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Pancakes Recipe: the quick Pancakes batter

Pancake batter out of your blender

Kids love pancakes. So do ours. All the better that we know a quick pancake recipe. We simply mix the pancake batter in a high-speed blender, like the Vitamix Pro 750. Not only is it a faster, but it also is a completely lump-free way. Another advantage: You can pour the batter directly from the container into the pan. This saves the use of the ladle and the batter that is usually spread everywhere. For us, pancakes are a nice alternative for an extended breakfast on the weekend or for a sweet afternoon snack.

Basic ingredients used in the pancakes recipe: milk, flour, sugar.

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Pancakes recipe: The game with the basic ingredients

For flour, we like to use a mix of gluten-free buckwheat and spelt flour. Of course, you can try any other flour or mix in ground oats and millet flakes. By the way, you can use your blender perfectly for grinding cereal grains or cereal flakes. For example, we don't use buckwheat flour, we add whole buckwheat grains to the dough mixture.
Caution: If you want to use your blender frequently to grind cereal grains, the container may "go blind". Therefore, we recommend an additional container for these applications.

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Prepare pancakes batter in blender and pour directly out of the blender container into the pan. No annoying batter blobs, pour the batter directly from the blender container into the pan.

Depending on which milk you prefer, you can choose between cow´s milk or vegan plant/nut milk such as almond, rice or oat milk. It is important that the batter is not too liquid, otherwise the pancakes will turn into the crêpe. If the pancake batter turned out too liquid, just add some more flour or thicken it with chia seeds.
For the sweet component, we use maple syrup, coconut blossom sugar or aromatic, caramelized muscovado sugar. The "egg-yes-or-no-question" is quickly answered regarding pancakes: We definitely add eggs, because that makes the pancakes more fluffy.


Pancakes sautéed with raspberries, almond paste and a fruit topping
Prep Time 5 Min
Perform Time 15 Min
Total Time 20 Min
Amount 550 ml for approx. 16 pancakes
Calories 1403 kcal
Cuisine Pancakes
Author Svenja from
Pancakes with raspberries and almond paste topping,
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  • 150 g buckwheat
  • 100 g spelt flour
  • 1 tsp. tartaric baking powder
  • 230 ml vegetable milk, e.g. oat or almond milk
  • 2 (organic) eggs
  • 60 ml maple syrup alternatively: coconut blossom sugar or muscovado sugar
  • 1 handful of raspberries fresh or frozen
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • A little vanilla
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • fat for frying e.g. coconut oil, butter or ghee


  1. Place all ingredients except the raspberries in the blender container and blend until a uniform pancake batter is formed. This will take about 30 seconds with a high-speed blender.
  2. Next, fry the pancakes in a pan over medium heat. To do this, heat coconut oil in the pan and then pour the batter from the container directly into the pan in small to medium sized blobs. We added a few raspberries on top of each pancake, which you can just fry with.
  3. The pancakes are ready to flip when bubbles form on the top. Now just fry briefly on the other side. Done.
  4. Serve on a plate with applesauce, wild berry sauce, fresh fruit, almond paste and/or some maple syrup. There are no limits to your imagination and preference here!
  5. Enjoy from the heart!

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Pancakes topping: applesauce, wild berry sauce or simply fresh fruit with almond paste

As soon as the dough touches the pan, we already have a waiting customer with big shining eyes. But of course, they taste even better when you top them of with fresh applesauce or a wild berry sauce. The easiest and fastest way to prepare applesauce in the blender can be found here.
Alternatively, garnish the pancakes with fresh fruit and add some maple syrup or almond paste. Simple and incredibly tasty!

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How do you like our pancakes recipe? Have you ever prepared the batter in the blender?

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Prepare pancakes batter in blender and pour directly out of the blender container into the pan. Raspberry Pancakes: Perfect for an extended weekend breakfast.

Carla from

I fell in love with the first sip. In 2010 a friend of mine served me my first green smoothie. Since then, green smoothies are my absolute favorite breakfast. Quickly prepared, I start my day healthy, delicious and well nourished. I carry the feeling of this delicious healthy breakfast with me all day long - all the way through to the evening.
Nice side effect: Without renunciation or nutritional dogma, green smoothies regulate my desire for coffee, chocolate and all the other temptations.

Among other things, Carla gives workshops for beginners and also is responsible for social media and communication.

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