Passion Fruit Smoothie Recipe with Pear, Apple and Avocado

Passion Fruit Smoothie Recipe

A green smoothie that always succeeds, even if there is a lack of creativity, the passion fruit smoothie. The recipe can be varied as you like, four of my favorite ingredients form the base: Spinach, ripe avocado, lemon and passion fruit. They make this passion fruit smoothie a full-bodied experience. In my opinion, passion fruit is the most flavorful fruit and turns any smoothie into a cocktail. The lemon, zest as well as juice, takes bitter tips out of the smoothie - Avocado gives the velvety texture that ties all the components together.
Spinach gives the passion fruit smoothie is beautiful green color. It should, always be used in rotation with other green leaves, in my case it is used several times a week, because the result just always great.

Passion fruit smoothie

With pear, apple and avocado
Prep Time 10 Min
Perform Time 5 Min
Total Time 15 Min
Amount 1500 ml
Calories 680 kcal
Cuisine Smoothie
Author Svenja from
Half passion fruit
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  • 3 handful of spinach
  • 1 bunch of parsley
  • 1 bunch of pimpinelle
  • 1 avocado ripe
  • 2 pears ripe, type: conference
  • 1 passion fruit
  • 1 banana large
  • 1 apple small
  • 1 cm slice of lemon with peel and the juice of the whole fruit
  • water as needed


  1. Clean ingredients and cut to size suitable for your blender!
  2. Cut the avocado in half, remove the core and place the flesh in the blender container.
  3. Put all the other ingredients in the container and blend for 45-60 seconds until you reach a smooth, creamy consistency.
  4. Enjoy with all your heart!

(result is approx. 1.5 liters - don't worry the taste ensures that someone takes care of it, I promise :-) )

Have fun with the recipe and your variations.

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Svenja from

Green smoothies have been my replacement for morning cerals since 2009. They are inspiring, delicious and speak for themselves. They fit into our lives with five kids and lots of joy in creative healthy cooking. I really love to prepare or create new smoothies. Inspired by the Green Smoothie, I combine two of my passions with my job: taking pictures and working with food.

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