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Apple Smoothie Recipe with Wild Herbs: The Autumnal Pleasure

Apple smoothie recipe with wild herbs

Go outside and pick us a breakfast!

It certainly doesn't get any fresher than this - the apple smoothie is harvested directly from the local garden, regionally and seasonally. The recipe only needs four ingredients: Apples and three kinds of greens: chickweed, mallow and raspberry leaves. Wild herbs are still in season and as long as we can, we enrich our smoothies with them.

Benefits of the appel smoothie: chickweed and mallow soothe coughs and colds

Chickweed likes lots of moisture and benefits from the November rains. It gives the apple smoothie a freshness reminiscent of young peas. Pastor Kneip included chickweed in the circle of healing herbs and liked to use it as an expectorant and soothing cough remedy. The same applies for the mallow, together they are an effective duo against colds in the fall. The raspberry leaves just looked appetizing and complement the two mild wild herbs with their rather tart flavor.

Mild autumn still offers all sorts of wild herbs and as long as there is no frost, we enjoy them daily. In today's apple smoothie I have deliberately used few ingredients and enjoyed the clear character of the wild herbs.
If the mixture is a bit too tart, you can also supplement it with a ripe banana or a persimmon.

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Apple smoothie

Smoothie against cough and cold
Prep Time 10 Min
Perform Time 5 Min
Total Time 15 Min
Amount 300 ml
Calories 230 kcal
Cuisine Smoothie
Author Svenja from
Apple smoothie with dandelion
5.00 from 1056 Reviews


  • 1-2 apples sweet
  • 1 handful of wild herbs chickweed and mallow
  • 1 handful of raspberry leaves
  • water as needed, start with little


  1. Cut the apples into quarters (cores can be used) and place them in your high-speed blender container.
  2. Add the remaining ingredients and a little water.
  3. Start blending slowly, slowly increase the speed to maximum and continue blending for about 30-45 seconds.

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Svenja from

Green smoothies have been my replacement for morning cerals since 2009. They are inspiring, delicious and speak for themselves. They fit into our lives with five kids and lots of joy in creative healthy cooking. I really love to prepare or create new smoothies. Inspired by the Green Smoothie, I combine two of my passions with my job: taking pictures and working with food.

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2 | Comment(s)

Hello folks,

Where can I still find chickweed and mallow, let alone raspberry leaves?

Warm regards,
Carla von Grü
Hello Tom,

thank you for your comment and your question. You can still find chickweed and mallow quite easily outdoors. Raspberry leaves, on the other hand, might be more difficult to find. Simply replace the ingredients you can't get with other leafy greens that are available to you. For example, you can use some parsley and purslane or lamb's lettuce.

Best regards,