is therefore primarily used for making freshly squeezed juices. However, you can also use it to make nut milk with soaked nuts.

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Operation & handling of the Omega Juicer H3000R-F

Structure of the Omega Juicer H3000R-F

The Omega Juicers H3000R-F is quite easy to assemble - only 5 parts need to be put together. First, you connect the black funnel to the juice housing. This is then attached to the motor block. To do this, loosen the locking lever on the motor block, insert the juice housing and close the lever. Now insert the auger and the sieve from the front and attach the closing cap by turning it counterclockwise. Position the pulp collection container below the pulp outlet and the juice jug below the juice outlet. Now the Omega Juicers H3000R-F is ready for use!

Juicing with the Omega Juicers H3000R-F

Before you start juicing, wash the ingredients, peel them if necessary and cut them to fit the diameter of the feed chute. Now start the Omega Juicers H3000R-F by setting the central switch on the back of the motor block to START or ON. Now add the juice ingredients one by one into the feed chute, pushing with the tamper to the pressing auger if necessary. When no more juice comes out of the juice outlet, you can remove the juice jug. It is best to place a cloth underneath the juice outlet so that the worktop is not soiled by dripping. This makes sense especially with strongly coloring juice ingredients such as beetroot or turmeric.

Tip 1: It is best to cut the juice ingredients into 2-3 cm pieces; Celery stalks should even be chopped into 1-2 cm pieces. This has the advantage that juicing is faster and a higher juice yield is achieved

Tip 2: Increase your juice­ yield significantly by juicing the pulp maximum 1x as well.

Note: The maximum runtime in continuous operation is 30 minutes.

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In case of ingredient backlog, activate REV function

From time to time, ingredients may jam in the juice housing or the feed chute. This happens especially with soft, watery ingredients such as cucumbers, ripe pineapple or floury apples. The ingredient jam can be cleared with the REV function. This is located on the central switch and must be held down. Now the pressing screw turns backwards. After about 10-15 seconds, release the REV button again, wait until the pressing auger stops rotating and restart the juicer.

Tip: To prevent an ingredient jam, it is best to juice soft and hard ingredients alternately

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Cleaning the Omega Juicer H3000R-F

The Omega Juicers H3000R-F is very easy to clean - certainly a significant advantage over vertical juicers or horizontal juicers with two pressing rollers! To do this, disassemble the slow juicer again and first remove coarse ingredient residues directly with your hands into the organic waste garbage can. Then rinse all parts with lukewarm water. Brush out the strainer well with the supplied cleaning brush and rinse. It is best to dry all parts with a kitchen towel and reassemble the Omega Juicers H3000R-F.

Dishwasher safe! The manufacturer states that all parts can be cleaned in the top compartment of the dishwasher. For this purpose, the juice residues should be removed in advance as described above.

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Make fresh carrot juice with the Omega Juicers H3000R-F

Recommended accessories for the Omega Juicers H3000R-F

Cleaning brush

We recommend our cleaning brush for cleaning the Omega Juicer H3000R-F. Especially the feed chute and the juice housing can be cleaned easily. Of course you can also use our cleaning brush for cleaning bottles. We use it for almost all cleaning tasks in the kitchen.

Cleaning Brush for Containers, Juicers & Bottles
Cleaning Brush for Containers, Juicers & Bottles
7.90 €

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Technical specification of the Omega Juicers H3000R-F

  • Model: Omega Juicers H3000R-F
  • Juicing type: horizontal - 1 pressing screw
  • Dimensions (height x width x depth): 34 cm x 16,5 cm x 38 cm
  • Diameter of the feeding chute: 3 cm
  • Weight: 6 kg
  • Power: 150 watts; 90-110 revolutions per minute
  • Voltage: 220 - 240 volts, 50 - 60 Hz
  • Material: BPA/BPS-free plastic
  • Fuse: 250V 5A 50T

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Omega Juicers H3000R-F Scope of delivery:

  • Motor block with power cord
  • Juicer housing incl. feed chute
  • Filling funnel
  • Auger
  • Closing cap
  • 2 identical juicing sieves - one as spare sieve
  • Juice collection container made of BPA/BPS-free plastic
  • Pomace collection container made of BPA/BPS-free plastic
  • Tamper
  • Cleaning brush
  • German/English instruction manual

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Warranty of the Omega Juicer H3000R-F

For purely private use:

  • All parts: 2 years

Complete warranty conditions "

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Questions & Answers about the Product

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Dear seller,
I have a question, where was this juicer made?
Thank you

Question submitted by Cham on January 8, 2022 at 12:21 o'clock

Hello Cham,

Thank you very much for your message.
The Omega H3000R-F is manufactured in China.

Best regards,
Your Team

Beanwortet am 01.08.2022 um 13:06 Uhr

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[4 of 5 Stars]
added: 11/29/2022 by Karina
I am very satisfied with the juicer. It is quiet and the size is optimal for my small kitchenette. So far I have mainly juiced celery. I put the pomace in a nut milk bag or similar and press out the rest of the juice by hand. The juicer is also very easy to clean, which I really appreciate. All in all, a very good device
It was also delivered very quickly. Ordered today and tomorrow already there.... Thank you very much:-))

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