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We grant a warranty for the offered product.

Warranty conditions:

In addition to the statutory rights to defects to which you are entitled, we grant consumers - in accordance with §13 BGB - 2-year warranty on the goods advertised with the warranty promise. The period for calculating the warranty period begins with the invoice date. Our warranty extends geographically to the countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland. If, during this period, material or manufacturing defects occur in the goods purchased by you or if a restriction in the functionality of the goods occurs, we will, at our discretion, provide you with one of the following warranties:

  • repair of the goods free of charge or
  • exchange of the goods free of charge for an equivalent article (if necessary also a successor model, if the original goods are no longer available) or
  • Refund of the full purchase price

Please contact us as guarantor in case of a warranty claim:

Wartmann Germany c/o Gruene Smoothies GmbH
Urbanstr. 177A
10961 Berlin

E-mail address:
Tel.: + 49 (0)30 - 44 79 34 23

Warranty claims are excluded in case of damage to the goods caused by

  • misuse or improper handling
  • Environmental influences (humidity, heat, overvoltage, dust etc.)
  • Non-observance of any safety precautions
  • Non-observance of the operating instructions
  • Use of force (e. G. impact, shock, falling)
  • unauthorized repair attempts

Warranty claims are limited to 6 months from the date of invoice in case of damage to the goods due to

  • commercial use and use outside the private household
  • extremely frequent use of the goods, which exceeds the normal household use

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A claim under the warranty requires that you allow us to examine the warranty claim in advance by sending us the goods. For the return of the goods from Germany you will receive a prepaid return label on request. Subsequent reimbursement of the shipping costs borne by you are unfortunately not possible. When sending the goods from abroad, the costs for the transport and the risk of damage or loss of the goods during transport are to be borne by the buyer. We therefore recommend insured shipping with tracking number. In this case, it is important to ensure that damage in transit is avoided by appropriate packaging. It is best to keep the original packaging with the shipping box.

To apply for warranty service, a copy of the original invoice must be enclosed with the shipment. We ask for your understanding that we can refuse warranty service if no copy is enclosed. The sending of the invoice copy serves for the calculation of the warranty period.

If it is a legitimate warranty claim, the return of the goods to your premises is free of charge.

Your legal rights are not limited by this warranty promise. In particular, any existing statutory warranty rights against us remain unaffected by this warranty promise.

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